Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

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Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup – Email Connect makes it easy to set up scan-to-email on Xerox ConnectKey, AltaLink, and VersaLink multifunction printers, allowing users to enter a username, password, and select an email provider on the device and complete setup.

To configure Scan to Email, the primary email provider settings must be found and entered on the various web interface screens of the Xerox machine as shown below. To access the web interface, users must also obtain the device’s IP address and a username and password.

Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

There are a total of 16 pieces of information to enter on 5 screens to set up Scan to Email. This is a similar process for all manufacturers, not just Xerox.

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To configure Scan to Email using Email Connect, users can select the Applications Gallery in the user interface of their Xerox ConnectKey, AltaLink, or VersaLink device and select Email Connect (which is a free download). Enter your username, password, choose your provider and scan to email configured and ready to use.

Setting up and supporting the use of scanners for email on multifunction printers is now easy with Email Connect!

JustĀ·Tech is a technology company founded in 2006 that provides printing solutions, networking and IT solutions, and special Xerox application solutions.

From our office in LaPlata, we support Southern Maryland and Washington County. From our office in Winchester, we support eastern West Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. From our Staunton office, we also support Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Roanoke. From our Huntington office, we support the WV/KY/OH tri-state area, including Charleston, Portsmouth and Ashland.

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Through our printing solutions, we offer sales and support for Xerox copiers and printers. We also provide supplies and service for HP, Lexmark, Dell and Brother printers. We currently manage thousands of copiers and printers that deliver millions of impressions every month.

With our network solutions, we provide managed network services and IT support to over 70 small businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations. We specialize in proactive support and provide on-site and remote assistance.

JustĀ·Tech is the first authorized developer of the Xerox Certified Custom Application Builder program in the United States. With Application Solutions, we create custom applications for Xerox multifunction copiers that increase efficiency and improve workflow. There are more than 27,000 applications installed on Xerox devices worldwide. My email needs are simple. I have an HP Color LaserJet Pro M478f-9f with scan-to-email functionality and have a fully verified domain on Amazon SES that I use to send various transactional emails.

Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

I want the printer to be able to send email to anyone via a reputable provider that provides reliable delivery. I don’t run any of my own email infrastructure and don’t want to.

Hp Color Laserjet M479fdn Printer (print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Email)

It should be simple – create some SMTP credentials on AWS, add them to the printer’s web interface, and the printer should be able to send email.

Out of the box this doesn’t work, but we can solve this by using a local Postfix relay.

A simple solution was that every time I tried to send a test email or scan to email, the HP printer gave me a cryptic error message:

Unfortunately, I was able to get the printer to send email through another email provider (Mailgun) and not through SES.

Hp Laserjet Pro Mfp

I’ve also found that messages are not reliably delivered or processed by some services, such as Evernote, even when received by another provider.

Convincing delivery is important to me. Also, I really wanted to use SES because it’s my standard for all other field-installed embedded devices.

I like that I can use IAM policies to limit the allowed send IDs (ie they can only send to a device as follows)

Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

Printers and other embedded devices are notorious for buggy SMTP implementations, and we obviously had a printer that didn’t work well with my preferred email provider. It can be any number of things. From past experiences, I have seen:

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I needed a solution that would allow me to use this faulty printer with my preferred email provider, Amazon SES. This means that I need to know:

The first step was to find out what was wrong. Because the printer does not provide information other than the sentence

I installed a Raspberry Pi running Postfix on the same LAN and configured it as a mail relay.

This means that instead of the printer sending directly to the SES, the printer sends to the local mail relay and the local mail relay sends it back to the SES. This allowed me to get diagnostic information about why SES was rejecting the message.

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There are a lot of steps here that serve the purpose of this post, so I’ll skip them. There are excellent guides on the web on how to set up a postfix relay, for example here.

If you decide to use this in a production environment, make sure you set the appropriate restrictions – credentials, firewall, or postfix configuration using it.

This means that my Postfix mail relay will receive messages and log their actions along the way.

Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

Sure enough, after sending a test email, I saw this rejection from Amazon SES in the Postfix logs:

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) then began to adjust one thing at a time. After each edit I tried to resubmit using the message

Interestingly, other email providers do not perform these detailed validation checks. They gladly accept the message and take it literally. For example, Mailgun and Fastmail are good at handling bad mail and dealing with it depends on the system receiving the mail. I’ve learned that Evernote doesn’t accept such inappropriate messages; they remain silent.

This is clearly a bug in the HP printer firmware. I have confirmed that I am on the latest firmware. I couldn’t find anywhere to report this to HP.

Now that I know what’s wrong, I need a hook in Postfix to fix this error before sending the message together to SES.

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This regex replaces the broken string with the fixed version before Postfix sends the message to SES.

I can confirm that this solves the problem – the printer can send invalid emails to my local mail relay, Postfix will fix them and send them together to SES, which will receive them and reliably deliver them to a destination they trust. treated

Soon I found another similar case with a different device installed. This time it was an APC Smart-UPS 1000 (SMT1000RM2U) with a UPS Network Management Card 2 running the latest firmware.

Hp Printer Scan To Email Setup

He did not send a letter directly to the SES. Debugging with the Postfix relay showed that it was sending messages

Scan To Email Not Working After Factory Reset

This tells Postfix that if the header is empty, it should be ignored, that is, removed from the message before rebinding.

It’s unfortunate that embedded devices have these bugs, but fortunately we can use small, inexpensive hardware like the Raspberry Pi, which allows us to build a complete OS environment with reliable tools to solve the problem.

Ideally, the manufacturer would fix the bug, but in short, this experience taught me about SMTP and Postfix and how to be flexible to vendor bugs. I am satisfied that I have a toolkit to deal with this type of problem in the future with other embedded devices deployed in the field that may not be fully compliant with the standards.

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