1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365

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1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365 – Do you want to set up 1and1 Webmail in another application and need IMAP settings? See below for details on 1and1 IMAP settings for Outlook, Android, iPhone and other email applications. You can simply copy the 1and1 IMAP server settings below and enter your 1and1 webmail account credentials into your preferred email program.

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1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365

1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365

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Contact us if you have any other questions. Or you can contact us by email ( [email protected] ) Outlook is one of the most popular email clients. Once Outlook is set up, the Microsoft program provides the perfect foundation for sending, receiving, and managing email. The package is complemented by a built-in calendar that reminds you of appointments and also makes it easy to organize meetings and events. In addition, users can add all kinds of email accounts in Outlook and combine them in one client – which makes sense, for example, if someone uses different emails for personal and business communication.

If you want to use Outlook to manage your email accounts, the first step is always to set up the account. The first steps you need to take are no different from the steps you need to take to add another account in Outlook. The only differences are the protocol and address settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers used by the ISP as the basis for the email service. Some third-party providers such as Gmail or Yahoo may require you to change certain settings on the provider’s website before adding the account to Outlook or the link will be blocked.

Adding a new account to Outlook usually requires an email account password. If you have set up a login procedure such as two-factor authentication with the provider, you must also provide the appropriate secondary device and create a unique application password in the account settings that will be relevant to complete the account setup.

As mentioned earlier, the steps required to successfully set up new accounts in Outlook depend on your ISP or email provider. Because many email providers disable integration with Outlook or require you to enter an additional application password, they often require additional steps. In addition, the procedure for adding a new account in Outlook also depends on which version of the Microsoft program you are using (desktop client such as version 2019, 2016, or 2013 versus Outlook on the web). You can also choose between automatic configuration (not available for all email accounts) or manual configuration.

Setting Up Default Email Sending

In the following sections, you’ll find detailed instructions for different versions of Outlook, explaining both manual and automatic configuration.

The option to automatically configure email accounts has been available since Outlook 2010. If you are using an earlier version of the desktop client, this option will not be available. The steps required for automatic configuration are only slightly different in individual versions, which we have considered in the following instructions:

For all versions, start setting up your account by going to the File tab. On the “Account Information” menu page that opens, click the “Add Account” button:

1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365

If you have already added an email account to Outlook, it will be listed at the top of the account details.

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In newer versions (Microsoft 365), the dialog box that appears has changed slightly, so you only need to enter the addresses of the accounts you want to link and then click Connect. In older versions before 2013 (but sometimes also in 2016 releases), you must also enter the password associated with the account and a freely selectable name before proceeding to the “Next” setting.

A new dialog for adding accounts to Outlook was implemented later, so the old configuration dialog is often still displayed in Outlook 2016.

Enter your password when prompted (again). If the automatic account setup was successful, you will receive a success confirmation. Finally, click Finish.

If the automatic configuration of your email account fails, you should check your account settings. The account may have additional protections, such as the aforementioned two-factor authentication, a security email that you must respond to first, or a feature that blocks third-party applications such as Outlook clients. For some accounts, automatic addition in Outlook will never work, so you should always use the manual option.

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To set up an account manually, you need not only your login information, but also the incoming and outgoing mail server data of the respective email service. The procedure is basically the same for all versions, but there are some differences in the buttons and dialog boxes. However, as with automatic account setup, first open the File tab and click the Add Account button under Account Information.

In newer versions, select “Advanced options” and check “Let me set up my account manually” before clicking “Connect”.

However, in the classic dialog, simply change the option to “Manually configure additional server types” or “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” (Outlook 2010), and then click Next. :

1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365

Once you select Manual Setup to add a new account in Outlook, the Auto Setup fields will be grayed out.

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In the “Select an e-mail service” section, click “POP or IMAP” or “Internet e-mail” and then click “Next” again. This step will ask for the address and server information you received or already received from your ISP or email provider. To set it up, you need to make the following entries:

Select the “Require login using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” option only if it is supported by the ISP’s mail servers or explicitly requested by the ISP.

If you are not sure which transfer protocol to choose, we recommend that you read our article on IMAP and POP3.

Since the connection to the mail servers is still not encrypted at this point, click the “Advanced Settings” button in the lower right corner before completing the setup.

Cannot Get Mail

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the standard protocol for sending and receiving email and has been the first choice for outgoing mail servers since 1982.

Click the Outgoing Server tab and check the Require my outgoing server (SMTP) box to confirm. Leave the default option “Use the same settings as my next mail server” and go to the “Advanced” tab. Depending on whether you have already specified IMAP or POP3 as the transfer protocol, complete the following settings to configure encryption in SSL or TLS for connections to mail servers:

Save the changes with “OK” and complete adding the account to Outlook with the “Next” and “Finish” buttons.

1and1 Email Settings Outlook 365

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You can integrate multiple email accounts (up to 20) with Outlook on the web. Like the desktop client, Outlook on the web offers a choice between automatic and manual settings. Both options can be started through the “Sync Mail” menu, which you invoke as follows:

In the “Add a connected account” section, Outlook now offers you two buttons to start the configuration: If you want to connect the web client to a Gmail account, select the button of the same name – otherwise So, click “More Email Accounts”. :

If you’ve added multiple accounts to Outlook, you can use the Sync email menu to specify, among other things, which account is used as the default sender address.

Similar to the Outlook desktop client, a dialog box now opens allowing you to choose between automatic and manual account setup. You start by first entering the address and password of the account you want to link, and optionally a custom display name, and clicking OK.

Imap Email Server Is Not Responding

Outlook then automatically creates a new folder on the Internet for email messages from this new account. You can also select the second option under “You can choose where imported email is stored” so that imported and incoming emails end up.

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