How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

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How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step – Email or e-mail is an important part of your professional business communication. For your personal use or if you are a resident of the household; for business A free web-based email service might be enough, but if you’re running a large business like an e-commerce site. A separate mail server will be required.

There are many advantages to setting up an SMTP server on a Linux server. Here are some of the benefits you can get with a Linux mail server.

How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

There are different ways to configure the server and run it according to your needs. But Postfix has become one of the coolest open source mail transfer agents (MTAs) to set up and one of the most reliable.

Smtp Auth: Smtp Authentication

It can be deployed in single-user and multi-user environments with equal ease. It works incredibly well everywhere.

And in this article, we will show you how to set up a Postfix server in a Linux environment.

Note: For the purposes of this article, we will install Postfix on a CentOS server (version 7) and the domain used is You will need to substitute your specific domain (must be FQDN).

“Acronis is directly responsible for saving our company 1200 hours a year for IT operations staff in backup and recovery workflows.” CIO High performance IT company. Read the details in the Forrester report.

Setup Email Server On Ubuntu 20.04

That’s it! The installation will automatically start the Postfix daemon. Once the installation is complete, you can test this to make sure you can connect to your Postfix server with the command:

The Postfix mail server has an important configuration file /etc/postfix/ where all the details of the mail service are stored.

These are the sections of the configuration file you should focus on. And I have to say, there is not much to do. Below are the sections you need to configure:

How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

Myhostname: This parameter specifies the Internet hostname of this mail daemon. The default is to use a fully qualified domain name.

How To Test Sendmail From Command Line On Linux

Mydestination: This parameter specifies where the destination will be delivered by this device. Change localhost to the domain name using the local template provided by default on the server.

Mynetworks: This line is a bit dangerous. This entry will specify the authorized locations where mail can be forwarded. If you are thinking of adding your subnet here, the possibilities are part of your success.

The inet_interfaces parameter specifies the network interface addresses that receive mail. Normally, the software guarantees all active interfaces of the device. The parameters also control the sending of mails to [email protected][ip.address].

Now, Save and exit the vi editor. Then start/enable the mail service with the command to make it active after server restart.

Sending Mail Using Jenkins Plugin (linux Based)

Mail service installation is complete. Now it’s time to create and test a user.

As this is a Linux mail server, make sure you have a username that matches all the email addresses you need. You can create users with the command:

You can use the mail utils package to install what you need to send mails using the command.

How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

In addition, a multifunctional device that uses Office 365 and Exchange Online; SMTP Relay can be used to allow a printer or application to send emails. Also, Get different Microsoft Office 365 plans according to your needs, so you can run your business efficiently anywhere, anytime.

How To Run A Synology Email Server

“Before the implementation of Acronis; There is a huge risk that malware could wipe out our business. Now with Acronis I can say that we have done everything possible to protect our data from attacks. CIO A high performance manufacturing company. Read the details in the Forrester report.

Umesh, Team Leader – RHCE Technician, MCPS He is a Microsoft product expert with coveted certifications like MCSA and MCSE. An excellent team player, Leveraging more than 7 years of experience in the technology industry, he is an expert in handling technical issues in the areas of administration and systems management with exceptional value. In his free time he can be seen drawing or playing chess.

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How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

As someone who has been working with Microsoft Exchange for several years, it is difficult for me to find a good replacement for Exchange on Linux. I’ve gone through many different combinations on Linux and I think the one I’m going to write about today is worth a try.

How To Install And Configure Postfix As A Send Only Smtp Server On Debian 10

Please note that this is just a basic tutorial to get your email server up and running. Next, make sure to properly secure and configure your email server.

I won’t go through all the details required for a complete email server environment with this tutorial. I have plans for the future to explain all the more important details needed to install a web service. Here I will describe the email server setup process.

Wildcard certificate for your domain you want to use for email. We strongly recommend that you obtain an appropriate domain certificate for your domain; do not use automatic signature. A self-signed signature does not work well in email communications.

For this guide I will use the domain as an example; Although the screen shows another domain which I will (try to) cover. Because I don’t want to reveal the domain I’m preparing.

What Is Autoresponder How To Set It In Linux Dedicated Box?

I will run the following command to rename it on my Ubuntu 20.04 installation. The hostname is very important and it is a good practice to name the email server the same as the DNS MX record for the email server. My case would be the mail.

You will need to add two DNS records to your DNS console. The virtual machine that will host our email server has a public IP of (obviously this is not a real IP).

For your email server to function properly; You will need a reverse PTR record. Usually you are running a mail server on your VPS or hosted service. There is a section within the control panel that you can enter. If you have a public IP and are testing it locally. Your ISP may need to add one for you.

How To Configure Smtp Server In Linux Step By Step

If the signatures are not configured correctly, there can be many problems. You can go with Let’s Encrypt certificates or buy them. I bought my (wildcard certificate) from Sectigo and I need the settings below. You will always need the public and private part of the certificate for your domain; But sometimes you’ll need one more piece, and that’s the certificate chain from your CA (the company you get your certificates from).

Installation And Configuration Guide

Each ticket includes private and public. The public part has the extension .crt and the private part of the key has the extension .key.

Both public and private components can also have a .pem extension. All extensions listed will work with Postfix and Dovecot as long as you have valid certificates.

In addition to the private and public parts of the certificate you receive; You will need the chain certificate from your CA (Certificate Authority) to complete the “chain”. Sectigo (the certificate I bought) has a certificate package that you can download from their site just by google sectigo chain cert or intermediate cert.

(It can also be in .key format and it works. So if you name it ssl1pivate.key it works for Postfix)

How To Configure Php Mail()/smtp Authentication For Different Cms

Later in the configuration there is a Postfix configuration file where I need to configure these routes. You must import/copy your tickets for those routes.

For the Pigeon; In my case all three files will be needed.

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