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In this extensive collection, you’ll find some of our best HTML and CSS designs.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

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The V01 contact form is here to save you a lot of time if you otherwise had to start from scratch. Why else if you can now enjoy using a powerful template instead?

Just like the V01 contact form, the V02 contact form also consists of two parts: the contact form and information about the EXTRA company. The design is responsive so the experience remains top-notch across devices and screen sizes.

Two more good Contact V02 forms are autocomplete and form validation. These two enhance the UX by themselves, but with their sleek design, things go through the roof.

The V03 contact form attracts everyone’s attention with its recreated image section. While this is a personal thing, it is a huge nod to all users.

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Our free HTML5 contact form template includes tons of different forms. Make sure we always look after as many different interests as possible.

The gradient effect makes the V04 Contact form stand out from the crowd. While the standard contact form is a free template, the details matter.

What’s great, you can use the V04 contact form on every subpage of your website. But you can include it in your existing plan.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

The V05 contact form is beautiful, modern and irresistible. While much is based on simplicity and small things, the rest is scattered here and there.

Building Forms With Next.js

Thanks to the split design, you can see an eye-pleasing image, contact form and other information here. The V05 contact form also includes social links.

There are many cases where Google Maps and contact forms work well together. To achieve this, all you NEED is the V06 contact form.

This free template allows you to specify the exact location on the card, but you can also add additional information below. The form contains three fields for name, address and subject, and a text field.

Contact Form V07 has a dark design that refers to a minimalist look. Whenever you have doubts about the design, simplicity always wins.

All In One Floating Contact Form, Call, Chat, And 50+ Social Icon Tabs

These two sections are separated by slight differences in background sound to keep things more organized.

Even on mobile devices, the V07 contact form works seamlessly, as does the contact section first, followed by information.

Instead of rocking a solid backdrop, the rock is the backdrop of the image. You can do this with V08 Contacts out of the box.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

The V08 contact form is present here, which leads things straight to the point without the fluff. If you just need a contact form but would like to add a creative factor to it – Contact V08 is here to make a difference.

Online Contact Form

Black and gold make this free HTML5 contact a very rich template. The V09 contact form is great for a variety of dark looking business websites.

Remember, if you want to change the color of icons and buttons – including the font – do so.

Image color, transparent part of each contact and full form with blue “send message” button. What’s not to like?

And those who do will enjoy almost instant placement on your website or app. You can also add a link to your homepage.

Jquery Ajax Php Contact Us Form With Attachment Sending Mail Using Phpmailer

Filling out a contact form will be easy for your users with Contact Form V11. The project is VERY small, so adding it to your website or blog will be very convenient.

Minimal flow continues with Form Contact V12. The name, address, and textbox are form elements. These are later extracted with a text section and other notes and subtitles.

On larger screens, the two sections are placed next to each other and the other on top of the mobile.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

The vibrant background of the stairs makes the Contact Form V13 stand out from the crowd. Performance is excellent on smartphones, tablets and desktops. In fact, the V13 contact form is responsive by default.

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However, this does not mean that only companies with two registered offices can use the V13 contact form – EVERYONE can.

The V14 contact form is perfect for marketing organizations, but it can also be used by other businesses. The contact form has several fields, including a budget selection dropdown.

And with the weaving area on the left, you can convince your prospects and clients how you can benefit from working with them.

Let’s go back to the basics now. Contact V15 is a template that will help you create a trendy contact page for your website without having to build it from scratch.

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This free Bootstrap template also provides optimal adaptation to different screen sizes. And it uses only the latest technology, so you know performance is always top notch.

Contact Form V16 is creative but still keeps a simpler side. If you don’t want to be boring, choose this free form template.

It includes the necessary format by adding a title and text to any special message you want to share. Enter your details, put them on your website and you’re done.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

Contact V17 Form immediately pops out of the two-color layer, especially if you add a colored background. You can also practice by attaching an image, which can work very well in this case.

Sb Forms Setup (advanced)

The form contains four fields for user information along with a text field. Healing and autofill are a bonus so you don’t have to expose them.

Need a different contact form with integrated Google Maps? Kill two birds with one stone with the Contact V18.

What do they complicate and do everything from scratch? It is not necessary nowadays when you have so many great solutions at your disposal.

You can also try a few that pique your interest, pick the best one and go from there.

How To Create A Contact Form In WordPress

They are simple. This is the main feature of Contact V19. What sets Free HTML5 apart from others is the expandable contact form template.

The budget selection works in the default version, but you can also choose a nice song for your needs.

You never think you have to stick to it like leeches. Create your business, customize the V19 contact form and shine online.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

This is more of a contact form tool than an example. Of course you can still use it on a single page, but this works for existing sections.

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The V20 contact form can be easily adapted to different website designs. Most of the time, you just want to change the color of the “send message” button, leaving everything else as is.

With so many frameworks now available to crowdsourcers, it’s sometimes hard to find native templates built from scratch, but that’s the way it is.

HTML5 custom contact form and compact CSS3 is compact and easy to use for your needs.

Moreover, it only requires a simple DYNAMIC configuration to send real messages. This allows you to configure it according to your requirements.

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Simplicity combined with creativity can take you very far. No need to get more complicated, you can do all these FANCY STUFF when you have a contact form, do 1 trick and people who need to contact you quickly and conveniently.

It has a beautiful box with everything that is required in a blue plane. It becomes very pleasing to the eye.

Of course, if it doesn’t fit your needs 100% out of the box, you can customize the format as you see fit and make it fit your brand.

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

Contact Form 2 is an urban and direct form based on HTML5 and CSS3. You can use the style on any page if you know the style.

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There are no limits as Contact Form 2 adapts almost instantly to all schools and industries. However, before you run the tool, make sure you customize the look of the tool.

Also, make sure it’s consistent with your main corporate or government website. The canvas is organized and clean for a smooth customization process from beginner to complete.

This is a free HTML5 contact form template with everything you need to build a contact page quickly and efficiently. This should not be missing on your website.

Start acting now if the contact page is the last piece of the puzzle. They release their preferred style and have it in no time. After all, most of the work has already been done for you.

Best Working Free Html Contact Forms With Code 2022

Just use it and be ready to shine. With Contact Form 3, you can build instantly.

You are looking at a simple yet modern free HTML5 contact form template. It provides a robust program for creating the necessary contact pages.

If any were missing, you’d better be smart

Contact Form Send Email Javascript

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