Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf

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Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf – It is usually required to process e-mails stored in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail program. Before processing these files, the essential first step is to export the required emails from Outlook as a PDF portfolio file. Later, these can be converted into various PDF formats for easy display of messages and related attachments etc. This tutorial is a guide showing how to complete this first task. The resulting portfolio file can be used as an input document for email conversion applications, such as AutoPortfolio™ for Adobe® Acrobat®.

A PDF portfolio consists of multiple files assembled into one combined PDF unit. For example, a PDF portfolio can include text documents, emails, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and PowerPoint presentations. The original files retain their individual identities but are assembled into a single portfolio PDF file. It is important to understand that a PDF portfolio is not a ‘PDF document’. It is an archive of files stored in a single file with PDF extension. PDF portfolios are commonly used to store emails exported from Microsoft Outlook.

Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf

Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf

A PDF can contain metadata information about each file in the portfolio. In the case of emails, this includes the “From”, “To”, “Subject”, “Sent”, “Description”, “Attachments” and other fields. The list of fields depends on the type of email messages and may vary. Metadata fields may be absent from the portfolio if not exported from Outlook and instead created directly in Adobe Acrobat.

How To Save An Outlook Email As A Pdf

A PDF portfolio is a collection of individual files. This is not a PDF document. Here are the benefits of a PDF portfolio:

The disadvantages of PDF portfolios depend on the application, but mainly arise from the fact that it is not a single PDF document:

Microsoft Outlook email program needs to be installed on your computer to use this tutorial. Portfolio files can be further processed with the AutoPortfolio™ plug-in by Adobe® Acrobat® – both available as trial versions.

Start by opening the Microsoft Outlook program. If you are doing the conversion for the first time, it is necessary to check the Adobe PDF conversion settings to make sure they are configured correctly. Select the “Acrobat” tab, then “Change Conversion Settings”.

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Use the ‘Acrobat PDFMaker’ dialog to configure how Outlook emails are exported to PDF format. Make sure “Attachments:” is set to “Include all attachments in Adobe PDF” from the dropdown menu. “Portfolio Adobe PDF output when creating a new PDF file” option should also be selected. You can also check other settings under “Compatibility” and “Page Layout” to make sure they comply with the requirements of your project. In most cases, you don’t need to make any other changes to these settings.

Optional: Uncheck the “Block external content download” option to allow automatic download of external images included in emails. It ensures readability of receipt emails from airlines, PayPal, and booking/takeaway websites like Expedia, Amazon, and eBay, which are formatted using images/graphics.

If necessary, use the “Restore Defaults” button to revert any unwanted changes. Click “OK” to close the dialog and return to Outlook.

Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf

Select the email folder you want to convert to PDF portfolio format. In this example, we will convert the entire “Inbox” folder. Right-click on the folder title (or one of the highlighted/selected emails), and select “Convert XXX” to Adobe PDF” from the pop-up menu.

Outlook: Automatically Convert Documents To Pdf Files

Alternatively, manually select specific emails in a folder by clicking on them while holding the ‘Ctrl’ key. Also use the ‘Shift’ key to select a range of emails. Hold down the key while clicking the first and last emails in the list. All emails between them will be selected. Right click on any selected email and select “Convert to Adobe PDF” option as usual. All selected emails will be processed.

Important: If you don’t see any Adobe PDF options in your copy of Outlook, check the version of Adobe Acrobat and make sure it supports the version of Outlook you’re using. If the products are not compatible you may need to upgrade your copy of Adobe™ Acrobat™ to the latest version.

After processing, the created portfolio file will be saved in the selected location. If the “View result” checkbox is selected, the portfolio will automatically open in Acrobat™ after processing.

Open the portfolio file in Acrobat for inspection. All extracted email files are listed and can be sorted by clicking on specific metadata fields (“From”, “Subject, “Date”, etc.) Browse through the email files and select one from the list to open in the Viewer section below. All corresponding sections through the header section in each email file Attachments are accessible.

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Right-click anywhere in the bar showing all the metadata headings (“From”, “To”, “Subject”, etc.) to access the “Sort” and “View” options. Use “Sort” to manually select the element in which email files are sorted.

“View” can be used to show all available metadata fields, not just the default options. Use this menu to add/remove fields from the bar.

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Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf

Read this article to find reliable Outlook emails to PDF solution to solve How to import Outlook mailbox data to PDF query.

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I receive a lot of Microsoft Outlook emails as PST file format and I want to migrate them to Adobe PDF document for submission, so I want to know how to import Outlook mailbox data to PDF. I tried to solve this task but without success. Please suggest me if there is any perfect and quick solution available to export Outlook emails to PDF completely?

I got this question from Google’s forum, then I decided to solve this question for users because I faced this problem before and also got complete email conversion solution, so finally stay on this post to get complete answer to this question “How to import Outlook mailbox data to PDF?

Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of PDF format over Microsoft Outlook PST file format, which compels users to convert their Outlook mailbox items to PDF document format.

In the technological age, there are many different ways to solve the question “How to import Outlook mailbox data to PDF”. But I want to suggest you to use professional third party tool ie. PST to PDF converter software. By using this tool, the question of importing Outlook emails to PDF file format can be solved. With this software, Outlook PST file including folders in subfolders can convert emails with attachments to PDF format. PST File to PDF Converter is an advanced and excellent utility for users who need to know how to export Outlook 2019 emails to PDF format. The application offers an easy-to-use GUI by any technical or non-technical user to migrate Outlook mailbox items to PDF format.

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Step 7. After clicking the Convert button, you will see the live conversion progress status. Then in a few minutes, a new window will immediately open with the message that the process has completed successfully.

The write-up focuses on one of the simplest and error-free solutions for migrating and saving a bunch of Outlook file formats to PDF with attachments. One can also use its free demo version to know the complete working guide and functionality of the software before purchasing the license key. By downloading and using its free demo version, users can save the first 25 emails from each Outlook mailbox data to a PDF document at no cost. When you are satisfied with its work, then you can go with the licensed version to handle huge PST files to PDF conversion in one attempt.

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Convert Outlook Email And Attachments To Pdf

There are several reasons why you might want to save one or more email messages in another format. PDF files are useful because they preserve formatting across systems. Saving as a PDF is probably the easiest and most concise way to create an email thread

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