How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

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How To Send Mail From Smtp Server – Learn how to send emails with the ESP32 using an SMTP server. We’ll show you how to easily send emails using HTML or plain text. and how to send attachments such as images and files (

We have a similar tutorial for ESP8266 boards: ESP8266 NodeMCU Send Email using SMTP Server: HTML, Message and Attachments (Arduino).

How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

And is an Internet standard for sending e-mails. To send emails using the ESP32, you must connect to an SMTP server.

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To send emails through the ESP32 we will use the library. ESP-Mail-Client This library allows the ESP32 to send and receive email with or without attachments via SMTP and IMAP servers.

In this tutorial, we’ll use SMTP to send emails with and without attachments. For example, we’ll send image (.png) and text (.txt) files. Sent email files can be stored in an ESP32 file system (SPIFFS). or on a microSD card (not included in this tutorial).

Before continuing with this tutorial You need to install the library. ESP-Mail-Client This library cannot be installed through the Arduino IDE Library Manager. Follow these steps to install the library:

Then if you go to File>Examples>ESP-Mail-Client You will find many examples that you can try. You can access the examples from the GitHub library page here.

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If you’re using the ESP32 with VS Code + PlatformIO, you need to copy the following into the file. platformio.ini to include the library

We recommend creating a new email account to send emails to your personal email address. Do not use your personal primary email address to send emails through the ESP32 if something goes wrong with your code or if you accidentally make too many requests. You may get banned or have your account temporarily disabled.

We will use your newly created account to send emails. But you can use any other email provider. The recipient’s email address can be your personal email address, no problem.

How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

Create a new email account to send email through the ESP32. If you want to use a Gmail account, follow this link to create a new one.

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You must create an App Password in order for the ESP32 to be able to send emails using your Gmail account. An App Password is a 16-digit password that grants a less secure app or device access to your Google Account. You can read more about app password logins here.

You will now need the app password that you will use in the ESP32 code to send emails.

If you use another email provider See how to create an app password. You should be able to find instructions with a quick Google search “your_email_provider + Generate App Password”.

If you use another email provider You should now check the SMTP settings. You are now all set to start sending emails with your ESP32.

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The following code sends emails through the SMTP server in HTML or plain text format. For demonstration purposes, the ESP32 will send an email once at startup, after which you should be able to modify the code and integrate it into your project.

You need to enter network information and set sender email. SMTP server, recipient, and message details

The code is taken from the example provided by the library. This example has been well commented. so you can understand what each line of code does. Let’s look at the relevant sections that you need or may need to change.

How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

Enter your SMTP server settings if you use a Gmail account to send emails. These settings are:

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Set the message header on the following lines in settings ()—sender name, email sender, email subject, recipient name and email address:

If you want to send HTML text instead, skip the following line. You must put your HTML text in the htmlMsg variable.

Upload the code to your ESP32. After loading, open the Serial Monitor with baud rate 115200. Click the ESP32 reset button.

If you set the option to send messages as HTML text, the message will look like this:

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In this section, we’ll show you how to send attachments to your email sent by the ESP32.

A file that can be read from the sensor a few hours ago or send an image recorded by the ESP32-CAM.

To send files by email These files must be saved in the ESP32 file system (SPIFFS). We will upload the images and .txt files to the ESP32 SPIFFS using the ESP32 Filesystem Uploader plugin for the Arduino IDE. Follow the tutorial below to install the plugin if you haven’t already. have performed:

How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

Create a new Arduino diagram and save it. Go to Sketch > Show Sketch folder. Within your Arduino Sketch folder, create a folder called data. Move the .jpg and .txt files to your data directory.

Unable To Send Email Using Mailenable Mail Server Configured In Plesk: 503 This Mail Server Requires Authentication When Attempting To Send To A Non Local E Mail Address

After moving the file to the data folder in your Arduino IDE, go to Tools > ESP32 Sketch Data Upload and wait for the file to be uploaded.

You should get a success message in the debug window. If the file is successfully installed proceed to the next section.

Note: If you start seeing lots of dots …._____…..__ printed in the debug window. You must press and hold the ESP32 button on the BOOT board to load the file.

Attachments and pictures before uploading the code Make sure you have entered the sender email and recipient email settings.

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This code is very similar to the previous one. Therefore, we will look at the optimal place to send attachments.

Next, add the attachment details: file name, MIME type, file path, file type, and encoding. in the following line We send image files

If you want to send other attachments You must call the following line before adding the next attachment:

How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

After the code is loaded, open the Serial Monitor at a baud rate of 115200 and press the EN/RESET button on the board. You should get the same message in the Serial Monitor.

Configuring Your Mail Server

In this tutorial You have learned how to send email with the ESP32 using an SMTP server. For this method to work, the ESP32 must have access to the Internet.

If you don’t want to use an SMTP Server, you can write a PHP script to send email notifications through the ESP32 or ESP8266 board.

You have learned how to send simple emails with text and attachments. when using attachments These files must be saved in the ESP32 file system (SPIFFS) or on a microSD card (not included in this tutorial).

The example shown shows how to send a single email when the ESP32 starts up. The idea is to modify the code and add it to your project. For example, it might be helpful to send a .txt file with sensor readings. Send images taken with the ESP32-CAM, use deep sleep mode to wake up your board every hour. and send an email with information, etc.

What Is An Smtp Server?

Create a web server project with an ESP32 and ESP8266 board to control outputs and monitor sensors remotely. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and client communication protocols – Download »

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How To Send Mail From Smtp Server

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a communication format between servers used to send and receive email. SMTP servers require authentication in the form of a username, password, IP address, port, and security protocol (usually is SSL or TLS). Provide all the important information within your account after you add and verify your domain name. Then it’s easy to start submitting your SMTP email application. Do you need more help? See our SMTP documentation.

Use Your Own Smtp Server

Although SMTP servers are the easiest way to send outgoing emails, We recommend switching to the Email API if your system can support migration. The Email API can generate requests faster than standard SMTP services and is easy to scale as your email traffic increases over time.

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Try your SMTP settings and clear the data.

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