How To Configure Kiwi Syslog Server On Windows

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Monitoring the system logs of your pfSense firewall is important to ensure it is working properly. You can easily view logs through the web interface, but the preferred way to monitor logs is through remote syslog.

How To Configure Kiwi Syslog Server On Windows

How To Configure Kiwi Syslog Server On Windows

Syslog is a standard logging protocol that allows logging messages to be sent over a network to a remote location in real time. This allows you to monitor your pfSense system from any location, making it easier to catch potential problems before they happen. Viewing remote logs is also very easy if you resolve issues with firewall rules.

Kiwi Syslog Server

One of my favorite things about monitoring pfSense with syslog is that I can monitor multiple pfSense routers from a single console.

In this article, I’ll show you how to configure pfSense to send undo logs to the Kiwi syslog server.

The Kiwi syslog server is a software package created by SolarWinds that receives and processes syslog messages sent from devices on the network. Kiwi is available in free and licensed versions. The free version never expires and can be used indefinitely, but it doesn’t have the same features as the paid version.

I like Kiwi because it is very easy to set up and has a lot of features for a free program.

Best Kiwi Log Viewer Alternatives

To get started with Kiwi, you need to download the installation package from the SolarWinds site. Once the download is complete, open the installer in the zip file.

To configure pfSense to send syslog messages, click the System Log item on the Status menu, and then click the Configuration tab.

Once you have configured the settings, click the save button. After the configuration is saved, pfSense will start sending syslog messages to the IP address you entered.

How To Configure Kiwi Syslog Server On Windows

All Syslog messages contain a timestamp and severity. Log messages are timestamped when they leave the host where they were created.

Using Evtsys.exe Forward Windows Event Logs To Kiwi Syslog Server

Severity fields can be used to create more alert events or apply different levels of highlighting to messages.

If you want to adjust the settings in Kiwi, click the FileSettings menu item. I like to enable DNS resolution so that Kiwi displays the hostname of the system that raised the event instead of the IP address. To do this, click DNS Resolution on the left, then enable the “IP Resolved” checkbox.

If you don’t see a message in the console, make sure you entered the correct IP address in the pfSense registry settings. Because syslog messages are sent over UDP, pfSense has no way of knowing whether the message was received by the destination.

If you still don’t see anything, try setting the event logging level to “All”. If the pfSense box is passing traffic, you should see some syslog messages from the firewall.

Kiwi Syslog로 로그 수집하기

By default, Windows Firewall will block syslog messages. To avoid this, you can disable the firewall or create a rule to allow UDP traffic on port 514.

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