How To Configure Email Server

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How To Configure Email Server – Hi, Can anyone help me setup my email gateway in OpenERP version 7 so that I can send notification to specific employee about his work. Thanks in advance.,

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How To Configure Email Server

How To Configure Email Server

Hi Arya, I doubt it. I am working on email setup in open 7 with my client’s domain. I can’t configure its domain with OpenERP. Enter its server name in the Server Name field. What? should I add if I select IMAP server as server type? Or use pop to Please let me know if I am in the right direction? Or any other process to do this..

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The answer given above is absolutely correct. But how to configure email servers for different users with different email id and password.

For [gmail] incoming port server, you can choose IMAP (port 993) or POP (port 995) protocol – summarized here.

OpenERP users can receive unread messages in the inbox only if they provide their email address and password in the configuration and appear in the message section. As I read, OpenERP fetches every 5 minutes, but you can click fetch now to force fetch.

BTW, I’m using a google apps email server, but I’m using a custom domain, so my email looks like this: [email protected] but it’s still being used by Gmail.

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With the outgoing email system, even if I configure all emails from multiple users, emails are always sent from the first configured [outgoing] email address.

All emails in my inbox are from [email protected] I also don’t know how to change the “from” address. Fabian’s suggestion of setting up a local server will work.

Thanks for your reply sir, however, I’m a bit confused about the port setting, is 993 the default setting? 🙂 Thanks again,

How To Configure Email Server

The best practice is to use a local server instead of POP or IMAP in the checkbox. Provides a script to use on your email server. That way, all email aliases will work automatically.

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@jheszica: Use port 993 only if you select IMAP protocol for “Server Type”, and I have updated my answer 🙂

@fabien Wow, thanks for the tip, I’ll try the local mail server. The only answer to this question seems to be “local mail server”: a -message- because-always-the-same-email/ . Is my assumption correct?

You can configure the mail gateway of any service provider, for example, if you use Gmail, you would like to configure it like this, â¢Gmail SMTP Server Address: â¢Gmail SMTP Username: Your full Gmail address (eg [email protected] .com) com) â¢Gmail SMTP Password: Your Gmail Password â¢Gmail SMTP Port: 465 â¢Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL Required: Yes Other mail options are available.

Thanks for your feedback, now I can send emails using ERP. I am still exploring ERP and it is helping me a lot. 🙂

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But can you help me with the configuration of incoming mail servers? I don’t know how to create it. Thanks again in advance

This worked for me. But I still don’t understand why some messages are sent and others are not.

Q: I want users to receive emails about all notifications from their inbox. I changed the option to “Incoming emails and discussions” but the user doesn’t get new messages?

How To Configure Email Server

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