How To Configure Iomega Nas

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How To Configure Iomega Nas – Iomega has announced the new StorCenter ix2 network storage for small and medium businesses for content sharing, data protection and video surveillance.

Emc, Inc., a specialist in data storage solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (Smes), has introduced the new Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage, two desktop network storage devices available in a variety of configurations and specially designed. Content sharing and data protection, such as cloud computing and video surveillance applications in small businesses, workgroups, remote offices, and distributed enterprises.

How To Configure Iomega Nas

How To Configure Iomega Nas

Based on EMC’s enterprise-grade storage technology, the new Iomega StorCenter ix2 provides up to 6TB of network storage for distributed or remote small and medium-sized businesses with PCs, Macs and Linux. The new StorCenter ix2 includes many advanced business features not typically available to smaller organizations, including out-of-the-box video surveillance capabilities for five camera installations per IP. Users can also choose cloud backup options from service providers such as Mozy, Amazon S3 and EMC Atmos-enabled cloud backup services, as well as Iomega’s revolutionary private cloud technology, with unmatched simplicity and versatility. pay the price

Nas Lenovo Emc Iomega Ix4 300d 4 Bay Diskless

“For small businesses, distributed enterprises and others, affordable network storage effectively balances ease of use with advanced features such as cloud computing, virtual desktop deployment and video surveillance,” said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega. The new StorCenter ix2. Our goal at Iomega is to bring the benefits and capabilities of network storage solutions with enterprise-class applications to small and medium-sized professional services and manufacturing companies, as well as distributed retail companies, banks and other vertical industries. The new StorCenter ix2 is a new type of network storage solution, packed with features and enterprise capabilities, and is the first of several advanced network storage solutions that Iomega will launch in 2012.

Iomega’s new StorCenter ix2 two-bay network storage device offers small businesses and others the flexible benefits of three different types: diskless drives, enabling channel users and partners to customize the device based on their storage needs and price preferences. Especially at a time when hard drives are scarce due to Thailand’s floods, the device is partially equipped with a disk drive (1Tb, 2TB or 3TB total storage capacity), which gives users the freedom to choose to increase their storage capacity over time. And it has a full array of two units (2Tb, 4TB or 6TB total storage capacity) for direct mirror RAID replication data protection and other multi-disk network storage capabilities.

The new Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage will be available worldwide in February in three configurations – partially preconfigured, fully preconfigured and diskless.

Designed for centralized storage and backup of enterprise files with a number of advanced options, the StorCenter ix2 two-drive compact appliance uses a CD-free setup process with software downloads that allow the unit to be installed in minutes. Accessible through a web interface that supports 17 languages, the Network Storage Appliance (Nas) StorCenter ix2 uses EMC’s famous LifeLine™ software, an operating environment fully developed from Linux, which integrates EMC’s choice of global storage technologies that are typically only widely used. . Customers.

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Depending on the configuration – partially or completely off-the-shelf – the StorCenter ix2 appliance offers a wide range of server functions and advanced data protection and business opportunities, including:

• Iomega Private Cloud, the most cost-effective way to protect, share and access your data anywhere in the world (requires an internet connection).

Video surveillance from inside or outside a facility is an absolute business necessity for many organizations today, whether they are standalone companies or distributed companies with multiple locations. Unlike the limitations of traditional DVR video surveillance methods, StorCenter ix2 brings us the advantages of low-cost network storage, always ready and accessible for low-cost camera installation.

How To Configure Iomega Nas

StorCenter ix2 supports up to five UPnP cameras (“Plug and Play” Universal) Axis Network, Bosch or Panasonic. IP security cameras can record and store video directly on the StorCenter ix2 without the need for a dedicated computer, allowing users to quickly record video surveillance and view the camera live.

