Gmail Api Php Send Email

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Gmail Api Php Send Email – Gmail is currently the most popular email service. Today more than 1.8 billion customers have its virtual mailboxes, mainly because of the possibility of free use. Also, the service offers a wide range of features, from spell checking to marking conversation streams using tags, making it convenient for anyone to use.

An example of an advanced use of Gmail is to implement its API. In this article, I will share our dev team’s expertise on how to set up Gmail API in PHP.

Gmail Api Php Send Email

Gmail Api Php Send Email

First, we need to compare using API and SMTP to send Gmail email. Google’s service provides access to messages using the email protocol. Here the latter is responsible for sending email as it is an outbound email protocol.

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Google’s MTA establishes a TCP connection to the SMTP server and sends the email. After authorization, the server sends an email to the recipient’s SMTP server, which redirects it to an IMAP4 or POP3 server.

In general, various APIs provide a streamlined opportunity for applications, frameworks, and code to communicate with each other. You can integrate the Gmail API to establish a connection between your app and Gmail to send email. Next, HTTP may be sufficient to send email with the Gmail API.

Regarding access, the SMTP client’s SMTP authentication provides full access to the account using a login and password. The Gmail API uses Open Authentication (OAuth 2.0), which lets you request only the access you need.

This is especially important because when working with mail, you must take into account existing restrictions on the number of messages sent, the possible amount of forwarding, the maximum number of recipients and other restrictions. The Gmail API is limited to one billion quota units per day.

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Note: Note that the maximum Gmail message size is 50MB with no attachment exceeding 25MB.

On the other hand, a third-party API application may request access to send-only (not read) or read-only (but not sent) email; Or just to change the label for emails and threads, or just to search for specific items.

SMTP is a comprehensive and easy-to-configure solution for sending email. You don’t need deep programming skills to handle all kinds of things. Additionally, you may benefit from using the default Gmail, setting up a custom mailing service, or using a testing SMTP server for email testing. However, SMTP can have speed and security issues.

Gmail Api Php Send Email

In contrast, the Gmail API is a faster tool. It is also a great option for automating processes and providing a wide range of functionality for users. The API has an extra layer of security, which is important if you’re working on sending confidential data via email.

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Although many developers share points against using PHP due to its messy code nature, the language is a valid solution.

Businesses continue to use desktop/web apps and websites built in the PHP framework. The language isn’t dead, and it has lots of interactivity, including email sending options.

Why Gmail API and PHP? In short, they give you access to more Gmail features and allow you to automate the process:

Use Google’s official Quickstarts. Here, apart from PHP, you can find guides for Java, Python and other popular frameworks as well as iOS and Android APIs.

How To Integrate The Gmail Api Into Your App

You will need a preparation section first. In case of PHP, make sure your PHP version matches the version given and install the Google Client Library for PHP.

At this point, you need to authorize access to your Gmail account from your PHP app. To do this, you need to create a file in your working directory:

You will then be asked to sign in to your Google Account or select an account to authorize. A code sample for PHP is available in this GitHub directory.

Gmail Api Php Send Email

The Gmail API and your PHP app can become best friends when it comes to sending emails. By using this combination, you will be able to add some security and speed to sending emails. Moreover, every necessary help is available from Google and any wish can be made a reality.

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Dmytro Zaichenko is a marketing expert at Mailtrap, an email sandbox service. He has 6+ years of content creation experience. In addition to writing, he enjoys collaborating with dev teams and networking. An important part of programming is the ability to interact with various application programming interfaces (APIs). If you visit the Google API Explorer, you’ll find a huge library of APIs, including all of their popular applications like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar. Simply put, an API allows you to receive or send data to services via HTTP requests.

Using and documenting this API can be a little difficult at first, but once you learn it, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge to most Google applications.

I decided to write a beginner’s guide on how to use and understand the Gmail API. The guide is based on documentation, meaning you’ll learn how to search and read code instead of copying it. Similar to most other Google API reference documentation, you’ll find that it’s very easy to adapt once you know how to read the documentation. This will allow you to write your code and really understand what you are doing.

This guide uses Python 3, but the usage should look similar in other languages.

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Google usually offers a quick start guide to make authorization easier. This guide will use the validation from the Quickstart guide, which means there will be some limitations, but it should be enough for our purposes. Another way to get an API key is to create a new project, which is a bit more complicated.

The Python Quickstart Guide can be accessed at this link , but I’ll go with it and show how everything is done here.

The first step is to enable the API and download the credentials to use in our project. By clicking “Enable Gmail API”.

Gmail Api Php Send Email

Installing the required libraries is done with a simple pip command provided by Google. I’ve pasted it below as well. I recommend doing it in a virtual environment. However, this guide does not cover this.

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Before we continue with the guide, we need to give our script permission to access the Gmail API. Let’s start by creating the actual script.

File Ignore the code for now, we’ll get into it later. We only need to allow access on the first run – it will be protected for all subsequent runs as well.

You run the file as normal and you’ll be able to sign in to your Google account in a web browser.

Log in to your account. A warning will be displayed that the app is not verified. Our app is not yet verified because we are using the quickstart method. Click on the link shown on the image to continue now and allow access.

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The example code may seem overwhelming at first, but I’ll break it down into smaller chunks to keep it simple. In the end, you will see that it is not really difficult.

As with any other Python script, we’ll start with an import. Most are used for import authorization

However, the scope is the most important part. This variable will be modified later, but for now, we’ll settle for the default scope provided.

Gmail Api Php Send Email

Scopes are many more scopes, and allow a set of actions and requests that we can make to the Gmail API. Some other requests require other scopes.

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The authorization is probably for the most advanced part of the script. We won’t dive into it too much right now, as it’s already configured to work out of the box.

The file is created when you access your account for the first time. If the file already exists, it gets the credentials from it, meaning you don’t have to grant access multiple times.

Here’s the fun part of the script: the part about getting data from the Gmail API. As you can see, it is not really advanced. This is the part we will delve into.

Then used to get all Gmail labels for authorized account. Data is saved in

Guía Completa De Gmail Api En Php

So this was the quick start example code. However, it means nothing without reading the documentation. This section will show you how to understand what is written in the code and how you can use the documentation to write your own code.

On the left, a large summary menu is shown. This is a lot of information, but it will be very helpful in the next steps.

A list of methods is at the end of the page, as is the text that says so

Gmail Api Php Send Email

This is the information that each label has with us. If you scroll down further, you will see a table detailing each property in the dictionary.

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If we keep scrolling down the page, we will see all the ways. A brief description of each method is presented as well as a hyperlink to documentation.


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