How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

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How To Send Email Blast In Gmail – You can send multiple emails using Gmail using a (free) browser extension. We’ll show you how – and explain why email marketing software is the best choice.

Bulk email (also known as bulk email) is when you send an email to a large number of contacts. It could be an email marketing campaign to generate leads or sales leads, or follow up with your customers.

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

It is possible to send bulk emails through a free email provider such as Gmail or Outlook but you run the risk of your emails landing in your subscribers’ spam folders. You also won’t be able to send highly personalized emails or customize email formats to match your brand.

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Before you get started you’ll need a free Google account. Your Gmail account and other tools like Google Docs and Google Slides are part of Google Workspace online tools (known as G Suite).

Email bundling is a method of sending multiple personalized emails by combining personal data collected from a list of subscribers such as email addresses, names and business addresses.

You will need to install the Google Workspace extension to add email integration features to Gmail to send multiple emails.

Then select Allow in the pop-up window to give YAMM permission to access your contacts and edit documents.

Tips To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Include a salutation line at the top of your email body that can be customized to include the official address and names of your email recipients.

Include the content you want to personalize for each email recipient in your email blast using a keyword enclosed in curly brackets like this: “}”

Inside Gmail click on the Google Apps menu in the upper right corner of your screen. Select the Drive icon to open Google Drive.

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

Create a new Google Spreadsheet or download a spreadsheet (or .csv file) if you already have your subscriber list ready.

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Each column in your spreadsheet should have a heading that describes the type of information you have on your subscriber list.

Custom content in email drafts such as “}” should have a title that exactly matches the text inside the curly brackets.

Select Merge Ent Another Mail: Mail Merge for Gmail and select Start Mail Merge from the drop-down menu.

You can only send and receive a maximum of 500 emails in a 24 hour period. The number of recipients of bulk emails is also limited to 500.

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Businesses with a growing list of subscribers will use up the 500 limit very quickly. You may have to split the list and spread the email campaigns over several days. This is tedious and time consuming.

And once you reach the limit, you must wait a full 24 hours before you can continue sending emails from the account.

All your important emails like product announcements or answers to customer questions will wait until the next day.

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

If your sender address ends in, there’s a good chance your mass email campaign will never reach your recipient’s inbox.

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Free email providers are designed for personal use. So when a large email is sent from a single sender, the sender will be flagged as suspicious.

Google will temporarily disable your account if your emails have been marked as spam or if you have sent a large number of undeliverable messages to incorrect email addresses.

It is best to use a sender address associated with your domain name. A address for business purposes does not look professional.

Gmail is designed for direct communication. Even in a business context, this usually means plain text emails with a static signature at best. There are no built-in email design tools.

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And many other email add-ons recommend designing your newsletter in Google Docs and importing it into Gmail.

To stand out from the inbox and get the reader to take action, text-based email won’t cut it. Especially compared to modern email marketing models.

As an e-commerce business, plain text emails will not do justice to the products you are trying to sell. Eye-catching branded emails are common not only for online stores, but for any business.

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

If you want your essential Gmail email to look the part, you need Chrome plugins or extensions to include graphics, colors, or branding elements. That’s a lot of trouble.

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To send marketing emails to large groups of contacts, you need a specialized bulk email service such as .

And if you’re still thinking about multiple Gmail emails, here are five reasons to invest in email marketing software.

A good email marketing service makes it easy to create emails by providing responsive email templates and drag-and-drop email editors.

A drag-and-drop editor (like the one below) eliminates the need to hire an email designer or code emails from scratch, saving time and money.

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Plus, your emails will look great on all mobile and desktop devices. These features greatly improve your email marketing results. But you won’t find them in Gmail.

Deliverability is the most important factor when sending mass emails. It refers to the sender’s ability to send email to the inbox and not the spam folder.

Between outdated/expired addresses (tip: use double opt-in to avoid these), and spam filters, your email has to jump through several hoops to get to the inbox.

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

Have a strict verification process to prevent spam and protect senders on our shared IP addresses. Dedicated IP addresses are also available for many email senders.

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Because email marketing services are designed to send bulk emails, deliverability will be better than with Gmail.

As mentioned, Gmail allows you to send 500 emails per day or one email to 500 different recipients.

You may not have nearly 500 contacts right now. That’s good. But if you plan to grow your email list, the simplest email marketing service will allow you to send as many emails as possible.

For the Starter Plan, the base price of $25 includes 20,000 emails sent per month and unlimited communication storage.

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When you send a large email campaign, you need to know what kind of impact it will have on your audience.

For example, check if your emails were delivered, how many people opened them, how many clicked on and went on to make a purchase, etc.

Gmail doesn’t offer reporting features, but the email marketing service will provide you with all the important email metrics, including, but not limited to:

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

GDPR is an EU law that sets out various rules on how personal data is used and collected. This includes email addresses.

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Before you can send bulk emails you need to get permission to do so through a process known as ‘opt in’. You also need to include an unsubscribe option in the footer of your email.

When you send multiple Gmail emails, you need to manually check that everyone on your list has opted in and that all unsubscribed people have been unsubscribed. It takes time and a small mistake can make you break the law.

Equip your email marketing with GDPR-compliant features such as sign-up forms and unsubscribe links in the footer of all emails.

In addition, you do not need to worry about cleaning the list often. Unsubscribes and bounces are automatically removed from your contact list.

Hacks To Upgrade Your Email Blasts

A custom email marketing solution will make your campaigns effective, delivered to the inbox, and deliver better results.

It gives you everything you need to create and manage your email marketing, no matter how big or small your budget is.

Is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform with features like Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Chat, CRM, Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Shared Inbox, and more. Google limits how many emails each Gmail user can send. from their account in every 24 hour period. If you only use your account for personal email, usually this is not a problem. However, if you want to send multiple emails from your Gmail or Google Workspace account, you need a way around these limitations. provide a solution.

How To Send Email Blast In Gmail

If you use Gmail or your company uses Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), then your email account is subject to Gmail sending limits.

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Gmail limits the fee to 20 emails sent per hour. If you exceed this limit, Google can suspend your account for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours. If you gradually and regularly increase your usage to a higher number, Google will tolerate the increase. But if you exceed this limit too severely, Google will mark your emails as spam, which will damage your email delivery because it will trigger spam filters between email services.

Anything you send to external recipients from a fake address will count toward this total, such as an automated vacation reply. And when you sync your phone with your Gmail or Google Workspace account, any email you send from that device will also count.

If you send an email to multiple recipients, Google counts each recipient as a separate email. If you send emails to the same recipients repeatedly – for example, your cycling club’s 30 members, or your team of 12 local volunteers – one way to expand your reach is to create a Google Group for that member (eg “SpeedyCyclers” ). You can then send your email to the Google Group name, and it will count as one unique recipient (SpeedyCyclers) even though it is distributed to all members.

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