How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

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How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server – It is common and necessary for many applications. Java provides the Java Mail API – a web- and protocol-independent way to build mail and send messages.

The JavaMail implementation is licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.1 and the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2, Exceptions.

How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

In this guide, you will find detailed steps on how to install JavaMail in your Java project and implement the JavaMail API to create and send emails over the SMTP protocol.

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Below is the complete Java code for sending email using the Gmail SMTP server with a description of each line:

The File class is an abstract representation of file and directory path names, and the IOException class is a generic class for exceptions caused by failed or aborted I/O operations.

The two-body MIME code is first appended to the e-mail transport body, added to the multipart, and then used to set the parts as the body of the message.

You have now implemented the Java Mail API and can send emails using any SMTP server in your project.

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How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

Given that you are reading this article, you probably already know that you can use Java to send email messages to users. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do that, as well as some additional but often necessary steps.

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When you search the web for tutorials on how to send email using Java, there is a good chance that everyone will mention something called “Jakarta Mail” or “JavaMail”.

To avoid confusion, it should be noted right away that JavaMail is the former name of Jakarta Mail and both represent the same software.

So Jakarta Mail, or JavaMail as some still like to call it, is an API for sending and receiving emails using SMTP, POP3, as well as IMAP, and is a popular method that supports TLS and SSL. It is an independent, protocol independent and built-in platform for Jakarta EE. You can also get Jakarta Mail as an add-on tool for use with Java SE.

How to send email in Java using Jakarta Mail and SMTP? Step 1 – Learn the basics of setting up Jakarta Mail (JavaMail).

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File in the CLASSPATH environment. The file can be downloaded from the Jakarta Mail project page on GitHub.

You can also find the jakarta.mail.jar file in the Maven repository and add it to your environment using the Maven dependencies:

Note: In some tutorials, you may see javax.mail instead of jakarta.mail in the code. You don’t have to worry about this because it’s only an API used by applications that show older versions of Jakarta Mail.

How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

Before we jump into the code, let’s take a look at some of the basics of Jakarta Post that you’ll need to know to create and send mail.

Sending Email With Smtp

The first and most important thing we will talk about is the message class. The Message class is abstract, that is, to create a message for an object, you must use one of its classes that can implement the message.

The MimeMessage subsection contains a list of methods that can be used to change the details of the message, such as the message’s starting header, Header header, content, addresses of specific recipient types, etc.

To learn more about the Jakarta Mail courses and the most popular methods, as well as a complete guide to using Jakarta Mail, see the Jakarta Mail tutorial.

The code example below is what you will need to send an email using the Jakarta Mail API, run it and write it in your project and run.

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Note that the SMTP server details must be set according to the SMTP server of the email service you are using. For example, if you want to send email in Java using the Gmail SMTP server, the recipient address would be “”.

If you want to make your email an HTML message instead of plain text, you should replace the SetText(String text) method with the setContent(Object o, String type) method and set “text/html” as the second argument. .

However, if you want your message to contain both HTML and plain text, you must compose it using the MimeMultipart (“other”) element.

How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

To do this, you need to manually create two separate sections and insert them separately – the text/plain text as the first section of the multi-section and the text/html body as the second section.

Configure Modx To Use An Email Service Provider

If we want to distinguish the specific features of the email API, it will definitely be the analysis of its activity, which consists of notifications, 60-day notifications, and bands that show strong indicators that allow users to identify and correct delivery problems. check more on their email.

The Email API also comes with custom IP addresses, push lists, IP auto-warming, and more. So, if you want a tool to not only send emails, but to help you deliver those emails to the right inbox, Email API is definitely worth a try!

Now go to the Submit Domains section of your device to add and verify your domain. Then choose to send via API or SMTP.

To send via SMTP, on the other hand, use the settings provided in your email sender or application. This allows you to use it as an SMTP server.

Simple Java Mail

So, first we looked at how to convert your simple email to HTML email. But what if you want to further customize that email and add images? We’ve got you covered, too!

In Jakarta Post, you can choose from three options to add images to your HTML email: CID image embedding, line embedding or Base64 encoding, and embedded images. To add a CID image, create a MIME Multartart message/relationship code with the following code:

To include a string or Base64 encoding, you need to enclose the image data in an HTML body similar to the following:

How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

Note: Each Base64 digit represents 6 bits of data, so your actual image code will be much longer. It is best not to draw large images as this will affect the size of the HTML message.

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Finally, we got the linked video, which is the video received from the external server we connect to. You can do this by using the img tag in the body of the HTML like this:

Adding attachments to your e-mail is often necessary, and in Jakarta Post this is achieved using the MimeMultipart feature mentioned earlier. The first part of the object is the body (text) and the second part is the attachment, whether it is a .txt, .png, or other attachment type.

If you are using the new version of Jakarta Post, you can replace the following part of the code with the method:

The method is available for users of Jakarta Mail 1.4 and above and makes the process of attaching files very simple:

Send Emails In Java

Both code sheets work in Jakarta Mail 1.4 or higher, so use the one you want to create emails with attachments.

To access multiple recipients in Jakarta Mail, we need to use the SetRecipients method shown in our code, only this time instead of providing a single email address, we need to provide a string of them like this:

The AddRecipients method works like setRecipients, so you can use it as another method. We’ve used setRecipients to combine the code provided so far in the article.

How To Send Email In Java Without Smtp Server

When it comes to e-mails, you should add an e-mail version as soon as you add an e-mail to your mailing list, because without it, the e-mail you thought was well-crafted may never reach the recipient’s inbox.

Configuring Your Mail Server

Our selection of email authentication tools is compatible with the Email Sandbox part of the email server, and the email API we mentioned earlier.

An email sandbox is an environment for inspecting, validating, and repairing emails before they are sent to recipients. It has the ability to analyze all emails for spam content, as well as check its HTML/CSS, regardless of whether it is generated or based on the HTML template. It also allows you to send test emails as you want to improve things every time

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