How To Send Email From Php Script

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How To Send Email From Php Script – For any website, sending emails using PHP scripts is a very common requirement. For example, if the website has any registration options for the user, a confirmation email should be sent to send the user to verify the email. You can send an email using PHP by making use of the PHP mail() function or any PHP library. The two most used PHP libraries for sending email are PHPMailer and Swiftmailer. How to send emails using the mail() function is discussed in another tutorial. Using the PHPMailer library to send email in PHP is demonstrated in this tutorial.

PHPMailer is a very useful class library that contains a set of functions for sending emails using PHP. You can send email in many ways from the local server using this library. Run the following command to install PHPMailer on Ubuntu:

How To Send Email From Php Script

How To Send Email From Php Script

You must have a Gmail account to use the PHPMailer email sending service. After installing PHPMailer, you will need to enable the “Allow Less Secure Apps” option from your Gmail account.

In The Code You’ve Been Given, You’ll Notice A Php

The following text shows how to send a simple email using PHPMailer. This script provides the basic four parts of any email (from, to, subject, body). The setFrom and addAddress methods are used to set the sender and recipient email addresses. The Subject and Body properties are used to specify the subject and body of an email. If the email is sent correctly, a success message will be printed, if the email is not sent, a failed message will be printed.

You can send an HTML email using PHPMailer. You must use isHTML() with the actual parameter value to send an HTML email. Here, another AltBody() method is used to send email content as plain text if the user is unable to receive emails with HTML content.

Many methods are available in the PHPMailer class to send the content attached to the email. The AddAttachment() method is the method used in the following script. This method contains one required parameter and three optional parameters.

When checking the recipient’s email address, an attached file will be shown if the file was properly attached to the email as shown below:

Email Syntax Validation And Existence Verification In Php

If you want to attach content from a remote location, you can use the addStringAttachment() method for this. This method has two parameters. The first parameter is used to get the content of the specified URL, and the second parameter is used to specify the name of the attached file.

In the following script, the image file URL is set in the first parameter, and “myfile. jpg” is set in the second parameter of this method to set the name of the attached file.

The SMTPDebug property of the PHPMailer class is used to enable debug options before email is sent. After running the script, the value of this property is set to 1 in this script to show debug messages.

How To Send Email From Php Script

How to send an email to multiple email addresses using PHPMailer is shown in the following script. The addCC() and addBCC() methods of this class are used to send an email to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Php Mailer · Github Topics · Github

Most of the options for sending email using the PHPMailer library are covered in this tutorial. Also, some examples are given to help PHP users learn the process of sending emails easily using this library in different ways. We hope this article was useful to you. See our other how-to Linux articles for more tips and information.

I am a trainer for web programming courses. I like to write articles or tutorials on different IT topics. I have a YouTube channel where different kinds of tutorials based on Ubuntu, Windows, Word, Excel, WordPress, Magento, Laravel etc are posted: Tutorials4u Help. In this tutorial, we will create sending emails using PHPMailer. PHP is a server-side scripting language primarily designed for web development. With PHP, you can let users interact directly with scripts and learn the syntax easily. It is mostly used by new programmers due to its user friendly environment.

First, you have to download and install XAMPP or any local server that will run PHP scripts. Here is the XAMPP server link

First, create a file that receives the phpmailer file, write this code in a text editor and save it as composer.json.

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Next, open your command prompt and cd to your working directory. After that, type this command and hit Enter after that.

Once you have finished downloading the file, move the file to the directory you are working in. You are now ready to use phpmailer.

This is where we will create a simple template for our app. To create a form, just copy and type it into your text editor, then save it as index.php

How To Send Email From Php Script

This is the main function of the application. This code will send a request via phpmailer to be able to send google SMTP email. To do this, copy and type this into a text editor, then save it as send_email.php

How Php Email Sending Works: Smtp Authentication And Html Templates

Note: To be able to send emails to Gmail, make sure to provide your Gmail username and password or it is better to create a dummy account to use it.

Within your Google account, make sure to allow less secure apps so that you can get permission to send emails.

There you have it, we’ve successfully created Send Mail to Gmail using PHPMailer. I hope this simple tutorial will help you with your project. For more updates and tutorials please visit this site. Most developers who started their programming career before 2010 and have an interest in web development have most likely come across PHP as their first server-side scripting language. PHP was very popular at that time. The easiest way to start a website or website is with a content management system (CMS) that runs on PHP, such as WordPress or Joomla, which are growing in popularity. This language is still very popular and influential and has many options for different applications.

Since this technology is widely used and many developers in email marketing agencies around the world know the language very well, we had the idea to gather as much information as possible about sending email templates with PHP code.

Pipe Email To Php Script?

Our goal at is to make attractive HTML email templates available to everyone. EDM designers support this mission by helping their fellow developers gain more education in the field of email development.

By reading this guide, you will learn how to write PHP code to send HTML emails and transactional messages. There are built-in methods, PHP extension packages, and we’ll cover email sending services that can be built into PHP code in a future article. They differ in flexibility and additional features. Being familiar with these options opens the door to the ability to quickly test HTML email designs during development. Reading this article will help you understand what to consider when choosing a service that best suits your needs.

The first step to booting any project running PHP code is to install PHP. It starts by fetching the required download package. Since our goal is to run PHP scripts and send HTML templates and transactional emails, it is enough to install PHP on our system, and we don’t need to configure any additional servers. For developers using Linux distributions, the fastest setup can be run by running the following command in the terminal:

How To Send Email From Php Script

After successfully completing this process, you can test if everything is working correctly with a simple script:

Receiving Email With Php And Laravel

The primary way to send email with PHP is the builtin mail() method. The only mandatory part is

Let’s see what happens, when we run the script! In the tutorials, we think of steps, so I’m going for a run

. Now, this is really unfortunate. As part of the installation, in order to actually send test emails, we need to install the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent (MTA) as a locally accessible email server. If you type sendmail in the terminal, it will tell you which package contains this library:

File is a place to store PHP runtime variables and includes SMTP settings, which tell your script what the local web server is configured for.

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Variable by removing the semicolon from the beginning of the line, so that PHP finds your sendmail location. When all of the above was done, we, of course, tried to run

As we will see later, we can also choose our email service provider as the email server and provide SMTP setting in the script, for example, Gmail mail server.

Variable in the script, it is important to avoid confusing single and double quotes. Otherwise, you will be notified with a parsing error:

How To Send Email From Php Script

I also consider email attachments to be an important topic but it is beyond the scope of this article, the following discussion may help explain how to do this properly.

Php Login Registration With Email Verification Using Otp

The job, considering multiple recipients when opening the job and closing the SMTP socket for each email sent. There are third party PHP packages that handle this better. This PHP script allows sending emails with options to configure SMTP services such as Gmail or Yahoo! mail or other email service provider.

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