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How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone – Being able to connect with anyone in the world no matter where you are is amazing. Being able to message your friends and family directly from your iPhone is extremely useful, but there is one problem that continues to develop. Not only can you not contact your friends or family, but the volume of unwanted calls and text messages is increasing at an alarming rate. Fortunately, Apple has integrated some tools to help you block unwanted calls and text messages on the iPhone.

With the release of iOS 13, Apple introduced a new option to help you get rid of the intrusive and overwhelming robocalls. This feature is available in iOS 15 and is an easy way to avoid annoying robocallers Here’s how you can enable the ability to silence unknown callers:

How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone

How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone

There is a slight catch when you turn on this feature. If your friend gets a new phone number and tries to call you, your iPhone won’t ring. This is especially true if you use a delivery service like DoorDash or Uber Eats and the delivery person needs to contact you. But if you don’t use delivery services, this feature will do wonders to prevent unwanted calls

How To Block Text Messages On Iphone And Android?

Unfortunately, robocalls are no longer just a problem, as the number of spam text messages is increasing at a rapid pace. While you can block numbers directly, Apple has another feature that lets you filter your Messages app to help separate identified senders from potential spam.

By enabling “Filter Unknown Senders,” you’ll want to make sure your Messages app only shows conversations with people in your contact list. Here’s how you can filter conversations in the Messages app:

Once the results are filtered, you’ll be able to switch between the conversations you like and the ones you don’t This makes it easy for you to go through the list and block numbers from which you no longer want to receive messages

The biggest question everyone has when it comes to these spam and robocalls is how you can block them Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on third-party apps from the App Store. Instead, Apple has integrated functionality into your iPhone, making life much easier and allowing you to block unwanted calls.

Reporting Text Spam

Now, the contact will be completely blocked and will not be able to send you messages or try to call you.

If you receive some unwanted text messages, you can choose to block the contact to block future messages from accessing the Messages app. Here’s how you can block unwanted text messages by blocking your conversations in Messages:

If you block unwanted calls, you no longer have to worry about unwanted messages popping up and causing you frustration.

How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone

Another new feature in iOS is reporting a number as “spam or junk” from the Messages app. A new link will appear below the message when such an event occurs. Here’s how you can report spam or junk messages.

Cannot Report Spam Sent In Group Imessage

Not only will the number be blocked from sending you any future messages, but the number will be reported to Apple. This helps ensure that the number is unable to send messages to other iPhone users.

By the time a spam call, text or email arrives on your iPhone, it has already passed your cell or email provider. For this reason, the most effective way to stop receiving spam on your iPhone is to ask your cell or email provider to block it at the source.

Call your cell provider to find out if they offer any spam filter services. Many cell providers do, and they may be able to increase the strength of the filter to block more spam calls or texts from entering your iPhone.

He has written for various sites including iMore, Android Central, Fandroid and a few others. Now, he spends his days working at an HVAC company, moonlighting as a freelance writer at night. Spammers use multiple numbers to send large amounts of junk messages. In addition to being irrelevant and annoying, the links and information in these texts may be unsafe or invalid

How To Block Spam Texts On Iphone

This is why it is important to know how to block text messages on iPhone. In this guide, I will provide different ways to solve this problem.

Note: Messages from a blocked contact will not be delivered to you. The person will not be notified that you have blocked them. Moreover, you will not receive normal calls or facetime calls from this blocked connection. However, they may still leave a voicemail, but you may not receive a notification for it

If you change your mind about blocking messages from a specific person or user, here’s how to unblock them.

How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone

You can add to the block list from this screen. To do this, tap Add New and select a contact.

How To Stop Spam Texts

Note: In iOS 13 (if you’ve installed a third-party SMS filtering app like Truecaller), and in iOS 14 tap Unknown and Spam. Next, enable the unknown sender filter. Also, in iOS 14, make sure SMS Filter is checked.

Once you’re done, in the iOS 13 Messages app, you’ll see a new tab at the top. Depending on your iPhone language and region, it may be labeled as unknown sender, junk or spam. iMessages from unknown senders will appear here. You will not receive notifications for this text. However, you can open and read them manually.

In iOS 14, the interface is slightly different. Tap Filters from the top left to see categories like All Messages, Known Sender, Unknown Sender, Transaction, Promotion, Junk.

Reporting an SMS or iMessage as spam has no immediate effect This will not block the contact from sending you future messages. But it helps Apple, your carrier, or the service you’re reporting to create a database and prevent this risk from spreading.

Spam Text Messages

If there are enough similar reports, the spam connection can be permanently blocked. It helps other users.

Many retail chains, insurance companies and dealerships send you promotional messages if you buy something from them or interact with them. Most of these texts are irrelevant and boring. If there are instructions on how to unsubscribe in the text message or on their website, follow them. Usually, it will ask you to answer “stop”. You can contact their customer support via email, call, app or Twitter to remove yourself from promotional messages.

Warning! Follow the above steps only if you are sure that the sender is a reputable, legitimate and established company Many scammers send you promotional texts and emails with instructions or links that say ‘stop replying if you no longer want to receive these messages’. Once you do this, they will know that this number is active and someone is reading it. the message

How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone

Soon they may sell your information to other spam services. So, use your intelligence before answering an unknown number.

How To Block Text Messages On Iphone And Android

Another technique I use to reduce the annoyance of irrelevant text messages is to hide their alerts. For example, my carrier sends me two texts after using 50% of my daily cellular data.

Likewise, my neighborhood Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and grocery stores send out regular promotional messages. 95% of these messages are irrelevant. But some are useful.

To hide alerts for specific chats, open the Messages app and swipe right to left on the contact’s name or number. Next, tap Hide Alerts (or, the silent bell icon in iOS 14). Now you will not get any notifications if you message this number.

Many sites recommend using third-party spam-blocking applications. However, it allows these apps to read all your incoming texts. This includes OTP, bank alert and almost everything. Therefore, I do not recommend following this advice. However, if your carrier has a reputable SMS filtering app (like Verizon’s Call Filter Plus, or T-Mobile’s Scam Shield), you can try it after researching and learning more about them.

How To Always Be Protected From Spam Calls

I hope one of these solutions helped you block text messages on iPhone. There is no surefire solution to block all unwanted text. However, with a little attention, you can significantly reduce the number of irrelevant messages.

For example, don’t give your phone number to every site that asks for it. Instead, try signing up using email. Ask the cashier at the billing counter not to register your number for promotional messages. A little warning like this goes a long way.

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How To Stop Unwanted Texts Iphone

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