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StorCenter ix2 encodes video in MPEG-4 format. Users can delete saved video files after a specified time or file size limit. StorCenter ix2 also integrates Axis Video Host System (Avhs, Video Hosting Service) for on-site or cloud-based video camera management and storage of surveillance content. Users also have access to MindTree’s SecureMind downloadable video service management software. .

VMware Infrastructure 3 supports NAS storage devices using the NFS protocol. Iomega StorCenter NAS devices can present NFS-exported shares to VMware ESX servers to create databases of virtual machines and virtual disks. The Iomega StorCenter NAS offers reliability, ease of use, and easy management features designed for the needs of small businesses.

NFS is an amazing choice for VMware ESX for many reasons. VMWare ESX Server over NFS supports advanced features such as VMotion, Distributed Resource Planning (DRS), High Availability (VMHA), and VMware Unified Backup (VCB). NFS provides a highly simplified management model that reduces cost and management complexity. VMware includes virtual machines in a small number of .vmdk files. NFS is an optimized file service that differs from the LUN level. The Iomega StorCenter NAS meets the storage requirements of VMware ESX servers and is NAS category certified on the VMware Hardware Compliance List (HCL). The StorCenter NAS appliance is a proven storage platform for small businesses looking to deploy VMware ESX servers.

Iomega released a white paper last month explaining how to configure your ix2 and ESX servers. Both of my ESX servers are now connected to real shared storage 🙂 Next week I will post a “Finding capacity” article. 18, 2012 at 9:00 am EST

Miscellaneous Factors And Final Words

Today, Iomega announced two new NAS models, one each in the ix and px series. Traditionally, manufacturers have focused their performance platform efforts on 4-bay and higher NAS systems. ARM-based systems make up the majority of the 2-bay supply. However, even at home, huge amounts of data are generated every day (thanks to high-definition videos and photos, as well as movie backups and DVR recordings). This opens up a market segment for 4-bay value propositions. Distributed SMB (small and medium-sized business) entities have in turn prioritized performance and created small high-performance NAS systems.

To keep up with the performance market, Iomega has released a 2-bay model based on the Intel Atom px2-300d. The platform is based on the 1.8 GHz D525. Equipped with 2 GB of DDR3 memory, the unit supports hot-swappable hard drives as well as audio encryption. The unit also has two GbE ports and a local version of McAfee Enterprise (via local scanning). A 3-year subscription to Virus Definition is included. Prices range from $500 for a diskless configuration to $1,200 for a 2 x 3TB configuration. It’s important to note that the drives shipped with the px2-300d are enterprise/server grade.

The Ix4-300d is equally interesting as it is the first Marvel ARMADA XP-based NAS system delivered to customers. All of the latest Marvel-based upgrades we’ve seen from other manufacturers are based on the Kirkwood MV628x platform. The Ix4-300d is based on a dual-core 1.3 GHz Marvell SoC (the MV78230 is a likely candidate, though Iomega hasn’t confirmed the exact part number). The unit also features dual GbE (something we rarely see in this price segment) and 512 MB of DDR3 memory. Unlike other 4-bay ARM-based NAS systems like the Netgear NV+ v2, this model does not have hot-swappable capabilities. Adding or replacing disks requires a power cycle. Prices range from $600 for a diskless configuration to $1,300 for a 4 x 3TB configuration.

How To Configure Iomega Nas

Both of the new NAS systems run Iomega LifeLine OS. The latest version of LifeLine OS has moved the RAID file system from EXT3 to EXT4. Iomega states that this results in higher performance. The new version also improves Active Directory support and adds MySQL server support as well as video monitoring. Additional apps are available for this system. The OS also allows for seamless cloud disaster recovery between two StorCenter units in different locations. The Iomega Link iOS/Android app allows mobile devices to access the NAS. These units are also DLNA certified.

Iomega Storcenter Ix2 Dl

We’re very excited about the Marvel ARMADA XP-based 4-bay system (ix4-300d). As Synology threw its weight behind Freescale this year, it was a value-based competition between silicon vendors

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