Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online

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Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online – Before transferring money overseas to friends and family, you should answer a few important questions before you get started:

Right now, people need to support loved ones around the world, both near and far. The ability to provide prompt assistance requires the expert and reliable service available.

Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online

Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online

Sending money overseas can be expensive, with traditional transfer services often charging high fees. is here to help you get connected. Our digital money transfer service has tools that allow you to move funds quickly and affordably. We do this by cutting out the middlemen, providing low fees and offering up-front exchange rates to give you greater transparency and fast transfer speeds.

Telegraphic Transfer (tt): What It Is And How It’s Processed

Access is very important to us, and we are proud to say that by 2022, our platform has registered more than 6 million users in more than 135 countries. Our interface is easy to use and is also available online or through our app*, which is located on the App Store or Google Play.

Costing only $2, it gives you every incentive to connect and raise your loved ones at the click of a button to confirm your payment.

Exchange rates fluctuate continuously. Therefore, you may want to check updated rates before sending money overseas to make sure you know exactly how much your recipient will receive. Thanks to , you can enjoy a centralized money transfer experience by getting up-to-date rates via our currency conversion tool, available on our website and app.

Our team understands the need to feel supported when managing your funds, so you can make the best decisions when moving your money overseas. Our customer support team is online and available 24/7 and you can visit our FAQ page or submit a request at any time. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible, helping you support those you love less.

Send Money Online

Our services are available any time of the day or night – so whether you need to move money at home or abroad, our services have you covered.

Our platform has a fast and simple onboarding process that allows you to get started right away. Press Send money and select the option to transfer via bank account or card, select the country to send the money to and select the currency. Once you’ve provided the recipient’s account details and confirmed the amount you want to send, you’re done! What’s more, 95% of our transfers reach recipients in near real-time, and users receive a confirmation once the transaction is complete.

We understand that safety and security in managing your finances is of the utmost importance. Certified by Visa and Mastercard, and all transactions and customer data are protected according to the highest level of PCI DSS compliance (PCI DSS Level 1). We use industry-wide 3D-Secure protection, our own anti-fraud measures, and card verification technology to keep you safe.

Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online

With a customer base of over 6 million users spread across more than 135 countries, our end-to-end platform enables people around the world to manage their money in a safe, secure and affordable way.

Online Send Money Abroad From India

Since our inception in April 2017, our growth has been exponential, partly due to our user engagement. Our review speaks for itself! We are proud to boast an excellent rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot. Our customers consistently provide feedback on their positive experiences with recommendations such as: “useful to use”, “very cheap way to send money overseas” and “easy to use”.

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable method to transfer funds to family and friends overseas, this may be the right solution for you.

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play or visit us online now to move money internationally with the click of a button, with low fees, near-instant transfers and up-front exchange rates.

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International transfers alone are not possible, the internet gets you close enough. These days, sending money online is almost instantaneous, with several types of transfers being processed and sent within seconds!

Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online

Even when it comes to international money transfers (which involve currency exchange and traditionally take longer), transfer speeds can still be fast, with bank transfers completing in less than 24 hours becoming the norm among online money transfer services.

International Money Transfers

Likewise, some forms of credit transfers can also be nearly instantaneous. For example, in the EU, credit transfers made through SEPA can be credited to a user’s account in just seconds. What’s more, if your bank and your customer’s bank use the same payment system, such as Faster Payment, SOFORT or iDeal, then your transfer is also almost instantaneous.

In this guide, we explore which option might be the fastest for you and which tricks you can use to speed up transfers.

Comparison engines rank money transfer services by their cost (flat fee, commission, and exchange rate margin) per transfer. However, we also note how quickly each service sends money to its destination, regardless of the method of transmission and reception.

According to our data, the following services are consistently high performers in terms of speed globally:

Online Currency Exchange

Remitly is a high-speed money transfer service for sending funds internationally. For example, for a bank transfer from the US to India, users can expect the money to arrive in the beneficiary’s bank account in just a few minutes.

Recommendations: Due to speed and price especially for cash transfers, we recommend Remitly for sending money for cash pickup and cash home delivery services.

The world’s oldest online money transfer company, XE Money Transfer is widely recognized in the world of currency exchange and often offers the best way to transfer money internationally in terms of the number of foreign currencies and countries it covers.

Best Way To Send Money Overseas Online

Recommendations: We recommend Skrill for cheap debit card payments to other Skrill wallets. For bank transfers, the process can take a while, and for these transfers, we don’t recommend Skrill if you’re looking for the quickest deal.

A Complete Guide To Transfer Money Abroad

Wise has made leaps and bounds in reducing the transfer speed to the shortest in the industry, providing fast and efficient transfer services. According to their Q3 2022 mission update, 50% of Wise’s transfers arrive in just 20 seconds. Wise also reports that 71% of transfers arrive within one hour and 90% within one day.

How fast: By 2022, 50% of Wise transfers arrive within 20 seconds, 71% within an hour, and 90% within one business day.

Recommendations: We recommend Wise especially for small to medium bank transfers (up to USD 10,000.00) to international bank accounts, as the platform is very convenient

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