Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

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Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server – We just replaced our aging Canon MX885 multifunction printer with a new color laser printer, the HP M281fdw multifunction printer. One of the scanning options is “Scan to Email”. This is something I have found very useful in my current client’s office.

The problem I found with setting up this feature is that I have to configure the printer to relay through the SMTP server to send me messages. This is a pain and I didn’t want to set up a simple SMTP server here to use this feature.

Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

. I figured out why I shouldn’t use Amazon’s Simple Email Service, because it still wasn’t working properly despite authenticating with the regular port and my email credentials. It’s simple, reliable and lets you deliver through it.

Scan To Email Dns Error

The following steps should get you up and running. The main problem is making sure you can send to the email address you configure.

After submitting this, you will receive an email to the provided address which you need to verify by clicking on the link in the email. You will then see your verified email as shown below.

The next thing we need to do is create some credentials to forward through the SMTP server. Click

Create new credentials for an IAM user that you can download and make notes about.

Hp Officejet Pro 8730 All In One Printer

Finally, you can update the configuration of your printer. In my case the screen looked like this.

Check out our extremely useful glossary, always up to date! There is one for AWS and one for Azure. My email requirements are simple. I have a HP Color LaserJet Pro M478f-9f with scan to email and I have a fully verified domain that Amazon SES uses to send other transactional messages.

You want a printer that can send email to anyone, from a reputable supplier that offers good deliverability. I don’t run my email infrastructure and I don’t want to.

Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

This should be easy. After creating some SMTP credentials within AWS and adding them to the printer’s web interface, the printer should be able to send email.

Hp Jetdirect 250m User Manual Pdf Download

This does not work directly, but can be solved with a local Postfix relay.

The simple fix was that the HP printer generated an unknown error message when I tried to send a test email or scan to email.

Disappointingly, I was able to get the printer to send email with another email provider (Mailgun), but not with SES.

We also found that messages are not reliably forwarded to or processed by some services, such as Evernote, even when accepted by other providers.

Hp Officejet Pro 7740 A3 Multifunction Printer White: Amazon.de: Computer & Accessories

Reliable delivery is important. I also wanted to use SES. Because it is my default for all other embedded devices used in the field.

I like that you can use IAM policies to limit the authorized sending identities (ie a given device

Printers and various other embedded devices are quite notorious for their buggy SMTP implementations, and there are definitely cases here of printers not playing nice with the email provider I want. It could be several things. Past experience has confirmed the following:

Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

I needed a solution to use this buggy printer with Amazon SES, my preferred email provider. That is, we had to find out:

Fixing Scan To Email From An Hp Printer Using Postfix

The first step was to find out what was wrong. Because the printer does not provide any information other than text

I’ve placed a Raspberry Pi running Postfix on the same local network and configured it as a mail relay.

This means that instead of the printer sending directly to SES, the printer sends to the local mail relay and the local mail relay sends it to SES. This gave us diagnostic information as to why SES rejected the message.

It contains many steps that are not relevant to the purpose of this post, so we will skip them. A good guide is available online on how to set up a postfix relay, for example here.

Scan To Email On Hp Cm2320 Printer

If you decide to use this in a production environment, make sure you have set up appropriate restrictions such as credentials, firewall or postfix configuration with:

This means that my Postfix mail relay receives messages, forwards them together and logs actions along the way.

Not surprisingly, after sending the test email, I saw the following rejection from Amazon SES in the Postfix logs:

Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

) then started adjusting them one at a time. After each reconciliation I tried sending the message again with:

Cannot Resolve The Smtp Server. Check The Smtp And Dns Serve…

Interestingly, no other email provider does this level of detailed validation. They will gladly receive your message and pass it on. Mailgun and Fastmail, for example, accept malformed messages well, and it is up to the system receiving the email to handle them. I have noticed that Evernote does not accept incorrect messages like this. They will fall quietly.

Apparently this is a bug in the HP printer firmware. I have confirmed that I am using the latest firmware. I couldn’t find anywhere to report this to HP.

Now that we know what went wrong, we need a hook in Postfix to fix this error before sending a message to SES.

This regular expression replaces the invalid line with the corrected version before Postfix sends the message to SES.

Re: Hp Officejet Pro 8600 N911n, Scan To E Mail: Server Failure.

I have confirmed that this solves the problem. The printer can send an incorrect email to my local mail relay, Postfix corrects it and forwards it to SES. process.

Soon after, I found another similar case with another embedded device. This time it was an APC Smart-UPS 1000 unit (SMT1000RM2U) with UPS Network Management Card 2 running the latest firmware.

Unable to send email directly via SES. Troubleshooting with Postfix Relay

Hp Scan To Email Setup Smtp Server

This tells Postfix that if the header is empty, it should be ignored. That is, they must be removed from the message before forwarding.

Send To E Mail

It’s unfortunate that embedded devices contain such bugs, but luckily you can have a complete OS environment and powerful tools to get around these problems by having small, cheap hardware like a Raspberry Pi that acts as a relay.

Ideally the manufacturer will fix the bugs, but other than that I’ve learned a lot from this experience about SMTP and Postfix and how to deal with vendor bugs. It’s nice to have a toolbox to deal with these types of issues in the future with other field-deployed embedded devices that may not be fully standards-compliant.

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