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Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook – If you set up your Domain with GoDaddy and want to forward emails to Acquire, there may be some configuration involved. But don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the steps to reply to emails in Acquire without having to switch between inboxes.

When you buy a domain from GoDaddy, you also buy email. GoDaddy offers Microsoft 365 email accounts with Outlook. If you don’t have an email account, follow the steps below to set up and connect your email account to Akiri.

Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook

Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook

Step 1: After logging in to GoDaddy’s home page, click the drop-down menu next to your username and select “My Products”.

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Step 2: Then scroll down to Mail and Office. The domain you purchased through GoDaddy comes with an email plan.

Step 3: Click “Configure” next to the corresponding domain or “Manage all” to manage all your domains. Note: If you have problems with this step, such as a 400 error, try deleting your cookies and saved images and files or use a different browser.

If you selected ‘Manage all’, you will then be asked to select the domain for your new email. Select the domain and press ‘Continue’.

It may take some time to set up your email. Wait for a confirmation email from GoDaddy to continue.

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Once your account is set up, you will be asked to complete the setup check. Go through the checklist. You can choose to skip the steps, but we recommend sending an email to test if your email was delivered correctly.

As you complete the setup check, you may be asked to sign in to your Office 365 account. Please note that the credentials may differ from your GoDaddy credentials.

Navigate to Outlook from Office 365, either through GoDaddy or by opening the Office 365 Home page and sign in with the credentials you used when you set up the account on GoDaddy. Click the Outlook icon in the left pane. This will take you to your Outlook inbox. There should be a welcome message from GoDaddy in your inbox.

Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook

If you sent a test email, you will see the email there as well. Link your GoDaddy account to get

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Step 1: After navigating back to the GoDaddy dashboard page, click the drop-down menu next to your username and select “My Products”.

Step 2: Scroll down to Mail and Office and click the drop-down button next to User Accounts. Copy the email address under “Microsoft 365 Email Essentials From GoDaddy.”

Step 3: Go to your Get instance and navigate to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup. Click “Connect inbox”.

If you want to test this inbox, make sure you’re in the same department as the person you’re assigning the inbox to. You can always change these settings later.

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Step 4: Name the new inbox, select the departments that will view the emails for this inbox, then select ‘Other email’. Then click ‘Next’.

Step 5: A popup window should appear with the forwarding address. Copy the forwarding address and click ‘Send Confirmation Email’.

Keep this forwarding address handy. You will use it in the next step. Forward your acquired email address to Outlook via GoDaddy

Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook

First, confirm that the check-back email was sent to your Outlook inbox by logging into Outlook and checking your inbox. Please note that the email may have ended up in your ‘Funk Email’ inbox.

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We will now use GoDaddy to forward email to your Outlook inbox. We recommend that you set up forwarding through GoDaddy and not Outlook.

Step 1: Go to your GoDaddy email and office dashboard. You can access this panel by logging into GoDaddy and clicking the drop-down menu next to your username and selecting “Products”. Scroll down to Mail & Office and click “Manage” next to the email address you set up.

Step 2: Select the user account associated with the inbox. Next, paste the forwarding email address you received from Acquire.

Make sure ‘Keep a copy of forwarded email’ is checked so that emails don’t get lost in transit. Then press ‘Save’.

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We will now verify that email is directed to the correct inboxes and that the DKIM records are present.

Go back to Get and navigate to Settings > Setup and Configuration > Email Setup. Click the three dots (“…”) next to the email address you just set up. Then click the drop-down menu next to the “Email not verified” label. You may also see a “DKIM is missing” warning. Select ‘Channel Info’.

In channel information you will see the two records for DKIM and Return-Path to add to your DNS.

Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook

These records will be used as soon as you log in to GoDaddy, so keep the window open or copy the information into a Word document.

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Go to the Domains section. You may need to scroll down. Click on the vertical ellipses (“⋮”) and select “Manage DNS”.

Paste your Return Path Host. Your Host should be the text for the domain name. In this example, the host is pm-bonces. We have removed everything except the subdomain.

The host must reference the Return Path Record. Make sure the dot (‘.’) is at the end of the record. In this example, the Return Route Record is

It may not be necessary to change the default TTL of 1 hour (time to live). Learn more about TTL in the Resources section at the end of this article.

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In ‘Host’ paste the Acquire DKIM Host. It should be all up to domain key. For example, 2021071406532pm._domain key. A dot is not necessary after the domain key.

We recommend that you wait half an hour to an hour for the installation process to distribute your emails before you start testing the configuration.

You should now be able to send emails to and from Acquire. Your emails should appear in both the Receive pane and your Outlook inbox.

Godaddy Email Server Settings Outlook

If you added the Acquire records and domain details after 24 hours and still have an unverified status next to your channel information in Acquire, please contact [email protected]

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