Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

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Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010 – We teach you how to install Outlook 2010 with Gmail. Your email server settings, applied to your version of Outlook, in a step-by-step guide with pictures and practical examples.

Microsoft Outlook is part of Microsoft Office, so if you don’t have it, you’ll need to install it or use free alternatives like Mozilla Thunderbird. This tutorial is also available for other devices like PC, Android, Mac and Iphone, choose your option from our menu.

Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

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It’s probably not the first time you open Outlook, so no window should open to help you set up your email. It’s not a problem, because this is all you have to do to set up your email account:

If this is the first time you open Outlook, then a window should open to help you set up your email. If you take that help then you skip our first steps, but everything will be the same a little later.

Replace our fake user information with your name, email and password, and configure according to the image below. Are you excited about the latest version of Outlook, and want to set it up with your Gmail accounts? Here’s how you can easily add your Gmail account with POP to Outlook 2010.

Tab make sure POP is enabled. You can choose to allow POP access for all new mail you receive from now on, or for all mail in your Gmail account. On the second option, we suggest that you choose

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To add an email account to Outlook. Now you are ready to start entering your settings to access your email.

Outlook 2010 can often automatically find and set up your account with just your email address and password, so enter these and click

If Outlook was able to find the settings and configure your account automatically, you will see this success screen. Depending on your configuration, Gmail is installed by default, but sometimes it fails to find the settings. If this is the case, go back and configure it manually.

Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

You may also want to uncheck the box to delete messages from the server after several days. This way your messages will always be accessible from Gmail online.

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To finish setting up the account. Outlook will test your account settings to make sure everything is working; click

Gmail will be all ready to sync with Outlook 2010.  Enjoy your Gmail account in Outlook, complete with fast indexed search, conversation view and more!

Adding Gmail with POP settings to Outlook 2010 is usually easy and only takes a few steps. Even if you have to enter your settings manually, it’s still a pretty simple process. You can add multiple email accounts with POP3 if you want, and if you want to synchronize IMAP accounts, check out our tutorial on setting up Gmail with IMAP in Outlook 2010.

How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read over a billion times. Want to know more In this article, we consider what to do if Outlook can not connect to the Gmail account. Connecting Gmail to Outlook is a simple process, but due to some security nuances, you can end up with Outlook that cannot connect to Gmail. The most popular problem with Outlook and Gmail is that Outlook keeps asking you to provide a username and password no matter how many times you enter them correctly.

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Long story short. This issue is most common for Outlook 2016 users and Gmail accounts with two-factor authentication enabled. Outlook 2016 does not support 2FA, so it forces users to go through a slightly more cumbersome process to create a Gmail account in Outlook. In this article, we will show you how to solve Gmail account connection problems in Outlook. How to fix Outlook not connected to Gmail problem?

Before you start creating a Gmail account in Outlook, make sure that your mailbox is configured correctly. You need to check if you have the IMAP protocol enabled in the settings of your Gmail account.

Sign in your Gmail account and click on the small gear in the upper right corner of the window. Select View all settings. After that, go to the Send and POP/IMAP tab. You must ensure that the IMAP Status is set to Enabled. As for POP, it ignores this old protocol. This is very old, and no one should use it anymore.

Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

IMAP is a special communication protocol between a client and a mail server. It allows the server to synchronize your mailbox between all devices and keep everything up to date. For example, if you open an email item in Outlook, IMAP ensures that the email is marked as read in the Gmail interface. This is how modern mail works and why everyone has left POP that does not support these convenient features.

How To Configure Gmail In Ms Outlook?

By default, Gmail keeps IMAP enabled for each account, so this step is not necessary. We just need to make sure that it is activated, otherwise, you may have problems connecting a Gmail account to Outlook.

How to connect Gmail to Outlook 2019? Before going. It is important to enable two-factor authentication in your Gmail account, otherwise, you may receive errors connecting Gmail to Outlook. Follow this guide from Google to learn how to enable two-factor authentication for your Google account.

Let’s start with Outlook 2019 which is the newest and latest mail app from Microsoft. In Outlook 2019, connecting to Gmail is a much easier process than in the previous version (Outlook 2016, etc.).

Now we are talking about Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010. Things are a little different, since they do not support 2FA. The account setup process is mostly the same, but you must generate an app-specific password to log in.

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Note. If you have problems accessing your account in Outlook 2019, generate a password specific to the app and try using it instead of the traditional login process described above.

You can let Outlook automatically connect your account and find all the details or specify manually. If you choose to stop manually, proceed with the following:

You may still have connection errors, but that’s okay. Now we tell you what to do with it.

Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

As explained at the beginning, this problem occurs because of two-factor authentication. As of July 15, 2014, Google is blocking apps that use simple validation to access Gmail. Older versions of Outlook do not support two-factor authentication, so users need to create an app-specific password to connect Gmail to Outlook. You can activate this function only on the web page of the Google account. Here’s how to do it:

How To Configure Outlook 2010: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Use this app-specific password instead of your Google account password to authenticate to your Gmail inbox through Outlook.

Outlook will try to perform several connection tests. If you have configured everything correctly, you should see that the next task has completed successfully.

After that Outlook should properly verify your account and successfully connect Gmail to Outlook. Now you can use your Gmail in Outlook without any problems.

If you are using older versions of Outlook (Microsoft Office 2016 or older) to connect to your Gmail mailbox, you probably received an email like this:

Setting Up Email In Gmail On Iphone

On May 30, you may lose access to apps that use less secure sign-in technologies. To help keep your account secure, Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps or devices that require you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password. Instead, you need to sign in with Google Sign in or other more secure technologies, such as OAuth 2.0. Email software such as Outlook 2016 and earlier have less secure access to your Gmail. Switch to Office 365, Outlook 2019 or newer, or any other email software where you can sign in with Sign in with Google.

Task [email protected] – Received error reported (0x800CCC92): “Your email server rejected your login. Please check your username and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR [AUTH] Username and password are not accepted.

If you use Outlook 2016 (retail), 2019, 2021, or 365, you should have no problem disabling less secure applications. All these versions support IMAP connections to Gmail with the “Allow less secure applications” option disabled. If you’re using an older version of Outlook, you’ll need to upgrade to a newer version or enable two-step verification and use an app password.

Gmail Imap Settings Outlook 2010

Here is an easy solution to bypass this restriction in an older version of Outlook. Simply follow the steps below:

How To Sync Outlook With Gmail (with Pictures)

Enabling 2FA generation and App Password will allow you to use Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and even 2007 to connect to your Gmail mailbox after May 30, 2022.

If the Outlook to Gmail connection test failed, you need to check if your computer or Internet service provider is blocking the network ports used to access Gmail. To check ports in Windows 10,

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