How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

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How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook – Every email has a purpose. It can be a meeting invitation, a question, an invitation or even a greeting.

The purpose of your email determines almost everything: the vocabulary you use, the tone you write, and even the day you send it. For example, an email asking for a meeting should not start with “Hello”.

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

In an appointment email, your goal is to get the recipient to make an appointment with you. This usually means you want a formal, business-like tone, but not always!

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What this always means: Your goal of meeting with your email recipient must be clear and specific to motivate the recipient to take action and make an appointment.

So how can you write a meeting request email that gets the recipient to schedule a meeting with you?

This depends on several different factors, such as your relationship with the recipient and the purpose of the meeting. We’ll walk you through each one so you can confidently start sending meeting request emails like a champ.

When determining the right tone for an appointment email, the most important question to consider is: Is it a warm or cold email?

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If you’re not familiar with the terms “warm email” and “cold email,” here’s the difference:

Get the recipient interested enough to make an appointment without overwhelming them with too much text.

With a warm email asking for a meeting, you can build on the relationship they already have with your brand.

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

But don’t pique their interest with a heartfelt email — that could be the tipping point that turns the email recipient into a prospect, so you need to make your offer irresistible.

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Emails with meeting requests can be further distinguished from warm and cold. There are two subcategories in the Warm Emails category:

First, let’s focus on the last subcategory. When you email a meeting invitation to someone in your organization, you are more likely to:

These types of meeting request emails are usually very simple because there is no “sales” involved. Rather, you ask your colleague to take some time to meet with you one-on-one.

The recipient could be someone you met at a meeting, someone on your mailing list who responded positively to your invitation to personal calls, potential customers you listed on your mailing list—in general, anyone who knows who you are. . and what you can offer.

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Although they will have some information about your organization and your proposal, you will need to include some information about yourself and the purpose of the meeting in this letter.

If your goal is to get the recipient to book an opening call, including a few testimonials from previous clients might encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Likewise, if you’re planning to pitch a product, service, or opportunity to them during a meeting, a quick glance at your offer can pique their interest and encourage the recipient to schedule an appointment.

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

As you can see in these examples, you don’t always need to include a specific call to book an appointment with a warm email.

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In some cases, such as when you’re in the early stages of your relationship with the recipient or when you have something new to offer, it’s more effective to call to get the recipient’s thoughts rather than to gauge their interest. may. or let you know if they are interested in meeting.

As we mentioned earlier, cold emails require more exposure than warm emails. In fact, in the first message you send, you don’t directly ask for a meeting.

Instead, your cold email can serve to connect with the recipient and start a conversation

See how the messages in these cold business meeting request email templates introduce the sender and connect with the recipient:

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Notice how in the first e-mail, Alan begins the conversation by discussing the problematic points that Iryna may be facing. He also introduced himself and what he does, in other words, he provided value from the start.

Iryna replied that she found the video useful and offered to call at one of the two specified times. Getting an appointment was his goal from the very beginning.

When you email prospects asking for consultations or sales calls, whether you call them “test calls,” “strategy sessions,” or just “getting to know each other better,” the meeting request is part of your sales funnel. .

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

This means you need to add direct copywriting and other sales techniques to increase your chances:

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First, we have a spectacular and irresistible theme. Creating an effective theme is part art, part science, and 100% non-negotiable.

The subject line of your email is the first thing your recipient sees, and the subject line has a significant impact on whether or not the recipient opens your email. Recipients will skip and delete even the most amazing offer if the subject line isn’t bright and specific.

Make sure your topics are short and interesting. Also, personalize email subject lines to achieve higher open rates.

Then we have an email postcard. Your email greeting sets the tone for the rest of the message. You should choose the one that best fits your offer and your relationship with the recipient.

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In the email template above, the sender left off with “Hello}’.

After the greeting, we have the opening line of the email. Here you indicate the reason for sending the letter. In this example, the sender tells the receiver that they want to discuss product improvements.

Notice that they don’t start their emails with a direct meeting invitation – instead, they explain the unique benefit of their product and how it can benefit the recipient.

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

In the next paragraph we get a call to action. Here you book an appointment. Be sure to include the recipient’s next step in this section.

Tips To Help You Create The Best Meeting Invitation Subject Line

The sender informs the recipient that he wants to make a short call, for example. Alternatively, you can include a Calendly link in your email or ask the recipient to reply directly to the message.

The call to action is followed by an email login and signature. This concludes your email.

Another thing to consider is how short the email is. Its body consists of just three sentences, all the words the sender needs to state their purpose, introduce themselves, and request a meeting.

Your email may need a few more sentences than this, but no more. Remember to keep meeting invitations short.

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One of the most important aspects of your meeting invitations is your tone. Consider the difference between these two emails:

See how one seems businesslike and the other friendly? The right email tone can increase your chances of getting an appointment, while using the wrong tone can decrease that chance (especially with cold emails).

Grammarly’s editor is a tool you can use to make sure your email has the right tone. It will determine the tone of your emails and provide suggestions that you can use to edit your email to make it more friendly, confident and professional, to name a few of the tones you’ve identified.

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

For more business meeting request email examples, check out our best meeting booking email templates.

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Before you email your meeting invitation, make sure you have the correct email address and recipient name!

If you plan to send cold emails, there are many ways to find valid email addresses. Some of these strategies include:

And if you need to send a mass email, use the mass email search tool to find the email addresses of all the customers you’ve collected.

Then, depending on how many emails you need to verify, use an email verification tool or bulk email verification tool to make sure they’re authentic.

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In an ideal world, every appointment request email you send will be instantly booked. But we don’t live in an ideal world.

Instead, we live in a world where many of your emails go unanswered, where you have to send emails.

The appropriate number of repeat requests for your email depends on several factors. One of these factors is whether your host organization is part of it.

How To Set Up A Meeting Invite In Outlook

For example, if you’re emailing a meeting request with a colleague, manager, or someone from another department, your request may be time-sensitive.

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If you don’t hear back within a day or so, please send an email. If you do not receive a response to your follow-up message, call the recipient. If the request is urgent, you can even skip the further response and proceed to the call.

Wait a few days (three to five days) before sending a warm or cold email to someone outside of your organization.

By doing this, you will not bombard the recipient

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