Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

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Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day – Gmail limits the number of emails you can send per day so these limits never get in your way.

Gmail has a limit of 500 emails per day for standard accounts ( addresses) and 2,000 emails per day for Google Workspace accounts ( addresses).

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

If you send cold emails, automatic follow-ups, newsletters, and other bulk emails, these limits are easy to exceed and you’ll be out of luck counting 24 hours until you can send again.

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There are several methods to help you overcome these Gmail limitations so that you can send (nearly) unlimited emails.

Read on to find out how it handles Gmail’s daily send limits (along with Gmail’s send rate limits) and helps you get emails on time – no matter how much you send.

If you want to send out a large email campaign but don’t want to deal with things like external SMTP servers (which we’ll talk about later) and don’t want to waste time thinking about how the schedule works, this automatic distributed scheduler reliable and easy choice.

If you’re submitting a large campaign, it will be automatically split so you don’t exceed your upload limits.

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The campaign will span several days, with each packet sent as your daily Gmail sending quota resets.

It also automatically calculates how many campaign emails you can send per day by analyzing your recent sending history. For example, if you sent 50 emails the previous day, it will save a buffer for you so that one bulk email won’t use up your entire daily limit.

You can also manually set the daily send size in the settings window. Go to the “Schedule” section and select the maximum number of emails per day in the “Speed” section. (See screenshot above.)

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

Of course, this phased schedule won’t work if your campaign is time-driven. For example, if you send an email about a promotion this weekend, you don’t want the last 2,000 people on your mailing list to receive an email next Monday.

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You must use an SMTP server to exceed your Gmail daily limits. A quick summary of what an SMTP server is: a third party server that you can use to send email.

If you do this, everything will still be fine (for example, sent emails will still end up in your sent items folder, and the “from” field in your emails will still be your email address). In our Gmail and external SMTP delivery tests, we found that deliverability was about the same.

If a campaign starts bouncing emails due to Gmail restrictions, we’ll send you a notification email.

If your account has a good reputation (good delivery, high quality email, you have been with us for a long time) and you have exceeded the Gmail daily send limit, your campaign can be automatically routed through our SendGrid SMTP server to get all the information. Within one day.

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If our algorithm doesn’t automatically route your campaign through our SMTP server, you can click the link to request the campaign if it’s a non-commercial submission. You can also request the use of our SendGrid account.

Finally, if you don’t want us to forward your emails through our SMTP server, go to the settings in the toolbar and check the “Never forward to SMTP server” box.

If you really want to make sure that all your campaigns are getting out regardless of their size, you can use your own SMTP server.

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

Register with an SMTP provider (here are instructions for setting up a SendGrid SMTP server for your domain; other providers include JangoSMTP, Mailgun, Amazon SES, and Mailjet).

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Now when you create an email campaign, you have the option to send it using Gmail or a third party SMTP server.

By choosing your own SMTP server for large campaigns, you can exceed the standard Gmail limits and send as many emails as you need.

Important notes. While we have found that open and reply rates are usually about the same when sent via Gmail or an SMTP server, the delivery speed of an SMTP server can be slightly slower. It also comes with additional costs for high-volume SMTP senders (applies to about 5% of users who send messages via SMTP).

The settings window gives you the option to limit the speed at which emails are sent (pause 5-10 seconds, 10-60 seconds or 1-5 minutes between each email).

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Why add intentional delays? Limiting the Gmail mail merge rate can be useful for large campaigns in several ways.

If you send bulk emails and go over the Gmail limits, the emails that go over the limit start bouncing back. stops the campaign when these collisions are found.

But if you’re sending thousands of emails, at least some of them (maybe more) will be bounced back by the time Gmail gives a stop sign and stops the campaign.

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

We want to make sure that all these emails reach the recipients. So resetting the limits will automatically resend emails that have returned over the limit. Or, if your campaign is routed through an SMTP server, we will resubmit your opt-outs through that server.

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If you want to manually resend to the returned addresses, you can easily do that too. includes a feature that you can use to submit new campaigns based on subscriber participation in a previous campaign.

One option to participate is “Gmail Limit Override” – select these subscribers and send them a rejection email (or a new one). You can see the setting in the screenshot above.

While distributed scheduling and external SMTP servers are the main ways to help you overcome Gmail’s sending limits, we also have many other tools to ensure these limits don’t shackle you.

There is a setting in the dashboard to always try to bypass restrictions; You can also go over the limits once by clicking on the “Your campaign exceeds Gmail limits” link in the email we send you.

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We’ve talked about Gmail sending limits in… um… well, almost every sentence on this entire page. But if you want Gmail to tell you how close you are to your limit, they won’t.

We can fill this gap by letting you know how close you are to your Gmail account quota and send limit. In the settings window, go to the “Schedule” section and click on the link “Show usage” by speed.

Counts how many emails you have left until you reach your daily limit of 500 or 2000 emails.

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

The Gmail compose window slows down when there are thousands of email addresses in the To field. So it uses an email alias instead of those addresses, ensuring that Gmail doesn’t slow down when you’re working on a big campaign.

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It adds a bit of buffer during split send so that your email restrictions have time to reset. (For example, the send time is typically 25 hours, not 24 hours, to account for the time it took to send each email on the previous day.)

This may not work for you. You may have to send every email at, say, 9:00 sharp. If you want to override the buffer and release phased deliveries at the same time every day, there is an option.

Go to your control panel and go to the “Gmail Restrictions” section in settings. Then check the “Force multi-day campaigns to run at the same time” checkbox.

A word of advice: since we don’t have a temporary buffer, it’s best to add the buffer to your send size. Try setting your daily limit slightly below the maximum number of emails per day so that you have some free space in your account.

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So, after all that, if you’re thinking, “Wow, cool, you have 7,000 different ways to bypass Gmail’s restrictions, like you’re a Kool Aid Man breaking through a wall – and even the color of your logo matches it, which it can.” it’s not a coincidence – but I don’t want to do that when I hit the limit, I just want to stop sending until I’m ready to send again”… well, we have a setting for you.

Go to your control panel and go to the “Gmail Restrictions” section in settings. Then check the “Pause campaign indefinitely when it pops up” box. If you send a large campaign and it reaches Gmail limits, we will stop everything and wait for you to decide what to do next.

Gmail’s sending limits are certainly a hurdle, but it’s a hurdle you can overcome. No, it’s not an eloquent metaphor, but it’s a great feature.

Gmail Email Sending Limit Per Day

Offers many ways to exceed Gmail’s daily send limits – and it will help you do it while fully complying with Google’s terms and conditions.

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