How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor

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How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor – Part of our repair plan required removing the tile floor and the subfloor. The tile floor needs to be removed so we can redo the plumbing for American standard tub and shower fixtures.

Removing tiles is not an easy task, and it is especially difficult to do when the tile is set in concrete, often referred to as the “old mortar bed” method. A mortar bed job is usually tile attached to 2 3 inch concrete.

How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor

How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor

Most tiles are placed over an underlayment, which is a layer of material between the sub-floor and the finished floor. Years ago the most common material used by builders was 1/8-inch thick Luan plywood. Today, cement board and fiber cement board are the most commonly used materials. An underlayment is used to provide a soft, smooth floor that is easily attached to tile mortar without damaging the sub-floor, raising the floor surface, or reinforcing the sub-floor and framing system.

Rebooting The Bathroom

The underlayment is critical to the longevity of a ceramic tile floor. Sub-floor does not provide proper support for ceramic tiles,   it is not a proper joint material. [Note – Only fir plywood without voids is recommended as a suitable sub-floor for direct tile application.]

Protect your eyes with your hands before taking this program. Broken pieces of ceramic tile are as sharp as glass.

You should also remove any material sitting on top of the tile. Baseboard and door casing trim, such as toilet, tub and vanity functions.

I recommend using a rubber plug or putting a plug in the hole to keep the methane gas small after emptying the toilet. When removing tubs, showers or sinks we shut off the water, pull the pipes, then cut and seal with Sharkbite connectors.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Now is the time to cover any HVAC vents with a breathable filter to allow air to escape but stop waste or completely cover with tape and plastic if the air doesn’t work. This prevents dust from entering the air conditioner.

For $30, you can buy a floor scraper, a broom-sized device with a flat metal head used to remove pieces of floor. Generally, the tool is useful for removing material from adhesion.

Select the tile in the middle of the room and destroy it by hitting the center with the hammer. The idea here is to create a foot grip to get the pry bar of a special tile scraper between the surrounding tiles and the underlayment.

How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor

Continue to break the tiles using your scraper. On other floors, including this one,   I’ve had good results using a hammer drill with a chisel attachment. I use a chisel to split and get the tiles under, then sweep them to hold them.

How To Clean And Maintain Cement Tiles

Some floors come easy and some are tough. Old clay floors are sometimes broken into pieces with a hammer and then lifted up.

I like to use a snow shovel to pick up broken tiles and throw them away. If you’re lucky enough to have a dumpster under your office window, all you need is smooth plywood to get the tiles in the dumpster. If you don’t have that specialty, you’re going to have to build a garbage chute.

Once all the tiles are removed and you’ve mopped it’s time to focus on removing the underlayment plywood. Remove any visible screws. Previously the fasteners were shank nails and usually these nails were placed every six inches.

I have found that the best method is to use a large 48 inch long pry bar to lift and work the edge of the underlayment. Sometimes a flat shovel helps in this process.

Uncovering A Hex Tile Floor Before + After » Decor Adventures

Remove the remaining fasteners in the sub-floor. Use a cat’s paw, claw hammer, or pry bar to remove the fasteners before proceeding. Floors should be supported if possible and not loose as they can damage the floor. Clean using a broom and shop vacuum. The wood subfloor should be smooth and firm before the new floor is laid.

In mine I had to remove one of the sub-floors to access the water pipes. If you haven’t removed any subfloor, you need to replace the nails, or better yet, wipe the sub-floor to make sure you have a good connection and eliminate squeaks and movement.

Many times a plumber will want to remove a portion of the subfloor. In this situation you can sometimes remove some boards or cut the plywood subfloor at the nearest joist.

How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor

Cutting subfloor boards or plywood is the same process. Be sure to use a nail puller to remove all nails or loose screws. Then place the circular saw blade up to the thickness of the subfloor you are removing. Cut the center of the joist where you want to cut the back.

How To Remove Floor Tiles Without Breaking Them

Insert the lower end of the pry bar into the cutting cloth and begin sealing the subfloor boards or plywood. Then you replace the missing subfloor with new materials, building adhesives and screws.

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How To Remove Tile From Bathroom Floor

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