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Gifts To Send Via Text – Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase. Affiliate links include, but are not limited to, Bluehost, Amazon Associates and StudioPress.

With so many special occasions and special people in our lives, it’s impossible to skip the gift game! Last minute gift donors love virtual gifts that can be sent via email or text!

Gifts To Send Via Text

Gifts To Send Via Text

These digital gifts are a great way to celebrate someone’s birthday without delay. These gifts are given immediately.

Text Gift Cards To Friends And Family

As minimalism gains new appeal, physical gifts aren’t always the best option. You never know who is trying to make their life difficult and keep things to a minimum.

That’s why digital gifts that can be sent via email or text are so smart. These gifts will enhance the lives of those who receive them without hassle or trouble!

The best part is that even if you forgot to go to the grocery store until the last second, you can still send them!

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, holiday or graduation gift, you can find the perfect gift virtually!

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Don’t know where to start? Do not be moved! I’ve compiled 40 of the best virtual gifts you can send digitally!

Digital is the best way to get your gift delivered today. All you need is a recipient’s email address or phone number. Easy!

Subscriptions are the most common gifts because they are renewable and useful in everyday life. Whether you want a 3-month subscription or a year-long gift, the recipient will love it.

Gifts To Send Via Text

Few things are as universal as the love of music. Give the gift of music with this premium Spotify subscription. The gift recipient will have access to thousands of discographies at the touch of their fingers! Egift Card

This subscription renews monthly, so the length of this gift is up to you! This is a great gift for a teenager who doesn’t have a credit card to purchase a subscription.

For those who are loyal to their Apple, Apple Music is their signature! Discover music, podcasts and more Siri features with this digital gift.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the whole family, you can join this subscription as a family plan!

Learning a new language with a subscription is surprisingly easy. Recipients can choose from 25 languages ​​to access this service.

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This subscription is the perfect gift for a new graduate or travel lover who wants to continue their education!

Babbel is a language website that offers 13 language programs that help you learn a new language in just 10 minutes a day.

Sleep is expensive. Help someone in your life get better sleep and overall focus with this meditation app.

Gifts To Send Via Text

Headspace offers hundreds of meditations, music and sleep sounds to help users relax and unwind. It can be paid annually or monthly depending on how generous you are!

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This is a great gift for anyone on your list, as we can all benefit from a boost in mind.

Access to unlimited books seems too good to be true (but it’s not!). This subscription service gives readers access to thousands of books, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Audiobooks are the future of literacy! Audible is great for those who prefer to listen to their books rather than read them.

This subscription gives members access to a new audio book every month. It is a great choice for busy people who need to multitask for their device consumption, or people who commute long distances every day.

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Bring it back to the classics at Netflix, the streaming giant’s original service. A Netflix subscription has become more universal than cable in many circles.

Gift this subscription to a high school graduate heading off to college or someone who loves TV and movies!

New episodes of TV shows are now airing almost instantly (so you don’t have to wait years).

Gifts To Send Via Text

Give the Year of Coding to someone who is interested in technology and wants to add coding to their resume!

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You don’t have to struggle with your mental health to benefit from therapy. These consulting services can be used for maintenance. Just like going to the gym is good for your physical health, a therapist can help you maintain your mental health.

As a practice, you can sign up for better support to someone you think may be in need of mental health care. Or, you can give it to a dear friend who is going through a tough time.

Literature lovers and citizens of the world love this subscription. Choose between online or physical subscription to receive payment instantly.

Prime members enjoy many benefits. From free one-day shipping to premium video, this membership is versatile!

How To Give Netflix, Hulu, Other Streaming Services As Gifts

This is the perfect gift for any digital aficionado. Allow online players to play video games with these online members.

If you want someone to be active and try something new, ClassPass is a great choice.

Receive access to spinning classes, hot yoga, cross-fit and more. You can choose from several designs that I will let you know!

Gifts To Send Via Text

Make your market a one stop shop for healthy living. Membership gives members access to great culinary events, natural beauty, and health and wellness.

Best Gifts You Can Send By Text

Creators will love this virtual gift. This all-in-one creative system gives users first access to Adobe applications in photography, graphic design, web development and video editing.

Gift cards make the best gifts because they give a happy choice. While physical gift cards are always convenient, their digital version is much more convenient.

Practice is never a bad thing. Give a guaranteed gift to the winner with this universal virtual gift card.

Address the young person on your gift list with this electronic gift. I love this gift for a college graduate. The online store features dorm room clothing, electronics, and home decor options.

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Apple gift card has many options! Music, movies, games, and more. use this virtual gift to make a purchase.

As food prices continue to rise, a grocery store gift card has never been a better gift.

You can use these gift cards at many grocery stores (such as Whole Foods or InstaCart). This is a great opportunity to stock up on college kids for the holidays or an essential for any family.

Gifts To Send Via Text

There is nothing like a good book. For those who still prefer a physical book, Barnes and Noble offer electronic gift cards that can be sent via email.

Things You Need To Know About Egift Cards

Few stores are as comprehensive as Target. This gift card gives you access to all the essentials.

Concertgoers are going crazy over this electronic gift! You can give your loved one access to tickets to local shows, including sports games, concerts and theater productions – all with this online gift card!

Give your friend quick access to what they want with a food delivery gift card. Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grub Hub all offer gift cards that you can send via email or text!

A GameStop e-gift card gives you access to all kinds of games! Receivers of racing games, consoles, collectibles and more. can choose between

Occasionette Gift Card

Online Giveaways Don’t Be Generic! Show your friend or family member how much you know them with these unique digital gifts.

These creative gifts speak to your own interests and passions. Choose from this list a truly thoughtful gift.

Cooked meals are a joy; They are powerful, affordable, and family friendly! This protein homework is always easy.

Gifts To Send Via Text

Family food a lot of the time. They ask for a plan for lunch, grocery shopping, and a lot of time.

Purchasing And Sending Gifts

Take the stress out of your schedule with these meal prep kits! Programs like HelloFresh deliver a meal to your doorstep.

You can have these dinner kits sent to your sponsor by email or delivered directly to their door if you have a home email.

Send this Fandango e-gift card to your loved ones. With it, they can buy movie tickets at a local cinema.

While streaming services are great, some of us still love watching movies in the theater (popcorn is so good!).

Last Minute Gifts You Can Send Via Email (for You Procrastinators)

Experience a book like never before in this interactive process. The box contains a new book each month as well as a secret gift that the reader will check out the book.

Famous people send a video message directly to your friend’s email address. It’s a great way to deliver good news, wish someone a happy birthday or send a heartfelt message.

If you want, you can send them a camo gift card so they can personalize their celebrity message!

Gifts To Send Via Text

Choose a friend to love and give honor. Most organizations will have a receipt that you can email!

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Your friend can learn to cook in the comfort of their own home with this virtual cooking class!

Museum memberships can be purchased and mailed to major museums (such as the MET Lake). Visit the Moss website for more information!

You can send candy to a special someone via email or text – use the Sugarwish online system.

For any digital naysayers out there, this is the real gift for you! Flower delivery

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