How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

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How To Charge Customers For Text Messages – People don’t want to give money back for various reasons. However, a miscalculated fee collection approach can cause significant strain that can strain social and business relationships.

Therefore, the most innocuous approach is often the best way to remind people of their dues. After all, it is entirely possible for someone to get overwhelmed with work or everyday life and forget to send a payment. Trying to be nice to them first can increase the success rate.

How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

That’s why sending payment reminder text messages is so powerful. This is a non-binding method and serves as a basic reminder. And since almost everyone checks their phone multiple times a day, it can be expected to be very effective.

Mobile Push Notifications

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Remember that each payment reminder SMS message can be easily automated and customized for different strategies.

It’s important to send scheduled payment reminder text messages before things get heated. According to healthcare research and other SMS marketing statistics, sending scheduled reminders for appointments increases attendance. The same goes for payments.

Sending a prepayment reminder can increase collection rates and reduce customer support. Instead of sending dreaded payment reminders that can cause negative feelings, SMS messages can help resolve the problem before it gets worse.

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Soft payment reminders are the best course of action when a customer or individual misses a payment and is overdue.

Sending gentle text message payment reminders will get their attention and prompt them to pay the debt as soon as possible if they honestly forget.

If soft payment reminders don’t work, you may need to resort to strong language. Generally, one way to get someone’s attention is to warn them of an impending problem if the customer doesn’t pay.

How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

However, it should always be noted that there have been previous attempts at communication. There are two reasons for such references – legal (it is easier to argue that reasonable efforts were made to communicate in court) and polite.

Send Email/sms Reminders To Attendees Before The Event

People sometimes forget something several times in a row. Remaining polite allows you to maintain a positive relationship with those customers.

This is where it gets serious. These SMS messages are basically the last line of communication as companies inform their customers that they are taking legal action. They also provide a last chance to settle the dispute out of court.

No pleasure left. However, sending a final reminder is important because it will help in court and act as a last resort. Some people may fear legal action and not pay until it arrives.

Sometimes using templates or pre-written examples just won’t cut it. Creating your payment reminder text message may seem like the right thing to do. There are a few things to consider when building one:

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Following the SMS payment reminder format and using the examples above will almost always give you strong results. Back to all categories Dashboard automation Campaigns Lists and segments Subscribers Analytics Settings integration Chats Collect partners Setup and tracking help

Well, it’s about to get even better, as we’re excited to announce the latest options available for Automating Refills: Waive the monthly fee and upsell, both with a simple keyword.

If you enable the Skip payment option, in addition to an upcoming payment reminder, your customers will receive a textable keyword if they want to skip this month’s subscription payment. As for the product upgrade option – if activated, customers can purchase an additional product that you offer and this product will be added to their monthly subscription.

How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

Also, merchants will now be able to report any issues with payment automation that fail to complete a monthly subscription payment.

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Give your automation an appropriate name so you can track the results later. In this case, we called it a keyword stuffing test.

The next few steps are to configure the recipient, the time of the text messages and if you want to add a picture or GIF to make your SMS more attractive. We’re not going to focus on these right now, but if you need more information, check out our knowledgebase article.

After configuring the recipient, time, and appearance, the next step is to set up keyword actions. As we already mentioned, you have two options.

If you want to offer additional products that your customers can buy on a subscription basis, click the Product Promotion with Keyword Action box and select the product you want to upsell from your inventory.

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After selecting the item you want to sell, a text box will appear where you can configure the keyword trigger text. This is additional text that will be added to your automatic upcoming payment reminder, so be careful with the word count.

Important: This is an indicator keyword, so you cannot replace the shortcode, allowing the upsell to happen if the customer sends it back.

You can also make changes to the sample success message that will be sent if the customer makes an additional purchase by texting the keyword to your number.

How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

This SMS should be clear and inform the customer that their monthly subscription has just been renewed. We recommend that you at least include your store name so that the customer knows where the SMS is coming from. You can include their first or last name to make it more personal.

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If you want to give your customers the option to skip the monthly delivery, check the Skip payment by keyword box. Your customers will appreciate you giving them this option, especially if they haven’t used all of the products from their previous deliveries. This will allow them to transfer a month of their subscription without cancelling.

Again, you’ll be given two new text fields where you can configure additional exception text and a success text message. The second is sent only if the client responds with a keyword. This is to let them know that they have successfully “paused” their subscription for the month and let them know when their next payment will be.

Important: Do not try to change the shortcode, as this is a keyword that indicates the customer wants to skip this month’s delivery.

To complete your upcoming payment auto-notification, swipe to the text message field, where you can make any adjustments to the SMS to match your brand voice. You have a power meter to help you with this.

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After configuring the content of your text, you can send a test message to yourself or your colleagues. This will help you catch any errors before sending the SMS.

Everything is OK? If you’re happy with your message, go ahead and click save, and your automation will start.

Failed Charge Automation allows merchants to be notified when there is a problem with a subscription payment so they can quickly resolve it and receive a monthly delivery.

How To Charge Customers For Text Messages

Next, you need to specify the recipient of your text message, which in this case will be the customer. Next, you need to configure whether you want to send your message with a delay. We recommend leaving this option off.

Updates To Your Client Text Messages

You can also add an image or GIF to make your SMS look better, so there’s no chance your customer won’t open it.

Enhance the content of SMS with the help of available shortcodes in the style of text message field. Please note that the standard text message we have prepared contains shortcodes that provide important information:

We recommend including this information in SMS to make it more user-friendly and to ensure quick resolution. You can edit the rest of the text as much as you like. Don’t forget to give your customers the option to opt out of receiving notifications from you by checking the Add STOPXXXX to select box.

When you create a text message, click save and your failed payment automation will be activated and ready to send.

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