How To Send Out Mass Emails In Outlook

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Bulk email has become one of the most effective ways to reach as many people as possible without too much effort. When sending mass emails, there are a few important aspects to be aware of. At the end of the day, most bulk emails have one core purpose: to generate new opportunities. Whether you’re trying to build relationships with people in your industry or submitting a temporary offer, you want to make sure you get the best results. Sending mass emails takes some effort to get right because there are some things you should avoid, such as hiding the recipients who will receive these emails.

How To Send Out Mass Emails In Outlook

How To Send Out Mass Emails In Outlook

Mass email is especially useful when you want to send the same information to different people. Let’s say you have a list of current client email addresses and want to reach them with a special campaign. Or your company is holding an event soon and you want to make sure the people on your email list get their invitation. Mass email allows you to send the same message to a list of people at once instead of having to email them one by one. Sending a mass email should only take a minute if you have set up notifications, but sending 30 emails to people individually can take up to 30 minutes.

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So bulk email is a great way to save a lot of time while ensuring that everyone on a list receives the same message. When sending individual emails, you may have trouble inserting the message into each email. With bulk email, you just check the copy and layout once, and if everything looks right, you can instantly reach everyone on your list.

If you want to promote a new product or service, sending mass emails can often be useful

Do you have any exciting news to share about your business? Mass email is a great way to send messages that don’t have to be personal

Was there a delay in the hiring process? Just copy all recipient email addresses and send them one email

Configuring A Mass Mail Account As A Separate Profile

Although mass mailing is a great way to reach many people at once, you can run into some problems with sending a single message. There’s a problem with mass email: it’s completely impersonal. So when sending messages that need to be personalized, mass mailing is not the best option. Let’s say you want to send a pitch deck to investors.

Sending a mass email without mentioning their first name or other specific information will only make it look like you don’t care if they respond. Often a personal email will guarantee a higher success rate because it sounds like you are really making an effort to connect with the investor in question.

The same problem occurs when you send an email to a company you want to contact to talk about possibly signing up as a new customer. Most people get at least a dozen random emails every day that don’t seem personal at all. And that’s a shame, because it’s like you don’t really think about who you’re talking to.

How To Send Out Mass Emails In Outlook

Using “Hello” instead of “Hi Stephen”, for example, already indicates that you are probably sending the same email to several people. As a potential new client, an approach of sending emails that are not personalized at all will look bad. It’s clear that you don’t give much thought to why you’re approaching this person.

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When sending mass emails, you may want to hide recipients. This is especially important when recipients do not have permission to see who else received the email. Let’s say you want to send your customer a new campaign. By showing all recipient addresses in the email, they can all see each other’s email addresses. This can quickly lead to complaints from your customer, as they would prefer that others not know their email address. People hate receiving SPAM emails and want to avoid them at all costs. Almost everyone prefers to avoid this situation.

In the same case, another reason to hide recipients may stem from the fact that you serve multiple customers in the same niche. While most companies usually don’t mind this, some may no longer work with you because they now know you also work for a direct competitor. Sending mass emails without hiding recipients can result in you missing out on valuable business opportunities. That’s why it’s important to hide recipients in your email.

This is the primary recipient of the email. Each recipient will be able to see the ‘To: recipient of the email.

Recipients are added to the list only because they need to know what the email is about, but do not need to be involved in the conversation. Each recipient will be able to see all ‘To:’ and ‘CC:’ recipients

How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail & Outlook That Seem Personal 💌

This is an empty receiver. This email address will not be shown to recipients other than the primary recipient. In short, BCC allows you to hide recipients even when sending mass emails

When you use BCC for mass mailings, you will be able to hide recipients. It’s a really easy way to hide recipients and all popular email clients offer a BCC option. BCC is an abbreviation for ‘Blank Carbon Copy’. Recipients of this email will be able to see all ‘To:’ and ‘CC:’ recipients.

These days, most people use the BCC option when they want to send bulk emails and hide recipients. This is an efficient way because it takes seconds to set everything up. You put all recipients in the BCC line and separate each address using a comma (most email clients already automatically separate email addresses and add commas). In the end, it is relatively easy to send mass emails and hide recipients. Most email clients will also indicate to recipients that they are BCC recipients in this email thread.

How To Send Out Mass Emails In Outlook

BCC is an effective way to bypass the limitations we discussed earlier in this article. This lets you send emails to dozens of recipients without looking like you’re sending a SPAM email. You will also be able to hide all recipients, preventing recipients from knowing about other recipients.

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BCC is a common way to send mass emails and hide recipients. But as mentioned in this article, it doesn’t let you personalize your emails in any way. You will send a general mass email to all recipients and will not be able to add any personal data such as:

Since most popular email clients include the ability to send bulk emails to different recipients within a BCC channel, we cover the different options below.

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to customize your bulk emails while hiding your recipients when using BCC. Because all email recipients receive the exact same email, you cannot add any customization. But in most cases, you’ll want to add some kind of personalization to make it look like you’re sending a personal email instead of a mass email.

To start customizing your mass emails, you need to start collecting additional information about your recipients. For example, if you want to add a first name to each email, you need a list of first names. This allows you to create a customized email for each recipient using this personal information. This will result in a personalized email that looks like you didn’t send it to a large number of people.

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Personalization can significantly increase your success rate when sending bulk emails. However, you must ensure that all personal information in the email is up-to-date, error-free and suitable for use. The last is especially important. You don’t want to use personal information like “I saw you visited Portugal last week when I checked your Facebook profile” when contacting someone outside of your network. This will only make it look like you are trying hard to find personal information about them.

You can collect all personal information about your recipients in your own list or create a new spreadsheet. Paste the email address in the first column and create additional fields to add more information such as first name.

If you send bulk email to recipients, such as your customers, you probably already have all of this information because they sent it when they signed up for your product or service. If they haven’t sent you this information, just check

How To Send Out Mass Emails In Outlook

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