Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

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Best Day To Send Email Newsletter – If you’re like me, you’re connected to your email client all the time except when you’re sleeping.

This is why it drives me a little crazy when people or companies send out their automated email campaigns at the same time. No one wants to wake up with 50 newsletters in their inbox and then receive 10 more on the way home from work.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

Gone are the days when you could only check your email at the beginning and end of the day on your color iMac. But unfortunately, some companies still follow this schedule.

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I decided to find the best time to send email newsletters in the most scientific way possible… by signing up for 100 different newsletters and recording the times they were sent.

There were newsletters from The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Tim Ferriss, and even one about being a good parent.

This resulted in my inbox practically exploding for the next month. But I continued. I selected 500 email newsletters for this study and recorded the date and time they were sent.

First, the best time to send an email is when no other company is sending it. And I build all my conclusions on this way of thinking.

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In this hyper-competitive space, why would you want to be just another in the pack picking your hours?

Second, some might argue that the best time to send a newsletter is when everyone else is sending one.

This may be true because their internal data is telling them something important. But if you think about it from the recipient’s perspective, they probably won’t read all five new e-newsletters in their inbox.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

These people will probably pick one from the pile to read, or delete them all, as I tend to do. Which means now is not the best time to send a newsletter.

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After going through all the emails I received, I narrowed it down to a few hours.

Some of these blocks have already been written about on sites like CoSchedule, which makes me feel like my conclusions are pretty fair.

One of the strangest things I’ve discovered is the sheer aversion to sending out newsletters during the work day. I found it extremely interesting as many of them were about work-related topics. This avoidance is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of!

Before we get to the results, a quick note: The times in this article are in Central Standard Time. But the findings still apply to your time zone or region.

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In past studies, people have found that regardless of the time zone, the behavior of email recipients remains the same. Additionally, most email automation tools allow you to schedule emails to be sent simultaneously in different time zones.

Also, keep in mind that sending emails at the optimal time is only part of the process. You should familiarize yourself with the different types of email marketing services and be sure to follow other email marketing best practices.

If you are looking for the perfect time to send an email, I would choose a time that is not very popular. As a time when no emails are sent.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

I mean, why would you want to increase the competition for your email by sending it at any other time?

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This immediately reduces the likelihood that your email will be read. And you’ll notice a drop in the number of email opens pretty quickly.

In this study, there were three time blocks during which emails were not sent: 23-12, 13-14, and 14-15.

So I would say now is the best opportunity to get your newsletter.

As you can see in the chart below, no emails were received during the time blocks marked with asterisks. Now, which of these three time blocks is really the best time to send an email?

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I think you should know your customers and do some tests before you start shipping. But one of the best times to send emails, in my opinion, is 2-3pm.

This time slot ended at lunchtime and people were a bit full. If they’re just coming back from lunch, the first thing they’ll probably do is check their email.

Most emails are read within an hour of being received. This means you want to hit someone while they’re on their computer. Or if they’ve been sitting at their desk for a while, this email will be a nice opportunity to take some time off.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

I would recommend sending your email in the 2-3pm CST window. Or even between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM CET, but that could also fall on many callers’ lunch break.

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If you’re afraid you’ll be the only person to send an email during a certain time block, there are some runners-up.

These aren’t the best blocks of time, but still better than most. This means that your e-newsletter may have a little competition, but not a lot.

And if your customer research shows that these hours work the best, I’d go with them right away.

However, these other main blocks of time coincide with daily work rituals such as arriving and leaving the office.

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During this time, I see your email get lost in the shuffle or get deleted the next day during a mass purge of their inbox. Therefore, be careful when choosing such a time.

One of the best timeslots for runners up I saw was from 10am to 11am. It’s a time that has been fueled by countless data-driven deep dives and blog posts.

It honestly doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s a great opportunity for your newsletter to shine.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

Your audience has had plenty of time to delete all their emails from the previous day. Talk to your classmates about Game of Thrones. Take the first coffee break. Feel the first pang of procrastination.

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Now that I’ve listed some of the best times to send email newsletters, let’s look at some time blocks you should stay away from.

These are the times when you will be fighting with 20 or more other newsletters to get views. Or when your reader decides to delete newsletters en masse because their inbox is full.

Either way, these are the times when your newsletter won’t have much of a chance of being seen.

After careful calculations and complex calculation, we managed to find the worst time to send e-newsletters.

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Or some thought leader wrote an article promoting this as the best time and quickly got fed up.

If you read the graphs above, you’ll see that between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM received the most emails of any time period.

I mean companies send out weekly newsletters during this period. People return from work and begin to rest. They are very receptive to receiving email newsletters about their favorite hobby or activity.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

But then again, you’re fighting a bunch of other emails for their attention. Or you might even catch them off guard and lose a subscriber quickly.

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I know I’ve unsubscribed from a few newsletters out of spite when they hit me at lunch or at the gym.

In fact, we can tell that you are not sending your email after a certain time based on the data.

Based on my findings, pretty much any time between 9pm and 2am should be avoided. Of all the emails I received, almost 40% were sent during this time block.

You’ll be fighting a bunch of other ballots for attention. I guess people who are awake at this hour don’t want to read your newsletter at this time.

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And all your hard work on the newsletter is being ignored. Your original ideas, your time to go through dozens of e-newsletter templates to choose the best one, your fantastic design and of course your quality content. Everything disappears! (Psst! Our email newsletter builder offers tons of professional and fun newsletter templates. You should give it a try.)

Another questionable time to send an email is between 8-9am in my opinion. This period may have received the most emails in our study, but I still think it’s a bad idea.

This is when your audience is getting ready for work, driving to work, or just sitting down at their desk.

Best Day To Send Email Newsletter

They will miss your newsletter as they answer the barrage of emails and work calls they receive every morning.

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After going through all the time blocks, I started to wonder if there is a best day to send an email. Because sending at the right time is only half the battle.

I looked at the data and found the worst day

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