How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

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How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain – Gmail has more than 1 billion active users, so it must be said that many people know very well how to work with it. Many are probably wondering if they can also use the familiar Gmail interface for their own email addresses.

Google gives you the ability to control and send emails hosted on your domain through the Gmail interface. You’ll effectively use Gmail as an email client that uses POP3 to retrieve your incoming messages from your mail server and SMTP to handle your outgoing communications.

How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

The setting to add additional email addresses to your account is only available in the Gmail browser interface, so you’ll need a desktop or laptop computer to complete the process.

Set Up A Custom Gmail Account With Your Own Domain For Free In 15 Minutes: A Step By Step Guide

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, select Show all settings, and open the Accounts and import tab. Under Check mail from other accounts, click Add mail account.

The screen gives you two options for managing your Gmail inbox. Select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and click Next.

On the next screen, configure how Gmail will access your inbox. The first thing you need to enter is the username and password you use to check your mail.

Information about your POP server is available in the welcome email you received after creating your account. You can find a copy under My details > Email history in your client area.

Set Up A Custom Gmail Email Domain For Free

By using the Keep a copy of downloaded messages on server option, you can ensure that your incoming communications are available in your account. When you’re done with setup, click Add Account to link your personalized email address to Gmail.

By setting up a POP3 connection to your own mailbox, you can read all incoming messages through the Gmail interface. The next step is to use the correct SMTP settings so that you can use Gmail to send messages from your own email address.

Gmail will ask you if you want to do this right after setting up the POP3 connection. Select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as [your own email address] and click Next. You can also do it later by clicking Add another email address in Settings > Accounts & import.

How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

First, Gmail asks you to enter a display name that will appear on messages sent from your own email address.

Use Your Custom Email Domain With Gmail And Godaddy For Free.

On the next screen, you first need to tell Gmail which SMTP server to use. This information is available in your welcome email. Don’t forget to select port 465 and the Secure connection using SSL switch. Finally, enter the credentials for your own email address and click Add Account.

The final step is to verify that you have access to your own address. Gmail will send you a verification email with a confirmation code and a link. Click the link or enter the code to verify your email.

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Gmail Domain Setup: A How To Guide

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How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

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How To Get Free Custom Domain Email With Gmail

However, his email clients are rubbish – most look like they stopped updating their user interface in 2003. They often have a terrible user experience. Gmail, on the other hand, is fantastic: it looks great, it works great, you already have it and you know how to use it.

Google does a very good job protecting Gmail from third-party attacks. (Of course, this is different than protecting your account from an attack, where you bear a heavy responsibility depending on the password you choose and the additional measures you take to protect your account.)

I recommend Cloudflare Registrar, a domain name registration service that does not include a registration fee. It offers essentially the same services as other domain name registrars, but with no surcharges, increased renewal fees, and comes with additional security features. Cloudflare Registrar is essentially free – the only cost is charged by registries and ICANN.

If your DNS doesn’t have this feature, consider using Cloudflare – it comes with a number of benefits that you may want to consider transferring your domain to Cloudflare or changing your authoritative nameservers to Cloudflare.

Gmail Trick For Custom Domains

You can start receiving emails on any of your domains for any number of custom addresses and send messages to all existing destination mailboxes (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

Log in to your Cloudflare dashboard, select your zone, and click “Email” in the left navigation bar.

Create your own email address or your domain (in my case [protected email]), then enter the destination email address (your Gmail address – in my case [protected email]).

How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

This step will trigger a confirmation email to be sent to [email protected] so you can prove that the destination inbox is yours. You need to open Gmail and click on the verification link.

Adding A Custom Domain • Surge

Then, in the last step, you need to configure the DNS MX and SPF records for the zone. They will do it automatically for you. Just press “Automatically add records”.

That’s all. Email routing is now set up and you can start sending emails to [email protected] and reading them at [email protected] in Gmail.

Sign in to your Namecheap account (the Sign In option is available at the top of the page). Select Domain List in the left sidebar and click the Manage button next to your domain.

Find the Mail Settings section and select Email Forwarding from the dropdown menu. MX records are set automatically after saving all changes:

Setup E Mail Aliases In Gmail To Send E Mail From Custom Domain

Select the Domain tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the Forward Email section. Click the Add Sender button:

Fill in the Alias ​​and Forward To fields with the appropriate information and click the check mark icon to save your changes.

It can take about an hour to fully configure newly created mailboxes on the mail server for forwarding.

How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

Set an app password for your Gmail account to securely use Gmail’s SMTP servers.

How To Setup Custom Domain Email In Gmail (free)

Go to your Gmail account. Click your username or the user icon in the top right corner to open the user menu and click My Account

You must have two-step verification enabled for app passwords to be available. If not, click Two-Step Verification to enable two-step verification. Then proceed to set up the app password.

Enter your domain name (or any other memorable name) for the “other” device and click Generate.

A 16-digit password is displayed in the Generated Application Password field. Copy this password. You will need it when you add your new shipping account as (forwarded).

Use A Basic Gmail Account To “send Mail As” With A Domain That Uses Cloudflare Email Routing

In the upper right corner of Gmail, click the Settings button, and then click Show all settings. On the Settings screen, click the Accounts & Import tab.

Scroll down to Send Mail As and click Add another email address you own. In the first Add another email address field, enter the name you want your email recipients to see and the forwarded email address you are setting up (the email address you set up in step 2) and click Next step.

Set the Gmail SMTP server as the mail server for your forwarding alias. Change the values ​​in the fields and enter the following:

How To Set Up Gmail With Custom Domain

After successfully adding the account, go back to Gmail. You’ll see a message from the Gmail team with the subject Gmail Confirmation: Send Mail As and the address you just added. Confirm the email address by following the instructions in the message.

How To Create A New Business Gmail Account For Your Team

When sending mail from your Gmail account, click the triangle next to the sender’s address and choose to send the message from the account you just added. The content is free. When you buy through referral links on our site, we earn a commission. Learn more

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