Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

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Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data – Veeam Backup & Replication has added a new integration – Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. How to take advantage of Office 365 email backup with Veeam’s new product? Why is cloud availability different from cloud recovery? In this blog we will discuss all these topics and try to shed some light on the needs and uses of email backups. We will of course demonstrate the product in action for you.

“Data availability” is a term used to describe continuity of products or services at a required service level (SLA) or performance. Availability of data in the cloud will be achieved through redundant zones. On the other hand, “data recoverability” refers to the ability to restore data to the point where a failure occurred.

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

In the cloud world, there is confusion about the meaning of these two terms, and quite a bit of confusion arises when discussing cloud services. The assumption is that when a workload is moved to the cloud, there is no need to store data. However, this is a mistake; data must be backed up. It seems that this happens due to the lack of understanding of the above two terms.

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All the great features that Office 365 Exchange Online offers you and your business still have hidden risks, including the lack of comprehensive backup and limited recovery options.

NOTE: This test is built on the beta version, so some of the screenshots are listed as TBD or may not have their icons/visualization complete like what you will see in the generally available build.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is integrated with Veeam Backup and Replication, which means you can create hybrid cloud environments and migrate mailbox data between Office 365 and your on-premises Exchange deployment.

The first line of defense when retrieving a deleted mailbox item is to retrieve it from the deleted item store, which only works if the item’s retention period has not expired. By default, the retention policy is set to 30 days. Deleting entire mailboxes also invokes the retention policy, which is also set to 30 days by default. These default settings can of course be changed from the Exchange Admin Center.

Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft uses its Exchange Data Availability Group (DAG) to protect your data. For internal use only, they also use traditional backup to protect Office 365 from any catastrophic disaster. Unfortunately, local errors can still happen to anyone, and the above methods will not protect you from mailbox corruption, nor will these methods restore your mailbox to a point in time. Your SLAs or data availability requirements will be defined by Microsoft SLA policies, but they do not provide for data recovery.

Let’s walk through Veeam Backup for installation and configuration of Microsoft Office 365. One thing that impressed me about this product is the configuration process – it’s very simple and very straightforward.

Download the installer package (it’s a beta version at this stage). Inside you will find two executable files that you need to extract:

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

The Veeam.Backup365.exe file is the installer for the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 application and the VeeamExplorerForExchange.exe is the installer for the Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange. These two installation files indicate that the product is self-contained and can be installed on any workstation.

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Installing Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is a simple process, so let’s go straight to setting up the configuration. Click on Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365:

You must configure the backup storage, define the backup retention period and specify the folder location. In addition to the storage location, at this step you can also set which folders to exclude from your backup (if any):

After setting the storage, backup period and folder location, connect and configure your Office 365 account.

No stress here – it’s an easy task. Start by clicking the Add Organization window or click the Add Organization icon as shown below:

Veeam Backup For Microsoft 365 V6

When you add your credentials, Veeam configures and activates the necessary PowerShell commands and Office 365 configurations for you:

Enter a backup task name when prompted, then select the account to back up. You can also choose to back up all mailboxes or only selected ones:

That’s all it takes to set up Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and back up your Office 365 mail server!

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

If you select “Explore Last State”, it immediately launches the Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange tool. Using the “Explore time mode” option, specify the details in the Explore Backup window:

How To Back Up Microsoft Office 365 Data: Best Practices

Select the destination of your recovered mailbox and start the recovery. Once the process is complete, you can deliver the recovered mailbox to your end user:

Even if you move your workload to the cloud, regularly backing up this data is still critical to the security of your business. As with any of your cloud services, it’s important to understand your cloud provider’s SLAs and know what recovery options are offered.

We have demonstrated an easy and secure way to store your Office 365 email data with Veeam. When it comes to protecting your mailbox data, Veeam Backup for Office 365 is the right solution, enabling both data availability and recovery.

Hal Yaman (B.Sc) is a senior IT professional with over 18 years of IT experience. Hal has a deep background in backup and data center infrastructure. As a Veeam solution architect, he contributes to Veeam’s technical pre-sales business in Australia and New Zealand, focused on: Delivering strategic Veeam solutions for large, complex and multifaceted environments, Creation of solution plans, Development and utilization of design patterns, reference architectures, Partner enablement and capability delivery for MSPs on BaaS and DRaaS and providing technical enablement for ANZ’s local SE team on Veeam’s new feature and functionality capabilities in new release solution versions. It’s no secret that IT managers, CIOs, and business owners have moved to the cloud in droves over the past year, and organizations like

Integrating Swarm Object Storage With Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft, Google, Salesforce see a significant upward trend in the number of companies migrating from on-premises Exchange environments to Office 365 online, G Suite, etc. So is your data saved by office 365? We intend to find out in this blog post.

IT managers who used to manage a ‘server box’ have now freed up that space and instead of upgrading, maintaining, supporting technical issues with hardware, they can now focus their energy on supporting the business needs of the employee. This move from on-premise to cloud makes absolute sense. When it comes to emails, files, storage, messaging, there is hardly any difference (in terms of business value and competitiveness) if you manage them in-house or use the business solutions as a service.

This is all true except for a certain part of On-premise Vs Cloud; the difference is in: Backup & Restore, especially Office 365 backup, G Suite Backup and so on.

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

So what is the classic definition of a backup: Backup: Copy all data and data files that have changed since the last full backup.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

However, to achieve true DR (disaster recovery), the backup data center must be separate from the original data source, and the copy of the file, email, etc. must be stored so that if the original system or service is unavailable, it can replace it.

Some IT managers still use a standard on-premises enterprise property with MS Exchange. Some have tape or disk backup as a solution that keeps data anywhere from 1-6 years. There are those CIOs who choose not to delete information and keep it on LTO2 tape drives and old company servers in the office. Not moving to the cloud has its disadvantages, as all this information can be compromised in case of fire, theft and damage. Some countries have regulatory requirements regarding data backup and it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure historical servers against data leaks.

Let’s be clear, backup is not free. So why allocate budget expenditures to support these business solutions? The simple answer to this question is that we should be able to restore from any point in time with an unlimited retention period. It’s about being able to reset! CIOs need to be able to restore an entire enterprise solution or individual emails quickly and easily. This is essential for business continuity and growth.

An IT administrator may be required to restore data because a user, employee has left the company and his/her emails, Salesforce topics/contacts, data files, and other information needed for the new employee to come on board the company in that specific job role.

How To Choose Your Office 365 Backup & Restore Solution

In other factual situations, an employee may have deleted this data on purpose, or even accidentally, maliciously… in which case the burden of recovery is on the IT department.

Other more problematic situations are when the IT department has to deal with a malicious malware virus or ransomware is used by an external hacker. This is where cloud backup comes into play when the IT administrator restores the data to a point in time before the hack occurred. Such Ransomware attacks are likely to compromise the company’s SharePoint/OneDrive data and Microsoft’s recovery capabilities do not address this need.

It is necessary to remember that Microsoft’s deleted data retention periods are very short – about 90 days – and not complete … because cases like Azure server outages have happened in the past, which in turn stops business activity. If cloud to cloud backup is in

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 Data

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