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As part of our integrated investment in information security, we’re rolling out rich new capabilities in Office 365 Message Encryption that protect and control your sensitive email. These enhancements are intended to help you better protect your sensitive email communications without disrupting your users’ ability to be productive and easily collaborate with those inside or outside your organization.

Encrypted Email Outlook Web App

Encrypted Email Outlook Web App

Read below to learn more about what we offer and how you can get started.

Outlook: Add Account

It helps you reduce the risk of accidental or malicious data loss by making it easy for your users to protect and read sensitive email.

In the previous version of Office 365 Message Encryption, users could encrypt their messages by using specific keywords in the subject line or in the body of the message. While this is a powerful feature for organizations to automatically encrypt sensitive email, it presented a barrier for end users who wanted to send ad-hoc encrypted messages.

Today, in addition to automated rules that administrators can set, we enable end users to encrypt and rights-protect sensitive messages using a default ad hoc “Do Not Forward” rule, as well as other custom rules. End users can now apply encryption and rights protection from Outlook with just a few clicks.

Another area we are investing in to protect sensitive data is the ability to protect the rights of shared messages.

Secure Your Outlook Emails With Outlook Encryption

Until recently, you could use Office 365 Message Encryption to send secure email to external recipients, but Office 365 Message Encryption was a very different experience than Information Rights Management (IRM). In the new Office 365 Message Encryption, we’re expanding the feature to include the best of IRM, with the added convenience that the sender doesn’t have to worry about a thing before clicking Send. For example, we remove complexity by eliminating the need to establish explicit trust between organizations. Now users can easily send rights-protected encrypted messages to anyone within i

This allows you to not only protect sensitive data from being read by an unwanted audience, but also allows you to set usage rights, such as preventing the message from being forwarded, copied, or printed.

Finally, to enable users to collaborate securely on secure email, Office 365 users can get a seamless reading experience on any device that uses Outlook (desktop, Mac, web, iOS, or Android mobile). For those users who do not choose to use the Outlook app, we are also adding the ability for you, as an IT, to enable other Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) mobile email clients, such as the native Mail app on iOS, to receive and reply to to protected emails.

Encrypted Email Outlook Web App

Ensure that secure email recipients can easily read and respond, regardless of the device, application, service or identity they use to receive your email.

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Another investment we made was allowing users to read protected messages regardless of their email service provider. Previously, recipients of Office 365 Message Encryption had to read the encrypted message with a Microsoft account or one-time password.

Today, Gmail and Yahoo recipients can easily authenticate using their Google or Yahoo identity and sign in to a scheduled web view that allows them to read and collaborate on secure email.

An example of a Google login page, where the recipient can use their Google identity to read a protected message in a time-limited view on the web.

Regulated users have expressed their willingness to provide customer-managed keys for the Microsoft cloud and the ability to protect their mail with those keys. Exchange Online now supports a user-managed tenant key for Azure Information Protection. Read here to understand how to set it up in Azure Key Vault.

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New message protection capabilities are offered in Office 365 E3 and later for business users and in Office 365 A1 and later for EDU users. We also offer this on several other plans with corresponding add-ons; see this table for more details.

Customers should start taking advantage of these new features available today! Check out the following resources to help you get started:

As we continue to invest in and deliver more data protection capabilities, we’d love to hear from you; contact us here at .

Encrypted Email Outlook Web App

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Microsoft Teams is joining our desktops in a big way, but Outlook email is still the easiest and most popular way for users to message. When working remotely when you need to send sensitive data or secure information and attachments, native Outlook Office 365 features could help you with data encryption.

Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption is an encryption service included in the Office 365 Outlook application. Thanks to OME, you can encrypt and send emails using Outlook. The recipient of the message will be able to access the data without add-ons or additional licenses.

Office 365 offers an encryption service in the Outlook app called the Office 365 Message Encryption Service. This email encryption service is included in many Microsoft 365 subscriptions: Office 365 E3 and E5, Microsoft 365 E3 and E5, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Office 365 A1, A3 and A5 and Office 365 Government G3 and G5.

You don’t need additional Office 365 licenses or subscriptions to create and send encrypted email in Outlook.

Two Factor Authentication (mfa/2fa) For Outlook Web Access (owa) Login

When you encrypt email in Microsoft Outlook, you have several options available to you. Learn how you can protect your email messages in Office 365.

If you want to encrypt email in Outlook, all you have to do is compose a new email. In the new email window, go to Options (1) and select Encrypt (2).

You can also encrypt email created in Office 365 using Outlook Web Apps. The process is very similar to the classic Outlook desktop application. First, compose a new email and look for the Encrypt button.

Encrypted Email Outlook Web App

As soon as you select the Encrypt option, your email will be encrypted. You can change the encryption settings with the Change Permissions button.

How To Encrypt Emails In Outlook (microsoft 365)

In the new pop-up windows, you will be able to choose the encryption rules for your email created in Outlook web app.

To gain access to encrypted email, a person must authenticate or validate their email address using a unique code. After authorization, you’ll get access to the encrypted email in your browser at Outlook.office365.com or in your Microsoft 365 account authenticated in Outlook.

Excellent! Now you know how to protect your email in Outlook using encryption services. Now is the time to learn some more tricks about Outlook in Office 365. Learn how to revoke an email in Outlook, how to fix mailbox full errors, or delay sending an email.

I have prepared several articles about the main Office 365 applications, such as Exchange Online, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online.

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Learn how to send encrypted email messages in Outlook and how to use Office 365 security features to encrypt and protect your email messages.

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Encrypted Email Outlook Web App

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When choosing a method to encrypt your message, consider the type of permissions you want recipients to have on the message. Regardless of the option selected, the message will be encrypted and the recipients

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