Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

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Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending – Our Forever Free plan offers Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay service with a daily sending limit of 300 emails. Paid transactional email plans start at $15 for 20,000 emails per month and unlimited subscribers (includes email campaigns and transactional emails).

If you want to set up a free SMTP server for testing, the free plan is the easiest way. No credit cards, no promises. Cancel anytime.

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

Free SMTP services like Gmail and Outlook aren’t just designed for sending bulk email or large volumes of transactional email. is an SMTP service provider built on a reliable infrastructure that allows us to send millions of emails to our customers every day.

How To Send 10,000 Emails At Once From Gmail

Use an SMTP relay service that is set up for bulk email delivery. Unlike Gmail SMTP, our SMTP servers are specifically configured to support sending large volumes of email.

J’s free SMTP server is backed by dedicated infrastructure and resources to ensure your email reaches your inbox (and avoids the spam folder).

Our sender reputation is well established among email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and we maintain strict control over all of our IP addresses. By choosing to send to our free SMTP server, you benefit from the provision of an established SMTP service provider.

Our free plan also gives access to the Transactional Email API and custom email plugins for WordPress and eCommerce platforms.

Free Smtp Relay Service

Trust our SMTP relay service to deliver the most important user updates. Whether it’s account activation emails, order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, password resets or security alerts, we’ve got all your transactional needs covered.

Simply assign our SMTP credentials to another service so they can be sent via third-party email. Take full advantage of the established sending reputation and reporting features of our SMTP email server.

Track custom email automation workflows based on user activity and website behavior. Never miss an opportunity to work with our trusted SMTP relay.

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

Our free SMTP relay server gives you access to advanced reporting features so you have the data and insights you need for continuous improvement. Transaction logs are stored indefinitely so you can go back and check.

Secure And Reliable Smtp Relay Service

Is a free SMTP service. On the forever free plan, you can send up to 300 emails per day and save an unlimited number of contacts.

The best free SMTP email server. Even on the free plan, it offers unlimited contact storage, reliable delivery and a high sender reputation. Bulk campaigns, transactional emails, triggered automation and emails from third-party applications are possible through our SMTP email server.

Prices vary between SMTP services, but the free email server offers up to 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts. If you need to send more, paid plans start at $15 for 20,000 emails.

Manually configure your SMTP settings so that you can send transactional messages from web applications and third-party websites to our free SMTP email server.

Best Smtp Email Services For Email Delivery

Once SMTP is enabled, enter your SMTP credentials into the third-party application. Find these credentials by clicking on your company name in the top right corner of your account and selecting “SMTP & API”. SMTP credentials consist of the sending server, port, login, and password.

You can, but it comes with many problems and limitations. Gmail isn’t just designed for B2B use. For professional-looking email campaigns that are personal and trackable, it’s best to use a dedicated SMTP email service, even a free one. Test the deployment on our latest application hosting. For a limited time, your first $20 is with us.

If you’re having trouble sending and receiving email from your WordPress site, using a free SMTP server can improve reliability and delivery costs.

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

By default, WordPress tries to send transactional email via PHP mail, which causes various problems.

Sending Bulk Email Messages Individually With Mail Merge

SMTP, short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, allows you to send email from your site through a dedicated email server. This means your site can send emails more reliably and those emails are less likely to end up in users’ spam folders.

In this post, we’ll look at seven free SMTP server options that you can use with your WordPress site, including the free Gmail SMTP server.

For each option, we’ll briefly introduce it, share any limitations with the free plan, and show you how to get set up on WordPress.

Some of these tools offer their own dedicated plugins for integration. If not, you can find several quality free SMTP plugins on, such as Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log which is a 100% free reboot of the popular Postman SMTP plugin.

Free Smtp Server Solutions For Marketers And Developers

Here are the free SMTP providers we’ll cover – keep reading for more details on each tool:

You probably already know Gmail for its free email offering. However, Google allows you to use Gmail as an SMTP server to send email from your website.

With a free Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails in a current 24 hour period. Or, if you’re a paid Google Workspace subscriber ($6/month), you can send up to 2,000 emails in a current 24-hour period.

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

Setting up a free Gmail SMTP server is a bit more demanding than some other tools. However, the extra effort is worth it because Gmail also offers the highest free email limit of any tool on this list.

Download Atomic Mail Sender Bulk Email Service Software For Windows

You can use Gmail’s SMTP server information in different places. You can use this in your native email client such as Microsoft Outlook or within your WordPress site, which is what we’ll be focusing on.

If you want to send email from a custom domain (eg [email protected]) instead of Gmail ([email protected]), you must first set up and pay for Google Workspace. We have a full post on why we love Google Workspace, as well as how to set up a Google Workspace MX record to connect Google Workspace to your custom domain name.

If you’re fine with sending email from a Gmail address, you don’t need to do anything before starting the tutorial.

To send your WordPress site through the Google app, you can install the free Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin from

What Is An Smtp Relay? [a Brief Crash Course]

After enabling it, go to the New Post SMTP tab in your WordPress dashboard and click Show All Settings to see all the options.

Once you’ve done that, go back to the Accounts tab and use the Type drop-down menu to select Gmail API. This will reveal some additional possibilities. Keep this page open as you will need the following information in the next step.

Next, you need to create a Google app. This is what allows your WordPress site (or any other application) to securely connect to the Gmail SMTP server to send email.

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

To do this, open a new browser tab, go to the Google Developers Console and create a new project. If this is your first time signing in, Google will ask you to create a new project. Alternatively, you can do this by clicking the drop-down menu next to the Google API logo (marked [1] in the screenshot below).

Best Smtp Relay Services & Software 2022

This should launch you into an interface dedicated to the Gmail API. Click the Create Credentials button to continue:

Google will then ask you to set up an OAuth consent screen. Click the button below to set up the consent screen:

This will open a new tab for the OAuth consent screen. For the user type, select External. Then click Create:

The Refresh button should change to Create OAuth Client ID. Press the button to complete the process. Then the click was over.

Free Smtp Servers: Updated List

After you click Done, you should see the OAuth 2.0 Client IDs section under the Credentials tab (you should automatically go to this page after you click Done).

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and publish your SMTP mailer/email log settings and paste your Client ID and Client Secret. Then click Save Changes:

When you click on that link, Google’s normal authorization process will open. You will need to click and allow your page to access your Gmail account.

Free Smtp Server For Bulk Email Sending

Since you haven’t submitted your app to Google for review, Google will warn you that your app hasn’t been verified. Since you’ve built the app yourself, you’re free to ignore this warning. Click the link to view advanced settings, then select “Go to your website” to continue the selection process:

Smtp Server For Bulk Email Needs For Your Business

To make sure everything is working, the Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin includes a feature to send a test email.

SendGrid is a popular transactional email service that is easy to configure with WordPress thanks to its API integration method. It also gives you detailed analytics and logging.

SendGrid offers a one-month free trial that allows you to send up to 40,000 emails. After your first month is over, you can continue to send up to 100 emails per day.

For small WordPress sites, this limit should be fine. If you need to exceed the free limit, paid plans start at $14.95 per month for up to 40,000 emails.

Is There Anyway I Can Get A Free Smtp Server For Bulk Mailing?

SendGrid also offers a separate service for sending marketing emails if you’re interested. To set up SendGrid with WordPress, you need to:

Pepipost is exclusively an email service. You can connect

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