How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

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Printers can be very busy devices, especially when it comes to linear printing. Have you ever scheduled several things to print only to check the queue and see if a failed or stuck print job is holding up the entire process? Not only that, you cannot delete or cancel a print job that is stuck in the queue, which is very frustrating.

How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

To get a smooth line and reprint your documents, here’s how to cancel a stuck print job in Windows 10 when the usual methods don’t work.

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When you cannot clear a print job from the print queue window by right-clicking the stuck job and clicking Cancel, you can try restarting your computer. Sometimes this removes the wrong items from the line. If the usual methods and restarting your computer do not clear the stuck task, proceed to the next step.

Using the command prompt to stop and start the print spooler should certainly be the fastest way to do things, but I’ll show you how to use the Services section by following these steps.

Although the underlying method remains the same, the print spooler can be stopped and started in the Services window.

Updated May 29, 2018: We reviewed this article to confirm that the steps to remove a print job stuck in the queue in the April 2018 Windows 10 Update still work.

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Cale Hunt was formerly a senior editor at Windows Central. Specializing in laptop reviews, news and accessories. He has been reviewing laptops and accessories full-time since 2016, and has hundreds of reviews published on Windows Central. He is an avid computer gamer and platform user, and spends most of his time thinking about technology or writing.Printing can be a frustrating experience. The print line has a tendency to become congested, one document holding your product. When the print queue is stuck, Windows 10 disables your printer and refuses to issue any new jobs. We’ll show you how to clean the print line and cancel the print job so everything works as usual.

A stuck print line can be caused by a variety of things, from an outdated driver to an unusual format or faulty application. Besides being an obvious nuisance, a stuck print queue can cause high CPU or RAM usage as the print service is constantly trying to get the document out of your hands. You will see this when your document is waiting but not printing.

Sometimes, forcing a document to print can be as simple as retrying. If it fails, you may need to cancel the print job or delete the print queue and start over. In rare cases, you may need to reset the Windows 10 Print Spooler service to clear a stuck print job.

How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

We will show you how to do all this and how to delete the print queue in Windows 10.

How To Clear The Printer Queue In Windows 10/11 — Auslogics Blog

The first step in the troubleshooting process is to simply remove the hard print job so everything else can be finished.

Sometimes, more than one document presents a problem. If your Windows 10 print queue is stuck even after deleting the first print job and you want to delete it.

To clear the print queue, open it using the method from the previous step, then select “Printer > Delete All Documents”.

If you are unable to clear the print queue with the above methods, restarting your printer is always an option.

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Turning off the printer is different for each model, but if you know where your button is. Press the printer to turn it off, then disconnect the cable from the back. After a minute, plug it back in and the printer will sync with your computer again and release the print queue from the system.

Sometimes the problem is not with the document or the application, but an error in the Windows Print Service. In such cases, you can restart it. My print line is stuck and won’t show up in Windows 10. It’s stuck in the “shutdown” process and restarting the computer doesn’t help at all. Any other suggestions on how to fix this?

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How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

Printers are used to make a physical copy of a document, image and anything like that. Although most home users are attached to their Windows PCs, these tools work harder in the business environment. Although digitization has become more common in the last few decades, there is no doubt about the usefulness of the machine.

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However, like any other device, printers are not perfect. They refuse to print black and white documents If the teal is low, they get stressed, they only print part of the documents – the list goes on. The most common problem users often face is a stuck print queue in Windows, although this is not always the case, it causes many print jobs to stall.

This problem is usually caused by software, network connection or similar issues. In such a case, all you have to do is cancel the current job and send it back to print. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always solve the problem, and the line isn’t clear. The first thing you should do is restart your computer – it can delete all the tasks in the queue.

Here, many users come to a big problem, restarting the computer does nothing, and the printer cannot be used. There are no specific brands associated with this problem, so you can find this in HP, Canon, Zebra, Xerox, Lexmark and many others.

One of the main ways to fix a stuck print queue is to reset the print spooler service. However, this does not always work due to insufficient permissions and other issues. Below you will find some solutions that will help you get rid of this annoying problem.

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Before you proceed with troubleshooting, we want to recommend you a RestoroMac Washing Machine X9 computer repair tool that can automatically fix your Windows problems. It can delete malware and its damage done, protect your privacy by removing the program from the trash and saving your web browser’s data collection processes.

While restarting the computer is the first solution people turn to, they often forget that the printer itself may be at fault. One of the first troubleshooting steps offered by any IT support is to reboot the disabled device; At this point, you can’t forget to restart your printer.

The procedure for restarting the printer depends on the brand, but generally, you can press [and hold] the power button until the device turns off. Then, press the button again to start it. If it doesn’t work, pull the plug from the power socket – the printer can’t run on air, so it will have to be shut down.

How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

This method has helped many users to solve the problem and clear the print queue when the document is stuck.

How To Clear The Print Queue When A Document Is Stuck?

If you were unable to restart or interact with the printer spooler service as described above, you can perform these actions through the command prompt. Make sure you have the correct admin access/password.

While the printer driver may install automatically, it’s best to make sure you have the latest version installed. To do that, go to your printer’s website and download it (you need to know your printer model). This can be a big problem – if it is for you, use DriverFix to automatically update all your drivers.

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Fix ‘print Job Stuck In Queue’ Quickly

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How To Delete A Print Job Stuck In Queue

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How To Cancel A Print Job In Windows 10

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