Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration

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Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration – Migrating from Microsoft 365 (Office 365) to G Suite requires a few clicks. Here are some pointers to make your migration easier.

The recently renamed Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and G Suite (Google Apps) are SaaS platforms. However, while both work toward the common goal of improving business productivity—each has a different approach in terms of application design, workflow, and cloud infrastructure. So, migrating from Microsoft 365 to G Suite is not just a click away. Guidelines to ease the migration from Office 365 to G Suite.

Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration

Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration

Why move from Microsoft 365 (Office 365) to G Suite? Realize the positive and plan for the negative

Migrating From Google Workspace To Microsoft 365

Enhanced mobility: Microsoft 365 is built with a wealth of desktop-based applications. G Suite is always mobile-first and cloud-first. That spirit still permeates. The browser version of G Suite works faster, even with a slow network connection or device capacity. Starting with the cheapest plan, you can deploy mobile devices from the G Suite Admin console. Only Microsoft 365 Business Premium users can do this. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be difficult to erase data from it.

Reduced administrative burden: G Suite excels by offering a very simple and intuitive interface. Microsoft 365 may require the skills of an IT administrator to troubleshoot and configure. This means more requests from users to administrators.

Simple Pricing: Known for its simplicity, Google extends it to pricing with just three plans to choose from. Microsoft has so many options that you may wonder if you’ve made the right choice. G Suite Business also includes unlimited storage, while Microsoft has a 1TB limit.

Lack of familiarity: Having said that, Office 365 nurtures businesses from an early age, and losing that familiar environment requires manual handling.

Migrate Microsoft 365 Exchange In Place Archives To Gmail / Google Workspace

Reduced features: Microsoft 365 has several apps, some of which have nothing in common with G Suite. In some cases, third-party tools may need to fill in the gaps.

To be honest, migration comes with a lot of confusion and stress. Eliminate issues through stakeholder support, communication and training.

You have the people and processes in place – now you need to complete the tools. G Suite offers a data migration service that takes care of your email, calendar, and contacts.

Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration

For other services, like OneDrive, you’ll need to do most of the exporting and importing manually, as the data migration service doesn’t offer seamless. Sample steps to migrate your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) data:

Google Drive To Office 365 Migration: 2 Quick Ways In 2022

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) requires you to create a “migration” user: an account with extended rights, but no real person behind it. This user will transfer data to G Suite.

Go to your Exchange admin center, select Permissions, then the Administrator role, and click + to add a new one.

Name it, then add two roles: ApplicationImpersonation and ViewOnly-Configuration. Save this role and go to the User Roles section to add the user.

Manually create target users in G Suite or upload a .CSV file with user data. A form is provided in your Admin console. Mailboxes, calendars, and contacts must be moved separately. The procedure follows the same pattern for all three.

Migrate From Google Workspace To Office 365

Let’s start with email – select an email. Fill in some fields, such as Microsoft Exchange 365 as the migration source and then the connection protocol, which may remain autoselected (recommended). Finally, put your domain in the URL field and the migration user’s email in the role account field.

Next, configure when you want to receive information and whether you need something specific, such as deleted and junk emails.

SaaS data loss isn’t just a possibility, it’s a possibility. Neither Office 365 nor G Suite offers a foolproof way to recover data lost due to human error, malware, synchronization errors, and/or malicious intent. Read our free eBook on why businesses need SaaS backup.

Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration

Data loss during migration adds stress to an already stressful event. Migrating Office 365 to G Suite is a multi-step process. This increases the possibility of data loss. Provide migration with a disaster recovery plan and a reliable third-party backup solution. Having a secure backup and recovery solution that supports G Suite and Office 365 will not only reduce the risk of your SaaS data loss. As an administrator with your hands full, you can certainly work without the stress of data loss, which is only possible with a robust backup solution.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Our Office 365 and G Suite backup solutions keep you safe with automatic backups and easy anytime restores. So your migration is completely protected from data loss. And after the migration is successful, you may still need it. With Gmail, you only have 30 days of access to messages you accidentally delete.

For ISPs or migration partners, a data breach can result in significant costs for your customers – see our downtime calculator to understand the implications. Reduce customer data loss costs and grow your business with our Partner Program.

Follow these 5 HIPAA-compliant cloud backup checks to avoid non-compliance issues and recover from healthcare breaches ASAP.

Take a deep dive into SharePoint Online, the benefits and differences, including online, on-premise, Plan 1 vs Plan 2, and metrics for increasing usage.

Key Business Considerations When Planning Your Microsoft Office 365 Migration Strategy [infographic]

Dropbox protects your important business data, which can be lost due to ransomware, malware, and the occasional bug. 4 Ways to Protect Your Dropbox Data As many organizations migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, you may wonder if Microsoft 365 is better than Google Workspace. How do you migrate to Microsoft 365? We’ll walk you through the M365 migration database and share helpful tips to help you plan and execute your migration.

Although the decision to migrate is often made at the highest levels of the organization, it is a difficult task for the IT team. Our team at PSM has helped many organizations successfully migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 through a comprehensive process described in this blog post.

Want to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365? Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offering a variety of features and functionality. Ease of scalability, security, reliability, and efficiency are just a few reasons why organizations are switching from Google Workspace to M365. Some of the benefits of M365 are:

Google Workspace To Microsoft 365 Migration

As with all migration projects, planning is critical, and it starts with a health check of the source environment and inventory. Understanding whether your organization uses Google Workspace will help you formulate your migration policy. In most cases, organizations want to “load and modify” their data to prevent loss. Some organizations will decide to migrate their most important data, such as email and cloud file storage, allowing them to build their new solutions from the ground up to suit their needs. Both approaches present different challenges. There is a risk of loss of accuracy due to differences in the data processing of each platform. Knowing and understanding the differences will help you determine the right approach for your organization. In turn, this will increase your migration success rate and help you communicate/set expectations with your end user base.

Migration Discovery And Scoping — Voleer

Along with planning and inventorying your migration resources, planning your Microsoft 365 tenant deployment is a key factor in creating a successful migration outcome. Microsoft offers email and collaboration, identity and data security, data loss prevention, end-to-end management, and more. offers various features and capabilities in areas such as A good foundation in all of these areas will allow for data migration and user transitions.

The migration between Google and Microsoft’s production suites will affect more, if not the entire organization. Business workflows, collaboration, data structures, compliance, etc. think about Knowing how the migration affects business units and how your organization reacts to the changes will lead to the adoption of the new platform.

Our advice here is to take as much time as possible to review and plan your migration. There is a saying, “Measure seven times, cut once.” Understand your migration project data, business impact of migration, source platform, destination platform and their limitations. Create deployment and testing manuals, test scripts, and rollback plans for each phase of the migration.

Microsoft provides a set of native tools to support migration from various sources to its platform; However, many organizations consider using a third-party tool like BitTitan or SkyKick as their tool of choice. Choosing the right migration tool to match your organization’s migration goals will have a significant impact on the outcome of your migration. Your selection criteria should address a variety of factors:

Methods To Migrate G Suite To Office 365 (microsoft 365)

Using a third-party tool to deport you comes at a cost. With so many licensing options available, it’s important to choose the right one that will benefit your organization the most. Many third-party tools are complicated

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