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WhatsApp is a fast, simple and secure messaging platform created by Facebook. Appreciation for the application usually comes from the ability to save messages, communicate with large groups, send messages without charge and communicate internationally for free.

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

One important difference between WhatsApp and SMS services is that WhatsApp sends messages over the Internet. This means that there are no charges for SMS and international voice calls are usually free. To use WhatsApp, a person should;

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The main feature is encrypted messaging, which in turn receives a lot of criticism. In an article published on Forbes.com at the end of 2019, Zak Doffman wrote;

What’s the problem? Simply put, this means that if WhatsApp can’t access content, neither can law enforcement and government agencies. Bottom line, the smartphone is not without compromises. There is no level of pressure that can be applied to the platform, there is no court order or warrant, it is not possible for them to break the encryption without hacking.

Encrypted messages are sent to – and between – illegal entities without the platform’s ability to intercept them. Similarly, competing political factions in different countries used the platform to communicate without government oversight.

A simple dive into your favorite search engine will yield plenty of information about the ethics of WhatApp (as well as alternatives like Telegram or WeChat). Alternatively, if you’re interested in less controversial uses for WhatsApp, check out this BuzzFeed article on simple hacks.

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In addition to messaging on the mobile app, users can scan a QR code from their phone to log in to WhatsApp Web. This is basically how we will integrate WhatsApp into our app. To start using WhatsApp Web;

Open https://web.whatsapp.com in your Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge browser and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your phone. WhatsApp.com

Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop to scan the QR code in the app. There you can scan registered devices and QR codes.

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

After scanning, a new browser tab will open showing your conversations and messages. Then, the message can now be executed from the browser. But how can we integrate WhatsApp Web with our application?

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Maytapi is an API that creates endpoints for a user’s WhatsApp account. Consequently, the user can send and receive text and media messages through WhatsApp in private conversations.

The API wraps around WhatsApp Web and can programmatically send WhatsApp messages from configured phones via HTTP requests. The sender is the phone configured for the API and the recipient can be any valid phone number (associated with the WhatsApp account) passed in the data content of the HTTP POST request.

For example—I’ve already set up a webhook endpoint—if I send a message to a phone number using the API and that person replies on WhatsApp, I’ll get a webhook like:

With this information, I can record a reply message or send another message using the available number

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After I send the message, I will see a new conversation start in my WhatsApp chats on my phone. This is because the API uses my phone to send messages. Furthermore, they can chat with other people in the app if they choose to respond.

We can easily configure the phone on the Maytapi control panel and I will walk you through the steps in the next section. Besides phone configuration, I’ll explain some other endpoints and give an example of integration into the registration form. Let’s get started!

From there, click on the Pricing tab and subscribe to the API. For just $29 per month, you get unlimited API requests.

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

It may take a few minutes to check everything off the list, but come back soon and continue!

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The response body appears next to where the requested phone number parameter was added. It will look like;

Finally, the endpoint returns a screenshot of the QR code that you need to scan with the phone you’re trying to connect to.

You may not be able to scan the small image and have to open it in a new tab.

Moreover, QR codes change frequently, so you may need to do this several times before downloading a valid QR code.

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After sending, there should be a new chat on your smartphone with the text you sent

Parameter. If you are already having a conversation, the message will go to the previously created chat.

I’ve posted a small sample project that was started by creating a React app. In addition, the project uses Netlify functions as serverless functions.

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

If we use Netlify features, Netlify command line interface, ngrok and Create React app, we can set up a development environment that acts as a front-end, back-end and has the ability to consume real webhooks that are sent to the proxy. URL set with ngrok.

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We can do all this in our project directory, without having to deploy the server code and add a lot of code.

We use the REST Countries API to retrieve a list of countries and their corresponding country codes. The data returned is pretty comprehensive in every country, and the API is free. The response of this API generates a list of countries to select from the form input.

After that, at the top of the file, import your key from the environment or hardcode it

To test the React webhook, we need to set up an accessible URL. Race to do it

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Then look at the first line labeled ‘Forwarding’. Copy that URL and return to your dashboard. The URL will be something like this

To clarify, the project you cloned has a serverless feature called webhooks. It’s in the file

Finally, go back to your phone in the chat, type a message in response to our programmatically sent message.

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

2. The terminal running ngrok will display the status code of the endpoint that received the webhook (200 if it worked).

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In short, the tutorial may seem well thought out, but the concepts and important code are not. API call to send a message (in

) will work on almost any other setup running NodeJS. The same goes for webhook URLs. A webhook is a simple POST request from an API and can be handled in several ways.

This is important to remember if you are unfamiliar with Netlify’s serverless features or serverless features in general.

I didn’t give examples of sending group messages or pictures, but there are examples and Maytapi has examples that are easy to reproduce now that you know how to use the API.

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This setting can drive you crazy with spam and tempt you to unleash your marketing frenzy on everyone who has a WhatsApp account. However, sending a message to someone outside of your contact list may be reported as spam. Additionally, you may be banned if you are marked as spam (5 – 10). Maytapi has more tips on how to get banned on their website. WhatsApp has launched its cloud-based API services for developers worldwide to build custom dashboards and facilitate interaction between small and large businesses and their use cases. This will open up new horizons for building apps with WhatsApp services as a backend API. However, all data will be sent through WhatsApp servers so it will be faster with data sent to their server.

To start sending messages from WhatsApp API, you need to have access token and phone number ID which you will get from Facebook developer account by following below steps. Once we receive the credentials, they will be used in a Python script to send messages to WhatsApp.

To get the access_token and phone_number_id, you need to follow steps 1-7 below and run the script below to see the magic.

Api To Send Whatsapp Messages

2. Create an application using the Create Application button. You can see a list of apps you’ve created as a network in the Create an app section below.

How To Send A Whatsapp Message With Javascript And Node.js

3. Select the type of app you want to create to use the WhatsApp Chat API. For now, you can select the type of business and click next.

4. In this step, you need to provide more information about the application, e.g. Name, Email ID and Business Account is optional. Leave it for now and hit the Create App button.

5. Now you have to re-enter your password for final confirmation to create the app. Once you enter it and hit the submit button to continue.

7. After clicking on the setup page, you will be taken to the page below where you will be given an access token and phone number ID that will be used in our python script. Finally, you need to confirm the phone number to which you want to send the message. You will receive an OTP

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