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How To Move Domain To Godaddy – I have been thinking about moving my domains away from GoDaddy. I have used GoDaddy’s services (including GoDaddy Pro) for many years now. Two of my domains are due for renewal this month. I thought it was a great opportunity to continue the process. In this post I explain how I moved my personal website domain (this site) to Google Domains.

I’ve seen 3 or 4 different versions of their UI and menus over the years. It’s too complicated / extensive / full. To do the simplest things often, you have to go through several steps. And usually important functions (like DNS management) are buried deep in menus.

How To Move Domain To Godaddy

How To Move Domain To Godaddy

Another problem is that GoDaddy is selling itself to a longtime customer. I get it, upselling and promotion is normal. But I’m not here to buy something new every time I log into my account and navigate to do things.

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Finally the “GoDaddy Pro”. Without going into details, quite a frustrating experience. Very slow, too many UI changes and frequent switching between own account and customer account. It is also nice to get points when you buy products for your customers. But I have never received one of those points (not that I really care, but it’s crazy to get something rewarded and yet your account shows 0 points.)!

Well, to give them some credit on their user interface, they have improved it a lot. But still it’s not for me.

I have seen and heard of a few other domain registrations over the years. But none of them were attractive enough for me to bother switching.

As a Microsoft Azure customer, they now have very simple domain registration services in the Azure portal. But it is not a special domain registration service. It’s buried under the App Services menus (it makes sense). And I believe they partner with GoDaddy for this service (nothing wrong with that. I know their SSL certificates come from GoDaddy).

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However, when I saw the Google Domains, it was love at first sight! These are Google’s reasons why there are good ones. For me, [built-in] privacy protection, [free] email forwarding, and [nice to have] add-ons (like a free Google Sites page or Blogger) are the highlight of the offering. Also, perhaps not so obviously, I use a lot of other Google services (email, driving, you name it!). How great is that to use the same account and manage my domains too?!

Go to Google Domains to transfer your domains to Google. On the left you will see an option for “Transfer”.

Enter the domain you want to transfer and you will immediately see instructions for the steps to transfer the domain. Instructions are pretty clear. In my case I had to unlock my domain first and then enter the authorization code.

How To Move Domain To Godaddy

To get the authorization key from GoDaddy, you need to go to your domain settings page and the link is at the bottom of the page:

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After entering the authorization code again in the Google domain transfer section, you should see your current GoDaddy domain settings. In my case, I use custom DNS settings for this domain (second option). But as you can see in the image below you can copy (edit yourself) your DNS records during the transfer (hats off to the PM/person who proposed this feature. Really handy)

And finally, don’t forget to select your privacy and protection and automatic renewal options! But you’re not done yet. Check your email that you registered with GoDaddy. There is an email with instructions on what to do to speed up the domain transfer:

And that’s it. You are ready. The whole process took me 5 minutes. I expected a bit of resistance from GoDaddy’s side. But it went pretty smoothly (thanks GoDaddy). This guide explains how to transfer a domain registered with us to another provider (known as registrar

Please note that your domain must be at least 60 days old before you can transfer it. If it is a new domain, you can change the name servers instead.

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Domain transfers take approximately 5 – 7 days to complete. If you want your domain to work sooner with your new provider, you can first change the name servers to the new host before starting the transfer. Once the move has started, name servers, DNS records and domain contact information cannot be changed until the move is complete.

You can request the domain transfer code while the domain is locked, but the domain must be unlocked to complete the transfer.

If you have not received the email, check that the email address known for your domain is correct. It is possible that your account email address is different from the email address associated with your domain. You can request another code by clicking the Get Authorization Code button in the previous screenshot.

How To Move Domain To Godaddy

Once you have the authorization code, go to your new registrar’s site and start the transfer. This process involves providing the authorization code you should have received by email.

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After you have confirmed the transfer, there is a waiting period of five days. During this period you will receive an email to confirm or cancel the transfer. After confirmation, the domain will be transferred within five days.

Do not cancel your domain at any point in this process. If you cancel the domain, you are immediately no longer the owner and the transfer will fail. Once the transfer is complete, we will automatically remove the upgrade from your account.

To stop transferring the domain, go back to the Advanced Options section in step 1 and click the Disable Transfer Lock button. You will see a message at the top right of the screen confirming that your domain is now locked. That will lock your domain again and cancel the domain transfer. Where applicable, privacy protection is also re-enabled.

What if my new registrar says they can’t start my transfer because my contact details aren’t public?

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into full effect on May 25, 2018. This law prohibits registrars from sharing or disclosing contact information of registrants for many registrants. Therefore, most registrars have implemented GDPR-compliant processes that allow them to process transfers without information about the registrant being publicly available. If your new registrar still requires your contact details to be publicly published in WHOIS, they must have an alternative process that is GDPR compliant. You can ask them to bypass the receiving FOA (Form of Authorization) and use the EPP or authorization code to initiate the transfer.

You may also share this ICANN policy document with your new registrar. Appendix G of ICANN’s temporary specification is a recent change to the transfer policy due to the GDPR. This says that if the Registrar cannot obtain the registrant’s contact information from the public WHOIS, then they are not required to send a Form of Authorization (FOA) via email. They can bypass the FOA and accept the auth/EPP code and then submit the transfer to the registry.

Currently, most major registrars have GDPR compliant processes. However, we are aware of some smaller registrars who do not. Please contact your new registrar’s support for assistance as this is an issue with their processes.

How To Move Domain To Godaddy

Your email address may no longer work after the transfer. Contact your email provider and your new registrar for information on how to reconfigure your email.

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Make sure you have a different address registered for your account and domain information. Otherwise, we may not be able to contact you if you need help.

Refer to these instructions to update the contact information for your domain. Once you’ve updated the email address to something you have access to, you can resend the code as explained in step 1.

Most of the domain names that are registered have GDPR protection, which means that the registrant’s contact details are not publicly visible, regardless of whether the domain has privacy protection or not. For these domains, disabling privacy will not result in contact information being published publicly.

You can refer to our domain registration support document for more information about GDPR and private registration, including how your domain registrant’s contact information is presented in public WHOIS.

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What if my new registrar says they can’t initiate my transfer because my email address is listed as [email protected]?

, that is wrong. This is an email address required by ICANN for registrar abuse and is in no way related to the registrant’s contact information. The other registrar will have to look up your domain manually to get the correct information, or get a form of authorization (FOA) as mentioned above. It’s easy to lose yourself when it comes to online services. Especially if you are starting your own online business. You need a hosting account. Domain name. WordPress themes and some plugins depending on your project. The more services you use, the more accounts you have.

Trust me, it’s hard to manage all the logins, accounts, pages, due dates and with it payments if the service you use

How To Move Domain To Godaddy

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