Hp 3050a Printer Wireless Setup

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Hp 3050a Printer Wireless Setup

Hp 3050a Printer Wireless Setup

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Solved: Wireless Radio On Hp Deskjet 3050a

If the super-budget HP 1050A printer just doesn’t offer you enough in terms of features, you might want to try the company’s 3050A on for size.

Great features at a low price make the HP Deskjet 3050A a good buy for those with less demanding print needs.

Just £9 more than its sibling, this multifunctional model adds Wi-Fi support to the mix, and as a result it will also work with Google’s new cloud printing service. But can a sub-£40 printer take care of your printing needs?

The 3050A is a multifunction model that includes printing, scanning and copying features, but no fax facilities. Build quality is a bit on the flimsy side as you’d expect for the low price, but the design actually looks pretty tasty thanks to its two-tone gray color scheme and a dark orange band that just pops. scanner top cover.

How To Fix Blank Hp Deskjet 3050a Screen

Paper handling is in line with other budget inkjet printers we’ve reviewed. Instead of a cassette paper feeder at the bottom, there’s a flip-out tray on the back into which you slide sheets of paper straight. The printed product is then fed into the front telescopic tray, folded down. The paper feed only handles 60 sheets, but that should be enough for home users.

Unlike the 1050A, this model has a 38mm flip-up monochrome screen with buttons on either side that make it easy to select various menu options.

It won’t take long to get the 3050A up and running. After removing the various protective tapes, it’s just a matter of plugging in the external power supply, turning it on, and loading the two ink cartridges. Getting the cartridges in place is a little tricky, as there isn’t much clearance to get your hands inside the printer, but once you get to the slot they clicking firmly into place.

Hp 3050a Printer Wireless Setup

After that, the printer will create a test page that you will then use to align the print head. Once that’s done you can load the driver software onto your PC via the installation disk and choose whether you want to connect via USB or Wi-Fi. You should be able to walk in about five minutes.

Deskjet 3050 Issues With Mac Os Big Sur

If you choose to set up the printer to use Wi-Fi, you can also use Google’s cloud printing service that allows you to connect to the printer from various Internet devices, taking a – enter mobile phones and laptops to send jobs. to the printer.

On top of the printer is the flatbed scanner cover. It has a maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi and produces results that are more than good enough for home use, as scans are accurate in color and capture a good level of detail.

Copy speeds are very fast, as it took just 18 seconds to produce a black and white copy of our test page. Copy quality was above average, with good shadow detail in our image.

As this is a budget model, there are no advanced features such as duplex printing and USB and memory card slots for direct photo printing.

Hp Deskjet 3050 Review

Print speed isn’t bad, though. It took 1 minute 45 seconds to prepare our 10-page black-and-white text document and a very reasonable 1 minute 3 seconds to print our 4×6-inch Snap.

However, the time to work with graphics is very slow. Our 10-page color business presentation was rendered in 5 minutes 1 second, and our 10-page graphics test document was completed in 5 minutes 30 seconds.

When it comes to print quality, the results are a bit mixed. The text seems on average that the individual characters are not as strong as we used on other budget models. Also, the photographs suffer from a slightly muted color, which reduces their impact, and the dark areas in the image are not as detailed as we would have liked.

Hp 3050a Printer Wireless Setup

Like the 1050A, it also refused to print smoothly. That said, its performance on our graphics and business presentation was top notch. Colors looked vibrant and vibrant, and he had no problem blending across large areas of color.

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Like most budget models, this printer only uses two ink cartridges, one for black text and one for color. This is never a good situation, because if you run out of color you have to replace the whole card. Even so, ink prices are not bad for budget standards, but they are high enough to not be recommended for those with heavy printing needs.

Using high capacity cartridges and the best prices we could find online, we calculated that a black and white page would set you back 4p per page, while a color page would cost 5.5p per page. Both of these figures include 0.7p for paper costs.

The 3050A isn’t the best quality printer, and it’s not cheap to run. If, however, your printing only needs to go as far as printing the odd board for a flight or a few maps here and there, it’s a good choice this thanks to its incredibly low price tag, its Wi-Fi, the convenience of support and the fact that new cartridges won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Hp Desk Printer Scanner Copier F4180

Check out some frequently asked questions about Instant Ink: HP INSTANT INK, HP + PLANS: INK AND TONER.

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Is this where I should be?? I don’t see a wireless network with my printer name on it.

Hp 3050a Printer Wireless Setup

The root of the problem is that the printer says the wireless radio is off and there is no network name for your printer. HP must be the name of the printer’s SSID, when on a network, to distinguish it from other networks.

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Most printers will disable the wireless radio as a default setting. Press the wireless button again. If it says Turn On in the lower right corner, go ahead and select that option.

Now, go to the computer and search for a wireless network. Is there a network name that has HP in it or does it show your printer model? If so, connect to that network and open a web browser and go to From there, the previous steps should work.

Thanks Cloud Strider you are the best. I have tried for several months, to solve this problem, there are many more than 6. Your process was clear and very step by step. Nothing feels better than clicking on your wireless printer when you’re in another room or on another floor.

@mruttle wrote: Hello everyone! I have set up my HP Deskjet 3050A – J611 wireless printer on two different networks before. But I have now moved and reset….actually with the push button method it was still trying to connect to my old SSID, so I put all nothing back to defaults back to But now I’m getting an error code saying I need to put my wireless radio on the printer. To my knowledge I have: Setup > Wireless > Wireless Settings > Wireless On/Off Any ideas? @mruttle wrote: Hi everyone! I have set up my HP Deskjet 3050A – J611 wireless printer on two different networks before. But I have now moved and reset….actually with the push button method it was still trying to connect to my old SSID, so I put all nothing back to defaults back to But now I’m getting an error code saying I need to put my wireless radio on the printer. To my knowledge I have: Setup > Wireless > Wireless Options > Wireless On/Off Any ideas?

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