How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

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How To Change Site Name On Squarespace – Squarespace makes updating pages very easy, and anyone can make changes regardless of their technical knowledge.

The challenge is when you want to make edits to a live page, but you’re not ready to make those changes public.

How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

For example, if you’re rebuilding a product page for a version 2.0 product launch, but the launch isn’t in another week, you don’t want to put that new product on your site.

How To Change Your Site Title In Squarespace 7.1 // Squarespace 7.1 Tutorial —

You can create a new page on Squarespace and link to it, right? But then you need to set up a 301 redirect so that anyone who went to ProductABC before goes to ProductABC-2. What about SEO? Doesn’t that make me start over?

Don’t burn the midnight oil the night before a big release to get a fresh start. I promise you will make mistakes and want to make changes even after your release.

Let’s say you have this Women in History page and you want to keep the same URL, but you want a new page.

Copy the page you want to use as a starting point – or create a new page and start from scratch.

Squarespace Css: How To Target Specific Pages, Sections, Or Blocks On Your Site

Add -new to the end of your URL. Using the same example above, the page URL would be /women-in-tech-history-new.

Change the page title to New Women in History to make it easier to see in page lists.

You can select Enable to disable the page or go to SEO Settings and select Hide page from search results. Make sure to turn them on later.

How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

Go to your current/women in tech story settings and uncheck enable so the page won’t activate.

How Do I Change My Squarespace Template Without Ruining Seo?

Check to make sure that clicking the link takes you to the new page. It may take a few minutes to work and you may need to clear your cache.

I also want to take all my old pages and move them into a single folder. I prefer not to delete anything if I want something from the old content.

If you’re concerned about SEO issues like these when making edits to your site, consider purchasing My Site Rescue. I update pages like this and clean up dozens of other issues that plague Squarespace sites. If you’ve tried recovering your Squarespace account and still can’t access it, we’re here to help. Provide as much information as you can, but if you are unsure of specific details, make your best guess.

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Connecting A Domain To Your Squarespace Site

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How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

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Easy Squarespace Css Codes To Uplevel Your Squarespace 7.1 Website

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How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

Squarespace 5, our legacy platform, does not allow editing permissions. However, we may cancel or remove the Site.

Viewing Your Site’s Change Log

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The site name is the name of your site, it can be your own name, company name, blog name or your personal brand. The site title usually appears in the header or top corner of every page on your site. You can replace it with a logo.

The site name may appear in browser tabs, search engine results, and social shares depending on the SEO title format.

How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

Your site name will appear on every page of your site. How you change the position or design of the site title depends on the version of the site.

Squarespace Websites Uploader

The default position and options for moving the site title vary by template. To learn more, visit the site title and logo display.

Squarespace doesn’t have a built-in option to redirect a site’s title to a page other than its home page. However, you can do this by adding custom code. To learn more, visit this Squarespace Forum post. Keep in mind that custom code modifications are out of our scope. This means we cannot help you configure or troubleshoot code-based solutions.

Avoid using square brackets around title text such as my . Angle brackets used in this way can make parts of the title invisible or cause other problems because text enclosed in angle brackets is processed as code.

Define your SEO title format and choose the title for your homepage that will display in browser tabs, search engine results, and social shares. To separate it from your site title, remove it

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For a personal touch, you may want to use a logo image instead of a text-only title. When you upload a logo, it will appear in the same position as the site title. It will also direct you to your homepage when clicked.

Even when using a logo, we recommend keeping the text in the site title field. This creates the alt text for the logo. Depending on the SEO title format it may appear in browser tabs, search engine results, and social shares.

In version 7.0, some templates display the site name on mobile devices or small screens even when you upload a logo image. For a complete list of these characteristics, visit the site title and logo display.

How To Change Site Name On Squarespace

Your website title plays an important role in representing your website to potential visitors in search engine results. If your site name is appearing incorrectly on Google:

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