How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

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How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet – An hour of 4k footage can be over 300 GB in size, and as video production quality improves, those file sizes aren’t expected to decrease anytime soon. This is a major pain point for any professional who relies on sharing high-quality video over the internet – how can they do it in a safe, reliable and efficient manner without spending a lot of time or money?

There are several good alternatives that make sharing large video files easier. For example, if you want to share a video file with a client for feedback, you can use an editor that allows you to collaborate on video in real time. This removes size limitations and the need to upload files to a separate host. But that’s just one use case. We’ve rounded up some of the best solutions for you when you need to share other types of large files.

How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

Having trouble attaching large video files to your email? How to send large video files using a Windows or Mac computer:

Tips And Tricks For Large File Sharing

Google Drive is a universally used cloud storage solution for sharing any type of file. The best part is that once you upload your files to Google Drive, you can give specific people permission to view and download them. However, like any other cloud storage, the space in the cloud’s free version is limited, and if you want more, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Another advantage of a service like Google Drive is that it has end-to-end encryption. The end-to-end encrypted cloud option is great when you need to share confidential files because even Google can’t read your files.

Uploading files to Google Drive is easy. For example, here’s how to upload and share a video to Google Drive:

1. Sign up for Google Drive – if you have a Gmail account, you just need to log in. 2. Right-click the space and select Load File.

How To Send Large Files Over The Internet: Best 3 Ways

3. Select your file from Explorer. 4. After downloading, right-click the file and click Share. 5. Change the file permissions by selecting Change to everyone with link (if you want a group of people to have access to your file)

Google Drive also offers one of the largest free storage spaces of any other cloud storage provider. With the free plan, you get 15 GB of free storage. But if you want a list with more features, you can check out other cloud storage options:

Dropbox – 2 GB free storage – Mega – 20 GB free storage – pCloud – 10 GB free storage – Mediafire – 10 GB free storage

How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

Large video files can be compressed and uploaded to the cloud for easy upload to Google Drive. check it out

How To Send Large Video Files (3 Easy Ways)

WeTransfer is a free program that allows you to send large files over the Internet. Since it’s free, you can share files up to 2GB without registration. WeTransfer is popular because it offers many useful features. For example, it allows you to add expiration dates to files. After that date, files will be automatically deleted.

If you need to use WeTransfer for video files larger than 2 GB, a paid version is required. The paid version, called WeTransfer Pro, lets you share files up to 20 GB and costs $120 per year. To send files on WeTransfer:

1. Go to the WeTransfer website. 2. Click the “+” button above to download the file. 3. Enter the recipient’s email, your email, subject and message. 4. Click the “Transfer” button.

By default, the file will be shared via email, but you can also choose to get a download link by clicking the ellipsis icon in the lower left corner.

How To Share Large Videos In Discord (without Nitro)

Jumpshare is the perfect free file sharing platform if you want to share video files up to 250 MB. Free accounts offer 2GB of storage, but unlike other cloud services, there’s a user-friendliness factor that makes Jumpshare a viable option for some.

For example, you can place the Jumpshare icon on your desktop, then drag and drop the files you want to share into this folder. No need to open the interface to download files manually. After you put a file in Jumpshare, it also automatically transfers a link to that file to your clipboard so you can go into your messaging client and paste the link there to retweet it.

Unlike most cloud storage options, Jumpshare files are not end-to-end encrypted. Also, files you upload are automatically made available to anyone who has a link to that file, so it’s best not to use Jumpshare for confidential files.

How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

Sendy PRO is the paid version of Sendy Cloud Storage. Like other cloud services, the free version offers limited storage, but the pro version offers more. With Sendy PRO, you get 1TG of cloud storage space and a maximum file size of 50GB. If you need to share very large video files (greater than 10GB), Sendy PRO might be a good option for you if you’re willing to pay $7.99 per month.

Gmail Attachment Limit: 3 Simple Ways To Send Large Files

There is also a Chrome extension for Sendy PRO that allows you to download files without opening a website. Once the files are uploaded, you can share them using a six-digit key (or use a link like other services).

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an old-school file transfer technology that hasn’t been as popular as it used to be since we had access to cloud storage services. However, you can still use FTP to transfer large video files.

You can access FTP servers with plugins like sFTP, or with desktop clients like CyberDuck on Mac or Windows. However, you still need a remote server, such as a web hosting service, to transfer files. If you’re not sure how to use a remote server and don’t have some technical knowledge, it’s best not to complicate things with FTP. Free cloud storage will be your best choice.

MASV is an accelerated cloud solution built for video and post-production professionals who frequently need to share large video files. If you’re looking for a super-fast way to share video files and don’t mind paying $0.25 per GB for it, MASV might be a good choice for you. Keep your large files for 10 days, after which they will be automatically deleted.

How To Send Large Video Files Via Whatsapp: 5 Methods

Note that you need a fast internet connection to use MASV well. The platform claims it can transfer files at about 90% of internet speeds. The more bandwidth available, the faster MASV can transfer files. If you are looking for a faster solution, you can use UDP.

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) allows you to send files as fast as your internet connection – with no speed cap. To transfer files using UDP, you’ll need to register with a platform like Aspera or File Catalyst, but you’ll have to pay a substantial fee to access these services.

For example, Aspera Cloud’s cheapest plan will set you back $0.95 per GB. Note that when using UDP you will also need to stop other activities such as Zoom calls or YouTube streaming as it will take 100% of your bandwidth.

How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

It allows you to share videos in the editor for real-time feedback, rather than uploading and then sending.

How To Send Large Files Easily & Safely

Now that you know how to send large video files using a computer, let’s talk about how to send large video files using an Android device.

If you’re wondering how to send large video files from your Android smartphone, we’ve got some ideas. You need more than WhatsApp or Gmail – here are the best ways to share large video files on your Android device:

Google Photos is a cloud storage solution for photos and videos. Everything you save in Google Photos counts toward your 15 GB of free Google Drive storage. When it’s over, you’ll need to buy more storage. However, you can share photos and videos with friends and family directly from Google Photos.

If you have auto-backup turned on, Google Photos will continue to back up your photos and videos. That means when you need to share a big video, it’s already uploaded to Google Photos. Just tap and hold the video, select Share, and send it to the appropriate Google Photos user.

How To Send Large Files And Videos Without Email

Now you can send large video files from any Android device. But how do you send large video files if the files are stored on your iPhone?

If you’re looking for a fast, hassle-free way to share large video files, you can use WeTransfer. You don’t need to download any apps on your phone. You can access the service by simply visiting in your phone’s browser.

You can download large files up to 2 GB from your phone. Unlike EasyJoin and Xender, WeTransfer helps you share files online, not just with people connected to your local network. Once the download is complete, you will have a choice

How To Share Large Video Files Over The Internet

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