Golang Gmail Api Send Email

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Golang Gmail Api Send Email – As a Go developer, you often work deep in the backend. When it comes to sending email notifications, sending HTML coded to users via SMTP can feel very foreign. Sticking with only in-app notifications may be tempting, but it’s not ideal for user retention.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to three different ways to send email with Golang: directly using the core SMTP package or GoMail, API requests to third-party mail services such as Amazon SES or Mailgun, and using outbound messaging channels many. services. like

Golang Gmail Api Send Email

Golang Gmail Api Send Email

If you receive personal information (such as contact information) from users on your platform, the data must be cleaned before it can be used. To help prevent malicious attacks on your application, you’ll want to remove HTML elements, slashes, and tags. You want to do this cleanup on the trusted system (your backend) rather than the frontend UI, as such frontend checks can be disabled by malicious actors.

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The email notification you plan to send will determine whether you want HTML or plain text. It supports emails including HTML, media, external links, branding, layout and style. A major drawback of HTML emails is that they can end up in your users’ spam boxes. Or worse, their style can be removed by antivirus software. Also, HTML emails are more prone to phishing or malware attacks than plain text emails.

Plain text is just what it says: just words on a page. And sometimes, all you need is plain text to get your message across. This email form is often used for correspondence (such as when your sales team has a follow-up conversation with a potential customer). There are some important advantages: Plain text emails load quickly and open easily on every type of device.

If you want to share pictures or documents (or anything else), you need to attach them to your email using a third-party package like Gomail:

You may receive a third section of the email, delaying the submission of the work. This is not a marketing email: it is not the same information for every user. This update is being sent to many users due to a delay in a task or background process. An example might be a two-week warning that a user’s password is about to expire. These are usually the tricks to get right because one email works best for testing. However, attempts to send hundreds of emails often fail due to bandwidth limitations by email servers. It acts as a citation layer to your email service and can make these challenges easier.

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Using the Golang SMTP package, you can configure your backend service to send email using any SMTP server you want.

Before you begin, you’ll need a Google account and you’ll need to enable access to less secure apps. You’ll also need a password if you’ve turned on two-step verification. Of course, this is not a good way to run in production. Even in your tests, you set local variables to these values ​​and load them

In the code below, the “plain auth” function takes four arguments: identity, username, password, and host. The ID must be left in the empty string.

Golang Gmail Api Send Email

Package main import “net/smtp” func main() host := “smtp.gmail.com” port := “587” address := host + “:” + port subject := “Subject: This subject is an emailn ” body := “This is the body of the mail” message := []byte(subject + body) auth := smtp.PlainAuth(“”, from, password, host) error := smtp.SendMail( address, auth , from , that , message ) if error != null }

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The message value is just plain text, but an SMTP packet can include HTML body code. Note that both

The SMTP package is perfect if you want to send basic emails that don’t require a lot of configuration.

The default SMTP package may be limited. For example, you cannot add attachments to your email. GoMail offers many functions such as HTML templates, embedded images and automatic encoding. To use Gomail, you’ll need Go 1.2 or newer. You can install it using the following command:

Because you are using a third-party package, the “Attach” function attaches external files to the email. The “NewDialer” and “DialAndSend” functions open an SMTP server connection and send an email.

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Third-party email API services such as SendGrid, Mailgun, and Amazon Simple Email Service have dedicated platforms that allow you to send multiple emails efficiently.

Using an SMTP server, you can send emails by schedule. However, third-party API servers that allow you to send thousands of emails per day are scalable, powerful, and offer back-end analytics. In most cases, after signing up for an account, you’ll have the choice of using Web API or SMTP.

Amazon – Simple Email Service (SES) Amazon’s Simple Email Service helps you send emails at a low price. The worst part is that AWS and SES in general are for people who use them all the time. Despite being “easy” in the name, in time you will find that you really need to be an SES expert to use it without problems.

Golang Gmail Api Send Email

With the free tier of Amazon SES, you can send up to 62,000 emails per month, depending on where your app is hosted.

How To Send Emails In Golang

To get started with Amazon SES and integrate with Go, first sign up to add and verify your domain and email. If you want to use SMTP, retrieve your information and change it to Gomail in your Golang application.

You also have the option of using the Amazon SES console or the [Amazon SES API](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/examples-send-using-sdk.html0). Consider using Amazon SES if you need a cheap platform or if you host your web application on AWS.

Mailgun Mailgun is another third-party service that helps you send automated emails. Its biggest strength is its ability to provide in-depth analysis compared to Amazon SES. It also includes an email verification service that helps you remove invalid email addresses and reduce bounce rates.

Mailgun isn’t as cheap as Amazon SES, but it’s easy to get started and well documented.

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Note: It is important to send test emails for any email service so that you know if your emails are landing in spam, ads or inbox folders.

Sometimes you may want to send notifications through various channels including email, push notifications and SMS. A multi-channel notification system is designed to do just that.

There is a multi-channel notification system that can help you easily design and send notifications. With a single API, you can send notifications using multiple languages.

Golang Gmail Api Send Email

To integrate with Go, create an account and complete the onboarding process, which will help you create and send your first notification.

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Select Designer from the left menu and select the ‘Create Notification’ button. Once you’ve created a topic you can edit it.

Next, you need to add the notification channel that you want to use with this notification. You can start with one channel like email and add others later. For example, to send a message through Gmail, you can click Gmail to sign in and start sending emails. To send an SMS, you can add your Twilio authentication token.

After you have selected at least one channel, you can start adding content to your notifications using content blocks. Types of content blocks include text, images, buttons, and other options. You can also include dynamic variables, which can be filled in on export using single curly braces.

Once you’ve created content in one channel, simply open another and grab the blocks you’ve already created in the content library. The content prevents dynamic adjustment to match the technical specifications of each channel. You can use the toolbar to add new, reusable blocks to any channel.

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To test notifications, you need to create a user test profile. Clicking on “Preview” will direct you to create a new test profile. If your user is stored in the user management interface, you can directly refer to the user’s identity or list_id to refer to a predefined list of multiple users.

If we added the user profile and data to the test event the preview looks like this:

You can test sending the notification in the UI and check the datalog to make sure it is sent successfully.

Golang Gmail Api Send Email

With the Go SDK, you can send notifications directly from your application code. Our Notification API allows you to send notifications via POST requests, making it even easier without an SDK to handle requests directly.

How To Send E Mail Using Golang

Package main import ( “context” “log” “github.com/try/-go/v2” ) func main() , “template”: “”, }, }, ) if error != null log. println(requestID)}

And your authentication token. To find your authentication token, navigate to the API key under your settings, as shown in the screenshot below:

Check which location you are posting to (top right of Studio). If you are in a production environment, use the production key first. If you are in the checkpoint, use the checkpoint.

If you encounter an error, checking the data list will give you more context to determine how to fix it. Check the Send API Reference to learn about more parameters.

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