How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

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How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook – Did you delete the wrong email in Outlook on your Mac? Or maybe your Outlook account got corrupted and emails started disappearing randomly? Whatever the reason for data loss, we are here to help you.

In this article, we will cover the most effective data recovery methods to help you get back deleted or missing Outlook items on Mac.

How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

These data recovery methods should help you recover deleted (and permanently deleted) items in Outlook on your Mac. You can either try one option after another or choose the most suitable method for your situation and follow step-by-step instructions.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails On A Mac

When you click the Delete button on an email in Outlook, that email doesn’t instantly disappear forever. Instead, it is moved to another folder in your account, where it is kept for a certain period of time (for Outlook it is 30 days). If you’re lucky enough and your email is still present in that folder, you’ll be able to quickly and easily restore it to your Mac.

And here’s a quick tip for you: If you’ve just deleted an important email in Outlook and want it back, there’s a shortcut you can use. So, how to undo deletion in Outlook? Just press

, that’s it. This will immediately move the newly deleted email back to the folder where it was located before it was deleted.

If you have permanently deleted an Outlook email on your Mac, the method described above will not be an option. There are two main ways to permanently delete an email in Outlook on a Mac: with

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So, if that is what you have done and now want to recover the deleted Outlook email, you will only be able to do so when you have a backup containing the missing email or if you have the particular email on your computer saved that you previously deleted It. In all other cases, proceed to method #3 and method #4.

❗Important: If you are still using an older version of Outlook, there is one more option you can try. To recover permanently deleted emails Outlook 2016 Mac, open the Deleted Items folder, click Home from the toolbar and select Recover Deleted Items from Server. If the deleted emails are still there, select them and click Recover Selected Items to get them back.

If you’re sure you’ve made a copy of the deleted email yourself and saved it on your Mac, you can download it back into Outlook. Here’s how to do it:

How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

If the methods mentioned above did not yield any results, you can try to recover the deleted Outlook emails from the Mac with the help of specialized data recovery software. Although there are some effective data recovery tools on the market to recover deleted files on a MacBook, not all of them support Outlook items.

How To Recover Deleted Items In Outlook On Mac: Top 4 Methods

❗Important: It is possible to recover deleted Outlook emails on a Mac using data recovery software only if you used a desktop email client to access your account. If you used a web browser to view and send your email, this method won’t help, as all your email data is only stored in the cloud.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a data recovery program to recover deleted or missing Outlook emails on a Mac, our recommendation is Disk Drill. This tool has the ability to restore entire email databases of any email client (including Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.). It can also recover any email regardless of size as it does a fantastic job with large files.

So, if you have tried everything and still failed to recover the deleted or missing Outlook files from Mac, another option you can try is to resort to a professional data recovery service. You can visit one in person or send the Mac to the lab if they are further away.

Data Recovery Center is a good example of such a service as they have a proven record of successful data recovery operations and have handled cases where it was almost impossible to recover deleted files. The team of data recovery experts can recover lost or deleted Outlook files from Mac even if the drive is physically damaged or destroyed. And if it turns out your Mac needs to be repaired, they’ll do it right away.

Recover Deleted Emails From Ost File In Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013

To recover emails in Outlook on your Mac using a data recovery service:

It’s best to play it safe and protect your Outlook items on your Mac from unwanted events like data loss and corruption. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

When it comes to recovering deleted emails from Outlook on a Mac, you might realize that the whole process is not as easy as you might have thought before. But luckily, if you act fast enough and follow the instructions carefully in the methods described in this article, you have a great chance to recover the deleted Outlook items on your Mac.

How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

The easiest and most effective way to recover deleted Outlook emails on a Mac is with data recovery software like Disk Drill. Here’s what you need to do:

Recover A Deleted Email From Outlook

If you only accessed Outlook through a web browser, it will be impossible to recover the permanently deleted items. However, if you have been using the Outlook email client on your computer, the chances of a successful recovery are high.

Yes, in most cases it is possible to recover permanently deleted items from Outlook on a Mac. However, if you do not have a backup and the cause of the data loss is serious physical damage to the Mac disk, the chances of a successful data recovery are considerably low.

If you just deleted an email in Outlook and want to recover it, use the undo hotkey to get it back (Command + Z). But if deleting the email wasn’t the last action you took in Outlook, click the Deleted Items tab in the sidebar to find all the emails you’ve deleted in the past 30 days.

When you delete an email in Outlook on a Mac, it is immediately moved to a special folder in the application called Deleted Items. The deleted items remain in that folder for 30 days; then Outlook permanently deletes the emails from your account.

How To Recover Deleted Emails From Gmail (with Screenshots)

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This article is endorsed by Brett Johnson, Data Recovery Engineer at ACE Data Recovery. Brett has a bachelor’s degree in computer systems and networks, 12 years of experience. We often receive calls from panicked customers when they accidentally delete emails from Outlook. No need to panic because deleted emails can be recovered. Did you know that emails emptied from the “deleted folder” can also be recovered in some cases? Our IT help desk in Perth shows you how.

When you delete an email from your mailbox, it will usually be moved to the Deleted Items or Trash. Follow the steps below to recover deleted emails:

How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

If you cannot find the deleted email or item in the Deleted Items folder, it means that all emails have been permanently deleted and the folder is empty. To recover emails that have been emptied from the “deleted folder”, the next place you should look is the “Recoverable Items” folder. The emails or items are moved there when you do one of the following actions:

Retrieve Deleted Emails In Outlook: A Tutorial On How To Recover Lost Emails With The Help Of Edison Mail — Edison Mail

When you restore items, they are automatically saved in the Deleted Items folder. After recovering an email or an item, you can go to the Deleted Items folder and then move it to any other folder as per your requirement.

Note: If you see the trash folder instead of the deleted items, you can recover emails from the trash folder as we showed in how to recover recently deleted emails. However, you cannot recover emails that have been deleted from the Trash.

You cannot access the Recoverable Items folder if you are using a mobile browser. To access the Recoverable Items folder, you must be using a PC or Mac.

The items will be restored to their original folders if not deleted; otherwise, items will be restored as follows:

Gmail Data Recovery: How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Gmail

That’s it. From now on, you don’t have to worry about thinking “How to recover deleted emails in Outlook?”, instead you can recover them easily. If you are still unable to recover your files or emails, our help desk in Perth is available 24/7 to assist you. Contact User Email [email protected]

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How To Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook

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