Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

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Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email – Everyone knows that birthdays are a big deal, but did you know that they can also be a great time to send out great offers?

The most successful traders do. In fact, in September 2019 alone, you sent 88,394,863 emails with a subject line that contained the word “Birthday”.

Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

With 51% of marketing leaders choosing to treat their customers with birthday emails and 73% of them rating their birthday campaigns as effective or highly effective, they are a proven way to connect with your customers and show them a little of love on the day that is unique. their

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Birthday emails regularly outperform other promotional emails. Take a look at some of these KPIs; birthday emails have…

While holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day have their own appeal for marketers, birthdays are special for two reasons. First, everyone has a birthday, but not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Second, a birthday feels uniquely yours, and rightly so. Make you feel special and celebrated just for being you.

So there are obviously plenty of opportunities to take advantage of birthdays every month. And with performance stats like the ones just mentioned, there’s a good chance you already are if you’re a marketer with a subscriber list. The question is, are you doing it as effectively as possible?

Let’s take a look at some of the best birthday email marketing examples we’ve seen and what they’re doing to engage their customers.

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Everyone wants their birthday to be celebrated. Put a smile on your customers’ faces by teasing them with an exclusive offer that can also help boost your sales. Sephora is not far behind in email marketing with a personal touch and every year they give customers a birthday present on their special day.

When sending out these offers, keep in mind that you should add an expiration date to the offer to create a sense of urgency. Without a clear expiration, your customer is much more likely to save the email to refer to later… and then forget about it altogether.

Timing is another aspect of birthday emails to consider. 55% of them are sent on the birthday itself, while 38% are sent one to three weeks before. This can fuel the recipient’s excitement and even encourage them to treat themselves to the big day. That way, you have time to send out a few reminders to ask them to take action before the offer expires.

Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

A popular expiration date for birthday deals is 30 days after issue, like this sweet birthday sale from Sweetgreen (and we can’t resist a great veggie-related pun).

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A big challenge with these emails can be getting the customers’ actual birthday. Customers are less likely to opt in if they have to provide more information about themselves when signing up for a product or newsletter.

One tactic is to be strong. Hinting at a unique offer or gift can be enough to encourage your customers to share their information, and asking in a fun and entertaining way makes them feel better about celebrating your birthday than filling out a form to accept.

Seamless did a great job here of being simple and having a clear CTA (including an illustrated step-by-step guide).

Bodyrok has done something fundamentally smart in this next example. Without going into a deeper level of personalization, this email ensures that the birthday offer applies to everyone. Offering 25% off a retail item is a fantastic way to be inclusive and definitely something to consider if you offer a subscription-based service that could make your birthday offer moot.

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Not every successful birthday email needs to include a gift or promotion. Especially for non-retail businesses, it can be impactful to emphasize the relationship you have (and once had) with your customer.

Intuit leads the way with an annual summary of sorts—it’s a nice reminder to check your numbers, but sugar-coated (ha!) with an optimistic view of the year ahead.

While this might seem like obvious advice, it bears repeating: have fun! Birthdays are a celebration, after all.

Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

In that sense, what better way to celebrate another year of life than to really speed up your emails? GIFs and animations are one of our favorites, and we’re willing to bet they’ll engage your customers. Take a look at these Payoff and Artifact Uprising examples that promise.

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Check out some examples of how some of the top music festivals are sending emails before, during and after their respective events to facilitate great CX.

Learn about the 3 most effective ways brands can use celebrity endorsement in email marketing to engage with customers. Thank You Letter for Birthday Gift: In this article, you will learn how to write a letter to your friend thanking you for the birthday gift. 🇧🇷 We have given 3 examples here. This letter is useful for students of all grades. So let’s start.

I am very happy to receive the Parker pen you sent me as a birthday present. It was very kind of you to remember me on my birthday, and even kinder of you to present me with the wonderful gift with which I am writing this letter. Every time I write something my heart always thanks you. It really was a big surprise, a golden gift from a close friend like you. I am impressed by your great affection for me and I only hope that your kind gift brings me luck.

We all missed you so much at the party. Everyone was asking about you. I hope to see you soon. Please accept my love.

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My birthday was happy and peaceful yesterday. We really miss your presence. I just received the beautiful wristwatch you sent me as a birthday present. The gold wristwatch looks amazing. Believe me, my dear friend, of all the gifts yours is the most beautiful. All my friends really liked it. Also, I really needed a watch. Thank you my friend. I offer you my most sincere love.

I am writing this letter to thank you for the beautiful birthday present you sent me. I was very happy to receive a book by my favorite author. I already wanted to buy this book. Of all birthday gifts, yours is the special one. I believe that your gift is not just a gift, it is a symbol of your love for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nowadays, it seems that most people forget about the tradition of saying thank you for all birthday gifts and wishes received. Although many people choose to ignore it, the truth is that this gesture is really expected of a person in all circumstances. By ignoring it, one may come across as offensive and rude. After all, why shouldn’t you thank those who contributed their time and energy to make your birthday special?

So this year, don’t hesitate to say thank you to anyone who sent you a gift or a wish. In this way, you can make them feel that their efforts are greatly appreciated and that you care about their gestures. To help you out, we’ve put together a birthday gift thank you wish list. These wishes and quotes are totally timeless so they can be used during any season and year.

Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

These quotes simply allow you to go beyond the same thank you and add some flavor to your words. Therefore, try to make the most of it and do not miss this opportunity to strengthen ties even more.

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3) “Thanks for the birthday present. Celebrating with you was fun! Sorry we can’t talk more. Let’s have lunch soon.”

4) “What a lovely birthday present! Thank you so much for taking the time to help make my birthday more wonderful.”

5) “That gift was so amazing. I’m lucky to have great friends like you. It was amazing.”

6) “The birthday present was perfect for me. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it.”

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7) “What an amazing surprise it was to receive a delivery of beautiful birthday balloons! Thank you for this fabulous birthday present.”

8) “Your gifts to me are always so thoughtful and fun. You did it again this year! Thank you.”

9) “Thank you for the generous gift. You didn’t have to, but you’re the kind of person who does, and I really appreciate that.”

Birthday Gifts To Send Via Email

10) “Thank you for completing my birthday party. I’m so glad you took the time to bring such a thoughtful gift.”

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11) “Birthday wishes from everyone who cares for me is like God blessing me with all his love! Thank you all for your wonderful wishes.”

12) “Thank you so much for sending me such a beautiful and meaningful gift on this special day. Your gift made today even more special. Thank you so much.”

13) “I am very grateful, from the bottom of my heart. You are too sweet for words.

14)” Your birthday wish

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