Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

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Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail – You can now send almost unlimited emails in Gmail. It works by connecting a third-party SMTP service such as SendGrid, Mailgun or Mailjet to your account.

First, you need an account. Then, you Connect your account to an external SMTP server. This will cause your email to be sent from that server and not from your Gmail account, although everything will look normal in your Gmail account. This means that every email message will still appear in your Sent Items folder, and you can still track replies, bounces, and everything that happens after you send your email campaign.

Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

Here is a list of the 10 most popular SMTP servers used by users. This does not include users assigned to our own internal SendGrid accounts.

Mail: Login To Failed

The SMTP server is the only server that sends emails. There are many well-known SMTP service providers, including SendGrid, JangoSMTP, Mailgun, Mailjet, and others. Prices for SMTP services range from a free plan that allows you to send a few hundred emails/day to $20 USD/month for thousands of emails/month. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages, and you are free to use the SMTP service of your choice.

In our tests, we found SendGrid and JangoSMTP to be the two SMTP services most compatible with , because their flexibility does not require domain-based verification to start sending emails through them. This is especially important if you connect your [email protected] account to an SMTP service.

Starting November 2020, you can easily set up your SMTP server in your account dashboard. You can use this direct link to the SMTP settings.

If you have problems with the dashboard, you can still set up your SMTP server the old fashioned way.

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If you set up your own SMTP service, here’s how to connect the SMTP service to your account. Note that if you are already approved to use the SMTP service, you will skip this step.

Configure your account to send through an external SMTP server instead of your Google account. The SendGrid credentials shown above are not real.

Will send a test email through the server to itself. If successful, the SMTP server will be set up for your account and you will now see the settings appear in the Settings box.

Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

To delete SMTP settings, set Subject to “delete” and press the button. To see the current SMTP settings in your account, set the Subject to “status” and press the button.

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You will be able to see an option in the Settings box that allows you to set, per campaign, whether emails should be routed through an SMTP server for unlimited delivery, or through a Google account, so you will be compliant. Gmail sending limits.

You can also quickly reference whether you’re sending your campaign through Gmail or a third-party SMTP server if you mess up the Actions settings.

Q: What happened here? How can I use an external SMTP server and send unlimited emails from my Gmail account?

A: You can only set up an SMTP account with popular providers like SendGrid, Mailgun, Mailjet or JangoSMTP. Then, you connect your SMTP account to your Gmail account. Finally, for each campaign sent with , you can choose to send the campaign via Gmail or via an SMTP server. If you send via Gmail, you will be limited by Gmail’s limitations, but if you send via SMTP server you can send almost unlimited emails.

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Q: I am very confused. I’d love to be able to send unlimited emails from my Gmail account, but I’m not very technical and don’t know anything about SMTP.

A: If you are sending low-volume non-commercial email campaigns, you can apply using your SendGrid account. If not, please contact your organization’s IT staff for further assistance. Setting up SMTP accounts and linking them can be done by an IT person with a basic knowledge of how email works.

Q: Doesn’t sending via SMTP service eliminate the advantage of sending “normally”, because it usually sends email via Google servers, which are the top email servers in the world?

Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

A: Theoretically, your delivery may be lower if you switch from sending via Gmail to sending via an SMTP server. However, in our tests with several hundred users, we have not seen a real difference in delivery, as measured by open and click rates. You should monitor your own campaign statistics even if you switch to SMTP delivery, to make sure this is the case for you.

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Q: It looks like you’re breaking Google’s rules by posting this way. Won’t Google get mad if I use my Gmail account this way?

A: Sending email campaigns like this does not violate Google’s terms. Besides, thousands of users have set this up and it works. What we offer here is just a way to use the Gmail user interface to create, launch, and track email campaigns, while the emails are actually sent by non-Gmail servers.

A: Starting November 15, 2021, we are charging for the use of SMTP-based messaging. There is a large monthly allowance for messages sent before billing begins, and after that, usage fees are assessed. Details for SMTP-based billing are here. Additionally, you will be charged by your SMTP service provider, which can be an additional $10+/month USD, based on the type of account you get. For low volume campaigns, you can still choose to send the original through your G Suite account, allowing for another 1500-2000 emails/day, which will not be billed based on SMTP usage.

Q: Is the SMTP option available for free accounts, or do I need to subscribe?

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A: This will also work with a free account, but use this option with a free account only. has limited the free account to send 50 emails per 24 hours, which is far from Gmail’s own limit, so connecting to an SMTP server to send a high volume campaign will not solve anything, because the free account has limited you to 50 emails per rolling. 24 hours.

Q: Why do I have to use two services, yours and an external SMTP provider, when I can use one such as SendGrid, which also supports sending newsletters?

A: You are free to use any service you like, but we think that an external SMTP service is a powerful combination for email marketing and email automation. The simplicity and familiarity of Gmail’s interface makes sending email campaigns a time-efficient process. In addition, by integrating and external SMTP service, you can send almost unlimited emails with automatic follow-up feature, a feature that would be impossible without , because it integrates with the Gmail inbox. Just using SendGrid on its own will not achieve this.

Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

Q: I have read that Gmail does not allow users to send “from” their Gmail account using external servers. So how do you get away with this?

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A: It is expected that in early 2017, Gmail will update its DMARC policy to reject emails originating from addresses and sent by non-Gmail servers. Here are some more details about the forecast. That change hasn’t happened yet. Here are Gmail’s DMARC records from September 2017:

Gmail’s DMARC policy from January 2021. It has not changed to rejecting emails sent “from” from non-Gmail servers. After they change, p = will not be p = reject.

The only difference from 2017 to 2021 is the addition of the “sp” tag, which is irrelevant, since nothing is sent from the “” subdomain.

If you’re sending your campaign from a address instead of your organization’s G Suite address, this policy applies to you, and we’ll monitor for changes. But in our tests so far, we’ve only found one email provider, AOL, that redirects emails that meet these criteria to the Spam folder. Even Gmail does not reject emails sent from addresses by non-Gmail servers. For example, in the test, I sent an email “from” [email protected] via to the [email protected] account, and it went to the [email protected] account’s inbox. If you’re sending from a G Suite address, you don’t need to worry about the policy, because you can set your own policy for your domain!

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See also: real-time campaign statistics sent “from” a address but routed through an external SMTP server.

Q: In Gmail Settings in “Send email as”, I can add from another Address to use, then Gmail asks me to specify the SMTP server. How is it different from specifying an SMTP server this way?

A: When you set up a new From Address in your Gmail account, if the From Address is a non-Gmail address, yes, you will be asked to set up an SMTP server. But even then, Gmail’s sending limit still applies because Gmail still sends email through your SMTP server. With the new way of linking your SMTP account to your account, Gmail doesn’t “handle” any email

Gmail Smtp Details For Sending Mail

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