How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

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How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone – In this tutorial, we will show you 3 ways to delete duplicate photos and videos from your iPhone library. This will remove clutter and help save space on your iPhone and iCloud account

Duplicating photos and videos on iPhone unnecessarily takes up extra storage space Additionally, scrolling through the Photos app is beyond boring

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

In most cases, burst photography, HDR images, taking screenshots, chat apps saving the same image twice and a device syncing the same photo multiple times from the computer are some of the main reasons for creating duplicate images on your iPhone and iPad. .

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Fortunately for iOS, the Photos app in iOS 16 has a built-in option that scans your pictures and videos for duplicates. From there you can combine them to get only one good version and remove other copies Additionally, you can also use third-party apps to delete duplicate images at once

3) You will see duplicate images in your photo library Tap Merge next to the photo and confirm Your iPhone will keep the best version of the images and move the second copy to the Recently Deleted folder.

4) If you want to merge all duplicate photos, tap Select > Select All > Merge (number) and it will get rid of all duplicates at once.

After following the above steps, the following set of duplicate images will be moved to the recently deleted section From there, they will automatically be permanently deleted within 30 days Alternatively, you can now clear photos by going to Recently Deleted

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You won’t see duplicate albums if you don’t have duplicate pictures and videos, or if your iPhone hasn’t finished indexing your photos for duplicates.

1) Open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap Recents If you know duplicate photos in a particular album like WhatsApp, go to that album. You can also scroll and tap a section like Screenshot, Selfie, Burst under Media Types. Generally, people take many similar selfies and bursts

If you can’t delete some photos, it’s because they were synced to your iPhone from a Mac or PC. Here’s what to do if you can’t delete photos on iPhone

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

When you have a huge image library, manually selecting and deleting duplicate photos can be a challenge In these situations you can use third-party apps to find and delete the exact or similar images

How To Merge And Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone [ios 16]

For this tutorial, we’ll use Remo Duplicate Photo Remover because it’s free to use and works even when your iPhone is in Airplane mode. This provides peace of mind as the duplicate photo removal operation can be performed locally on your device without any data exchange from the web server.

Remo Duplicate Photo Remover allows you to delete all exact duplicates and view identical photos. The app works well, although its layout looks dated

1) Open Remo Duplicate Photo Remover and allow it to access your photos You may need to wait a few seconds or close and reopen to continue

3) After the app has scanned all your copies, you will see an alert informing you about the exact copies of the images on your iPhone and the size they contain. Tap OK

How To Delete Duplicate Photos With Ios 16

4) Under the Advanced tab, tap on the photo and then the Trash can icon to delete it. You can tap the three dots icon and select all It will automatically check all copies (except their single copy).

6) After that, tap on the same tab to delete photos that are not duplicate files but look similar Remember to manually review images before deleting them

So you can effortlessly remove tons of duplicate images from iPhone photos If you think you deleted a picture by mistake, go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Recover.

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

IOS 17 will have some new features, but not flagships as the focus is on bug fixing.

Use These Tips To Clean And Organize All Your Photos

Install iOS 15.7.4, iPadOS 15.7.4, macOS Big Sur 11.7.5, and macOS Monterey 12.6.4 on your old device to fix the vulnerability.

Everything is new in iOS 16.4: new emoji, page scrolling, web notifications, AOD focus filter, new shortcut actions, etc. iOS 16 comes with a lot of love for Apple’s Photos app, and one of the useful new additions is the built-in duplicate viewfinder. Here’s how to use the new feature to delete duplicate iPhone photos all at once or in large batches.

With the ease of taking super high-quality pictures with the iPhone, it’s easy to let our photo library pile up with tons of shots, which can include a large amount of duplicate photos.

Until now, the best solution has been to use a third-party app to try to suppress duplication, but this can be a tedious process with paid apps or apps that can’t be claimed.

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Now with iOS 16, Apple offers a built-in tool to find and delete duplicate iPhone photos that is very easy to use.

“Mixing combines relevant information such as captions, keywords and favorites into a single photo of the highest quality. Albums containing mixed copies with mixed photos have been updated “

Apple also mentions that discarded copies will appear in recently deleted albums if you want to check what’s in the trash or restore any recordings.

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

In our time using the new feature, it works very well On that note, it seems less aggressive than third-party apps in recommending deletion of duplicates—which probably has something to do with accuracy.

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For those of you who don’t see this option If you just updated to iOS 16, you won’t see anything iPhone searches for duplicates while charging Wait 1 or 2 days and you will see an option if there is duplicate

If you choose to merge/delete duplicates found by iOS 16, tap the Merge button to the right of Approve, then tap “Merge X Duplicates”.

One nice aspect of the feature is that each photo includes a size in the lower right corner, so you can quickly see how much space you’re saving.

See below how to tap on duplicates Swipe left or right to see other copies in the match When viewing duplicates, there is also a “Merge” button in the upper right corner

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The fastest way to delete fake iPhone photos is to use the Select button in the upper right corner, then you can select all or tap/drag to select the ones you want to remove.

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An editor for Michael Since joining in 2016, he has written over 3000 articles including breaking news, reviews and detailed comparisons and tutorials. We sometimes save multiple images of the same thing or scene But how do we sort and delete them? Well, we will discuss in this article With the launch of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple added a new tool to remove duplicates in the Photos app; Allows you to delete all duplicates from one or more photo albums

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

While the images stored on your Apple device are important, some of them (especially duplicates) are unnecessary and not worth keeping. Thanks to the Shortcuts app and the (newly updated) Photos app, you can easily get rid of fake photos on your Apple device.

Merge Duplicate Photos On Iphone » Sir Apfelot

Note: The function searches for image names or metadata It compares it to all your pictures, so it won’t be able to tell the difference between pictures taken at the same time, locations or showing similar objects. But it helps to delete duplicate photos created by mistake or due to sharing on apps like WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

IOS software updates in particular come with many new features, especially for the Photos app In addition to deleting duplicate photos, you can now edit multiple photos at once, lock your hidden and deleted albums.

Although iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 have time for public release, if you don’t want to go the iOS 16 beta route, you can try the Siri Shortcuts method mentioned below.

If you are using macOS Ventura, follow the next set of steps However, if you are using macOS Monterey or earlier, skip to the next section

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone In Ios 16

The merge action will keep the best quality images and delete duplicates, while the delete all will just delete them and move them to the trash.

If your picture folder is not synced or stored in the Photos app, you can import them to take advantage of this feature.

You can use other software to remove duplicates

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Photos On Iphone

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