How To Send Html Email In Gmail

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How To Send Html Email In Gmail – Today I’m going to show you how to create and send an “HTML Email” in Gmail. The advantage is that you can design email campaigns, edit them and send them in Gmail as part of a campaign or regular email correspondence.

If you take the HTML code and paste it “raw” into the Gmail compose window, it won’t display anything else, it will just look like HTML code. Therefore, HTML does not help in creating the look and feel of your email.

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

My favorite technique is #2 because it gives me the most control and doesn’t require extensions. Every extension you add to Gmail makes the interface a little better.

How To Send Html Emails Using Python

By itself, the Gmail Compose compose window doesn’t allow you to edit the html. It’s not like email providers like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, where you can edit the raw HTML. So the technique given below is a way to bypass Gmail’s limitations.

Once you’ve written your HTML, the process is basically copy and paste. You create your page in HTML, load it into a browser, copy the browser’s content, and then paste it into Gmail’s compose window. By “rendered” HTML, I mean how HTML looks in a browser with colors, fonts, and images.

For this example, I’m using HTML, which is fine for our purposes. HTML can be written directly or created using an HTML authoring tool. Gmail is a bit picky about what to allow as HTML in your emails, so here are some important guidelines:

CSS (eg ) and CSS are embedded in the header. See this page for more information on exactly what you can and should use in Gmail.

Send Html Email From Google Sheets

Gmail changed their CSS support in 2016, so older online posts can claim that they don’t support what they do. I have updated the linked article with this change.

– Some HTML tags may not be supported. This list (which may not be very good) includes some HTML tags that are supported and some that are not.

– Gmail does not support web fonts. So, use the standard font they provide or if you want a different font like the logo, create an image of that text. Then add a link to the image you uploaded online in the HTML, which I did for the Binkman’s Books logo in the example email below.

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

– All photos must be uploaded somewhere online – they cannot be emailed. You can upload the image to Imgur, Amazon Web Services, Google Docs (if you get a direct link to the image), or any other image hosting site.

Email Template Design Html Newsletter Design For Gmail On Behance

– For HTML emails it is recommended to use tables to display content. However, even with the use of tables, there are still some issues to be aware of.

– Google Docs can be problematic for invoicing. Although there is a tutorial on how to create your own HTML email using Google Docs without coding, when I tried it I found that what appears in Google Docs does not appear in email (ie, something centered in Google Docs). aligned to the left of the email).

– Be simple. Because what Gmail supports is unpredictable, it’s best to keep things very simple with HTML. (This is probably a good idea from the recipient’s perspective. No one needs an overly complex email.) Keeping it simple helps your recipient’s email clients design an email that responds the way you want them to. .

– Create templates. Once your HTML file is formatted, save it as a template outside of Gmail. In the future, you can use this template to create new emails by simply changing a few words, without re-creating the HTML code and adjusting the layout, logo placement, etc.

Send Text And Html Email Using Php

– Note that Gmail is a work in progress. Gmail is constantly changing, so blog posts or online responses from years ago are out of date. If you’re thinking of doing something with HTML and Gmail, try to find content written as recently as possible.

An HTML email should appear in the Compose window. Before sending the email, double check that everything is correct (scroll down).

That’s it! The beauty of this method is that when you save the HTML file as a template, your future HTML emails will look consistent and your emails will have “brand visibility”. This will save you a lot of time creating new HTML emails and you won’t need to create any external CSS files.

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

Of course, this method can be combined with Google Docs spreadsheets or other methods to use as part of an automated email sequence.

Html Email Spacing Techniques That (usually) Work

This technique is Gmail and Chrome hack. You right-click the Gmail Compose window, locate the corresponding HTML part of the Box element, and paste the HTML code.

Chrome will then split itself open and open a panel displaying the HTML of the text field, with a portion highlighted.

And as soon as I click, the compose window fills with the rendered version of the HTML.

There are several Chrome extensions that allow you to edit HTML behind the scenes in an easy-to-use way. In version 2, you

How To Send An Html Email In Gmail: 5 Easy Steps

HTML is edited behind the scenes, but it can be done directly by hacking the code behind the HTML page. Chrome extensions allow you to do just that, but simplify the entire process of HTML coding.

It includes WYSIWIG design tools, making it one of the most robust HTML editors. One downside to this extension is that it requires you to create an account with them. That

Access your Gmail account but a Google login is required. This doesn’t inherently put your account data at risk, but it’s annoying because the functionality must be completely client-side.

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

My Chrome extension includes an “HTML” feature, so you can view and configure HTML in the “Generate” window.

You Kinda Can Use Custom Fonts In Html Emails

Please note that you do not need to subscribe to a paid package just to use the HTML editor functionality.

This is one of my favorite extensions because it doesn’t require any OAuth access to my Gmail account. It works entirely on the client side without sending any data to the server.

So, as you can see, you can create basic bulk email templates without learning to use developer tools or hiring an email designer. If you can copy and paste the HTML version of an existing email, you don’t need to know how to code from scratch.

Gmail is the only marketing tool that combines email, cold email, and letters. Powerful yet easy to learn and use.

How To Make Perfect Html Emails That Work Across All Email Clients?

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I have raw HTML, but how do I paste it into the editor so that Gmail recognizes it as HTML?

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

Gmail doesn’t support this out of the box. The only option is to use software like Thunderbird and send mail to your own mail account via SMTP.

What Is Html Email?

If you use a browser with developer tools that allow you to edit the DOM (source) of the page, such as Chrome or Firefox with Firebug, you can solve this problem.

If you’re using Chrome, create a new email in Gmail, type dummy text, select it, right-click the email body, and select “Inspect Elements.” Highlight the dummy text, right click and select “Edit as HTML”. Paste it into your HTML.

When you send an email, you should send the edited HTML (unless you did something crazy to block Gmail).

If you copy and paste the source code, you’ll get the source code in your email, but if you copy and paste what you see in your browser, you’ll get a (mostly) acceptable version of the original HTML.

Free Html Professional Email Templates

The biggest downside is that you can never (as far as I can see) edit the source code directly, and the built-in editor is very limited.

Open a text editor. Paste your HTML into it and save your file with a .html extension. Open this file in your web browser (it will output HTML). Select and copy the content of that page (this will copy the content as text/html). Paste it into your email.

There is

How To Send Html Email In Gmail

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