How To Configure Synology Nas

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How To Configure Synology Nas – Setting a static IP address on your Synology allows your NAS to stay on the same IP address on your network. This reduces the headache of finding a new IP address for your NAS every time it reboots when you want to connect to it from your computer.

There are two different ways to obtain a static IP address from your router: through the NAS itself or using a DHCP reservation. This guide will show you how to install it via the NAS itself. DHCP reservations are set up through your router and will be the subject of a future study.

How To Configure Synology Nas

How To Configure Synology Nas

Static IP addresses are easy to set up, but can cause problems if the IP addresses you choose are not available on the network. There are two reasons why this might not be the case:

Synology OpenvpnĀ® Einrichtungsanleitung

To solve the first problem, you need to set your router not to assign an IP address. The way I do this is to set my router to assign addresses between and then set my IP address above Most routers allow you to set up your network this way, usually under “DHCP” in your router’s settings.

The second case may not cause a problem unless you decide to change your router’s subnet. This is especially a problem with mobile devices such as laptops, which will be connected to many different networks. If you decide to change the subnet of your network, turn on DHCP first.

To set a default IP address, first log in to DSM and open the control panel. In the control panel, select “Network” as shown below:

From network settings, go to the “Network interface” tab where you should see a list of your network interfaces. Select the interface to which you want to assign a static IP address. Press Edit.

Cannot Access The Synology Nas On The Lan Until I Press The Power Button On The Nas

You will then see a menu where you can change the connection tools. Select “Use manual configuration” and set the default IP address and configuration. If you’re not sure what your settings should be, DSM fills them in with the settings it used when contacting DHCP, so they should be correct. After entering the default IP address, select OK.

If you change the IP address, the DSM web server will restart and become unresponsive. You should go to the IP address you just created, where you will find your DSM screen. Note that this may take up to 5 minutes. You have now been assigned a static IP address.

Setting a static IP address on your Synology is a great way to ensure your NAS stays at the same address on your network! But they can easily become a headache if you let your router provide the address your NAS wants to take. Be sure to tell your router not to give out the IP address you want! I decided to buy another Synology NAS a long time ago. I really like the look and feel of the original DS416Play. So I repeated the purchase of another model. This time I went for the DS916 +.

How To Configure Synology Nas

This brand offers quality equipment at an affordable price for the home laboratory. My favorite feature of this model is the integration with various hypervisors including VMware VAAI, Windows Server, Citrix and OpenStack.

How To Connect Synology Nas To A Mac (map A Network Drive To Mac Os X)

The list of programs available for operating systems created by Disk Station Manager (DSM) is extensive and covers a range of activities including backup, collaboration, application servers, image calling and more.

This time I decided to take a few photos for a first look. The installation process is easy to follow as shown in the images below. After this article, the next step will show how to create an iSCSI LUN for use with VMware VAAI.

The Synology NAS installation will use a web browser. After the NAS gets an IP address, we can get the IPAddress on port 5000 to start the setup. We can also see more information on another page or click a link to get started.

As a first step the wizard will download the latest DSM including the latest updates. It is recommended that you enable Internet access during this time. Alternatively, it is possible to manually install the DSM operating system.

Installing On Synology Nas Manually

After repairing the drive DSM software will be installed and updated to the next release. The wizard takes about 10 minutes to complete. Actually this step is very quick. If the page refreshes, we can enter “admin” and leave the password blank.

Then we can determine when and how to run software updates. From my experience, changes are frequent. So I recommend using the last option. In any case, the DSM desktop widget and control panel status provide information when the update needs to be restarted.

QuickConnect is a very useful feature that allows you to connect to your Synology NAS from the Internet without creating port forwarding rules.

How To Configure Synology Nas

At this point we are ready to start configuring the drive. In my case, I will use 4 SSD drives of 1 TB each. Let’s select them all to create a disk group.

Setting Up Openvpn On Synology Diskstation

A message will alert us to existing content. Essentially, these are new discs, so let’s press OK to continue.

On this screen, we can select the RAID program that we will use. Available RAID types will be displayed based on the number of available drives. Since I will be doing more reading than writing on this NAS, I chose advanced RAID 5.

DSM will create the RAID 5 itself and map the disk group accordingly. Depending on the size of the RAID, it may take some time to complete.

In the next article, we will discuss ways to create iSCSI targets that are optimized for VMware VAAI.

Install Monocle Gateway On Synology Nas

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